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No. 73 Squadron

Motto: Tutor et ultor - 'Protector and avenger'.

The squadron, which operated Hurricanes during the war, converted to Spitfires Mk. IXs, and spent between May-October 1943 at RAF Luqa. It returned to Malta in July 1945, staying at Hal-Far until 1946, before moving to RAF Ta’ Qali on 15.07.46, staying there until at least Oct 1948.

After this date, the squadron would move around, sometimes for a period of a few months, but always returning to Malta. Countries visted included Italy, Tunis, Libya and Iraq.

Aircraft-wise, the Spitfire Mk. IX was joined by Mk. 22s until October 1948, before joining the jet age in the shape of the Vampire F.3. In May 1950, the squadron re-euqipped with the Vampire FB.5.

The squadron left Malta for the last time on 04.05.53, when it flew to Habbaniyah, Iraq.

It is worth noting that the Malta Aviation Museum’s Spitfire, EN199, is an ex-73 machine.

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