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Maltese Civil Register

I have now placed both current and cancelled aircraft in the same page, doing away with having two separate pages for each.

Text in bold indicates new or updated information. Where known, the date of arrival, and departure of the aircraft from Malta is given in the NOTES column.


Pre-Independence registrations.

Prior to independence from Great Britain, the prefix for Maltese-registered aircraft was VP-M__. VP- indicated that the country was a British colony, M signifying Malta.

canx. VP-MAA Douglas C-54 Malta Metropolitan A/Ls 10640 11.05.63/21.10.64 D-AMAX  


With the cancellation of Med-Avia’s Casa 212, 9H-AAP, (re-registered as 9Q-CSR, first seen at MIA on 04.02.14), there are no more airworthy aircraft in this “block” regularly flying.

There are two survivors, both ex Armed Forces of Malta helicopters Bell 47s. One is AB-47 9H-AAE, but this now carries serial AS7201, and can be viewed at the Malta Aviation Museum. The other is ex 9H-AAH, which, as far as the web master is aware, still resides with the Armed Forces of Malta as AS7204.

canx. 9H-AAA DC-3 ? ?     This could have been a DC-3 seen at MIACO. Ntu.
canx. 9H-AAA R/C 172H Harry Falzon 0606 02.06.69/01.06.74   arr. on 20.06.69
canx. 9H-AAB DC-3 ? 33379 ? 44-77047, KN673, G-AMSN, N3455, SU-BFZ, N3455 Ntu. EI-BSI also reserved, but ntu. Last seen in Malta between 31.12.86/01.01.87.
canx. 9H-AAB BN Islander Malta-Gozo Air Services 73 16.08.69/28.08.70 G-AXFL arr/dep with UK reg on 20.06.69 & 12.09.70 respectively.
canx. 9H-AAC P. Cherokee R.L.R. Ltd. 28-5603 07.04.70/15.06.76 N2390R  
canx. 9H-AAD R/C 172H Harry Falzon 716 06.10.70/01.06.74   arr 01.11.70, dep 19.05.74
canx. 9H-AAE AB.47G-2 Commisioner, Malta Police 225 14.07.72/23.06.77 AS392  
canx. 9H-AAE   Comm. A.F.M.   23.06.77/22.09.80    
canx. 9H-AAE   Comm. Task Force   22.09.80/23.08.91    
canx. 9H-AAE   Comm. A.F.M.   23.08.91/01.05.00   rr AS7201**
canx. 9H-AAF AB.47G-2 Commisioner, Malta Police 260 14.07.72/22.12.76 AS060  
canx. 9H-AAF   Comm, A.F.M.   22.12.76/22.09.80    
canx. 9H-AAF   Comm, Task Force   22.09.80/23.08.91    
canx. 9H-AAF   Comm, A.F.M.   23.08.91/05.12.97   Sold abroad
canx. 9H-AAG AB.47G-2 Commisioner, Malta Police 262 14.07.72/22.12.76 LA106, 74+20  
canx. 9H-AAG   Comm, A.F.M.   22.12.76/22.09.80    
canx. 9H-AAG   Comm, Task Force   22.09.80/23.08.91    
canx. 9H-AAG   Comm, A.F.M.   23.08.91/20.11.97   Sold Abroad
canx. 9H-AAH B.47G-2 Commisioner, Malta Police 1991 14.07.72/22.12.76 AS394, 74+35  
canx. 9H-AAH   Comm. A.F.M.   22.12.76/22.09.80    
canx. 9H-AAH   Comm. Task Force   22.09.80/23.08.91    
canx. 9H-AAH   Comm. A.F.M.   23.08.91/01.05.00    
canx. 9H-AAI P. PA-32 R.L.R. Ltd. 32-7540038 10.06.75/29.01.93 N32406 arr. on 14.06.75, dep. on 06.12.92
canx. 9H-AAJ AB.206A Commisioner, Malta Police 8185 27.04.76/22.09.80 5A-BAM, 8185 arr. on board Libyan AF C-130 on 04.06.75
canx. 9H-AAJ   Comm. Task Force   22.09.80/23.08.91    
canx. 9H-AAJ   Comm, A.F.M.   23.08.91/22.08.97   Sold abroad
canx. 9H-AAK B.720-047B Air Malta 18063/312 25.03.78/11.04.88 N93143 arr. on 14.04.78, dep on 10.04.88
canx. 9H-AAL B.720-047B Air Malta 18167/221 08.03.79/09.11.87 N93144 Arr. on 08.03.79, dep. on 08.11.87
canx. 9H-AAM B.720-040B Air Malta 18378/257 31.03.79/30.06.82 AP-AMG Wfu 81. Used for German TV film in Dec 86. To fire dump, totally destroyed by 2000.
canx. 9H-AAN B.720-040B Air Malta 18380/321 28.03.79/20.09.84 AP-AMJ Dep. on 19.09.84
canx. 9H-AAO B.720-047B Air Malta 18829/427 31.03.79/29.12.89 N3156 Arr. on 28.03.79
canx. 9H-AAP Casa 212-100 Med-Avia 009 20.06.79 EC-CRV Cancelled and re-registered as 9Q-CSR. First noted with new reg. on 04.02.14
canx. 9H-AAQ Casa 212-100 Med-Avia 119 11.06.79/23.04.99 ECT105 Arr. on 15.06.79
canx. 9H-AAR Casa 212-200 Med-Avia 161 14.04.80   Re-registered N602AR.
canx. 9H-AAS Casa 212-200 Med-Avia 162 05.05.80   Re-registered N60AR.
canx. 9H-AAT Casa 212-100 African Mediterranean Air Survey Co. 133 17.02.79/26.12.90   
canx. 9H-AAU P. PA-28 Blackbird Aviation 28R-7918068 12.03.80/06.11.86 5B-CEC Re-registered G-MRST on 27.11.86.
canx. 9H-AAV SA.316B A.F.M 2288 16.07.93/01.05.00 LC2288 rr AS9215**
canx. 9H-AAW SA.316B A.F.M. 2295 21.12.92/01.05.00 LC2295 rr AS9211**
canx. 9H-AAX SA.316B A.F.M. 2315 21.12.92/01.05.00 LC2315 rr AS9212**
canx. 9H-AAY S. Rallye Luqa Flying Group 3140 15.07.81/27.07.93 F-GBKP Arr. on 08.06.81, dep. on 24.07.93
canx. 9H-AAZ P. PA-140 Eagle Aviation 28-23393 08.06.83/28.12.83 G-AVLJ Re-Registered G-AVLJ. Bought as replacement for PA-30 G-ASSB.



canx. 9H-ABA B.737-2Y5 Air Malta 23038/949 11.03.83/02.10.94   Arr. on 12.03.83, dep. on 29.09.94
canx. 9H-ABB B.737-2Y5 Air Malta 23039/954 31.03.83/02.11.94   Arr.on 01.04.83, dep. on 06.11.94 Leased to Sobelair June/July 93.
canx. 9H-ABC B.737-2Y5 Air Malta 23040/955 30.03.83/19.12.94   Arr. on 31.03.83, dep 16.12.94. Rr HR-ATN, photographed with Atlantic Airlines titles, Aug, 2004.
canx. 9H-ABD Mooney m.20c Eagle Aviation 2620 04.09.85/11.03.87 G-BFXC Re-registered G-BFXC on 12.03.87.
canx. 9H-ABE B.737-2Y5 Air Malta 23847 21.07.87/17.02.99    
canx. 9H-ABE B.737-2Y5 Air Malta 23847 17.02.99/04.03.04   Owned by Celcius Amtec Corporation since 17.02.99. Dep on 05.01.04 as KM3640 to Pescara. End of lease after delivery of A.320 9H-AEF TO Air Malta.
canx. 9H-ABF B.737-2Y5 Air Malta 23842 27.07.87/19.02.99    
canx. 9H-ABF B.737-2Y5 Air Malta 23842 19.02.99/04.03.04   Air Malta Co. Ltd. Owned by Celcius Amtec Corporation since 17.02.99. Aircraft departed on 30.01.04 at 16.45. Captain remained low after take-off, then returned for a low-level flypast with undercarriage lowered, barely ten feet above the runway.
canx. 9H-ABG B.737-2Y5 Air Malta 24031 17.03.88/29.03.95   Arr. On 18.03.88
canx. 9H-ABH P. PA-34-200 Eagle Aviation 34-7250290 16.03.87/15.03.89 G-BART Arr. on 01.11.86
canx. 9H-ABJ A. Tampico Leisure Flight Services Ltd. 209 22.06.88/23.07.99 G-BIZE Arr. on 26.03.88
canx. 9H-ABK P. PA-28-200 Silvair Ltd. 7535006 02.06.88/10.11.94 N9584N, G-BCSZ Arr. on 10.05.88
canx. 9H-ABL CFM Shadow Frank Hayes 67 07.09.88/26.04.90 G-MTKR This tandem two-seater mircrolight was shipped to Malta still bearing its previous UK registration. It arrived on 24.10.87 in an eight-meter trailer. (Information courtesy of John Visanich.)
canx. 9H-ABM P. Aztec Excelair 27-4757 30.09.88/23.03.92 G-BFII Arr. with UK reg. on 20.08.88. Written off after swinging off runway 32 on 09.02.92, and sustaining damage after hitting a ditch alongside runway 32.
canx. 9H-ABN Ce. 421B Eagle Aviation B-007 16.12.88/20.11.90   DBR landing accident at Zurich Airport, Switzerland
canx. 9H-ABO R. Sabreliner Euro Cereals 465-022 12.01.89/30.03.94 N996W, N678AM  
canx. 9H-ABP A.320-211 Air Malta 112 30.08.90/ F-WWIF  
canx. 9H-ABP A.320-211 Air Malta 112 14.09.90/ F-WWIF  
canx. 9H-ABP A.320-211 Air Malta 112 10.10.00/09.04.02 F-WWIF  
canx. 9H-ABP A.320-211 Air Malta 112 09.04.02/04.11.03 F-WWIF Bought by ILFC on 09.04.02 and leased back. Participated during Malta Int’l Airshow 2003. Operated last revenue flight on 30.09.03, departed for the UK on the same day. Delivered to Air Arabia.
canx. 9H-ABQ A.320-211 Air Malta 293 26.03.92/29.11.01 F-WWDZ  
canx. 9H-ABQ A.320-211 Air Malta 293 29.11.01/09.04.02 F-WWDZ  
canx. 9H-ABQ A.320-211 Air Malta 293 09.04.02/07.12.04 F-WWDZ Bought by ILFC on 09.04.02 and leased back. Hit lights pylon with wing tip when taxying out on the evening of 19 Jan 04. Pylon collapsed on aircraft’s rear fuselage. Repaired and returned to service. Sold, and left Malta for good on 01.11.04 for London Heathrow as KM2104. To Shannon for maintenance, then service with Air Mediterranee. First flight on 12.12.04, Lyon to Dakar via Toulouse. Seen as F-GYAI with Air Mediterranee on 04.05.06.
canx. 9H-ABR B.737-3Y5 Air Malta 25613 26.03.93/29.11.01    
canx. 9H-ABR B.737-3Y5 Air Malta 25613 29.11.01/11.04.02    
canx. 9H-ABR B.737-3Y5 Air Malta 25613 11.04.02/07.11.05   Bought by ILFC on 11.04.02 and leased back. Left Air Malta fleet on 19.09.05. Re-registered as LN-KKV to Norwegian Air Express.
canx. 9H-ABS B.737-3Y5 Air Malta 25614 30.04.93/29.11.01    
canx. 9H-ABS B.737-3Y5 Air Malta 25614 29.11.01/10.04.02    
canx. 9H-ABS B.737-3Y5 Air Malta 25614 10.04.02/21.12.05   Bought by ILFC on 10.04.02 and leased back. Leased to Air New Zealand, in 2003. Left Malta for good on 29.10.05, callsign KM2134, towards Gatwick, then to Shannon. Photographed in Air Union colours and titles, but still as 9H-ABS.
canx. 9H-ABT B.737-3Y5 Air Malta 25615 25.05.93/29.11.01    
canx. 9H-ABT B.737-3Y5 Air Malta 25615 29.11.01/09.04.02    
canx. 9H-ABT B.737-3Y5 Air Malta 25615 09.04.02/30.11.06   Bought by ILFC on 09.04.02 and leased back.
current 9H-ABU P. Lance Sun Aviation Co. Ltd. 7780410 15.01.90 N38277 Reportedly lost on a flight between Jerba and Malta on 03.12.95. Still shown as current because the Maltese civil aviation department does not cancel any aircraft from the register without the owner’s request.
current 9H-ABV Rans S.10 Sokata Auto Cycle Aviation Ltd. 1188036 11.05.90 G-BPOK This aircraft is thought to have left Malta in a container in 2000. Aircraft remained on the Maltese register until about 2015.
current 9H-ABW P. Cherokee Laser Aero Co. Services 28-586 26.06.90 HB-OVK  
current 9H-ABW P. Cherokee Bee Gee Aviation Services 28-586 19.04.94   Grounded for several years, first test flight on 13.05.16.
current 9H-ABW P. Cherokee Cherokee 160 Ltd. 28-586     Re-registered in 2018.
canx. 9H-ABX A.320 Air Malta 289 07.04.92/15.12.92   Arr. on 09.05.92, dep on 22.12.92. First aircraft leased by Air Malta to be registered in Malta, as the airline already operated a similar type.
canx. 9H-ABY N369HM A.F.M. 62-0220M 12.06.92/25.08.95 MM80848/GF49  
canx. 9H-ABY N369HM A.F.M. 62-0220M 25.08.95/01.05.00 MM80848/GF49 Arr. on 06.06.92 with MM80854, rr AS9213.
canx. 9H-ABZ N369HM A.F.M. 122-0227M 12.06.92/? MM80854/GF55 Arr. on 06.06.92 with MM80848, rr AS9214.
canx. 9H-ABZ N369HM A.F.M. 122-0227M ?/01.05.00 MM80854/GF55 Arr. on 06.06.92 with MM80848, rr AS9214.



canx. 9H-ACA Ce. L-19 A.F.M. 305M-0018 14.05.92/01.05.00 MM61-2972 Arr on 04.02.92, rr AS9206**
canx. 9H-ACB Ce. L-19 A.F.M. 305M-0029 14.05.92/27.07.95 MM61-2983 Arr. 04.02.92, dbr, donated to Malta Aviation Museum.
canx. 9H-ACC Ce. L-19 A.F.M. 305M-0032 14.05.92/01.05.00 MM61-2986 Arr. on 04.02.92 rr AS9208**
canx. 9H-ACD Ce. L-19 A.F.M. 305M-0038 14.05.92/01.05.00 MM61-2990 Arr. on 04.02.92, rr AS9209**
canx. 9H-ACE Ce. L-19 A.F.M. 305M-0035 13.05.92/01.05.00 MM61-12881 Arr on 04.02.92, rr AS9210**
canx. 9H-ACF P. Navajo Excelair 779 28.08.92/19.07.96 N74021, SE-KFG Arr. on 01.04.92 with Scandinavian reg.
canx. 9H-ACG R/C Cardinal Cardinal Air Services Ltd 0056 17.11.92 G-AZUO arr on 21.10.92.
canx. 9H-ACG R/C Cardinal   0056 26.07.95/10.01.01   Registered to new owners.
canx. 9H-ACH Denny Kitfox Mk.3   961 07.05.93/25.10.96   Owned by German Ambassador. Emergency landing on Gozo on 18.09.93. Repaired and flown to Malta.
canx. 9H-ACI R/C F406 Caravan II Excelair Air Services Ltd 0041 07.05.93/30.09.97 PH-ALZ  
canx. 9H-ACJ Mooney 201SE   24-3084 25.11.94/11.07.00 SE-KYB  
canx. 9H-ACK B. V35A Bonanza Silvair Ltd. D-8672 12.05.93/ N7136N  
canx. 9H-ACK   ?   29.03.95/01.10.97   Registered to new owners.
current 9H-ACL Ce. 172M Skyhawk Paradise Island Air Services Ltd. 72-60955 28.12.93 N20042  
current 9H-ACL Ce. 172M Skyhawk Malta School of Flying 72-60955   N20042 Re-registered to this school.
canx. 9H-ACM Avro RJ-70 Air Malta E1254 20.09.94/17.10.97 G-BVRJ Arr on 21.09.94. Rr EI-COQ, sub-leased to S.A.S.
canx. 9H-ACN Avro RJ-70 Air Malta E1258 20.10.94/27.03.98 G-6-258 Arr. on 21.10.94
canx. 9H-ACO Avro RJ-70 Air Malta E1260 19.12.94/27/03/97   Arr. on 20.03.95
canx. 9H-ACP Avro RJ-70 Air Malta E1267 17.03.95/31.03.98   Arr. On 20.03.95
canx. 9H-ACQ Ce. 404 Med-Avia 0645 22.08.94/25.04.97 ST-AME First spotted at NCA on 08.07.94.
current 9H-ACQ B737-85 UMB Bank National (Trustee), USA 28535/480 TC-TJN
canx. 9H-ACR Cessna 550 Euro Jet 0025 27.03.95/06.06.02 N78PR Arr. on 29.12.94, dep. on 25.01.02
canx. 9H-ACS B.737-33A Air Malta 23827 12.04.95/16.11.95   Arr. 13.04.95, dep 15.11.95
canx. 9H-ACT B.737-33A Air Malta 23830 27.03.95/16.11.95   Arr. 28.03.95
canx. 9H-ACU BN Islander A.F.M. 2159 15.12.95/01.05.00 G-BKJJ, G-TWOB, 9M-TAD Arr 04.11.95, rr AS9516**
canx. 9H-ACV Ce. 172 European Flight Academy 17262258 29.04.97/17.12.99   Forced landing on 29.06.99 after pilot aborted take-off. Re-registered G-BZBF. Fitted with a Horton STOL kit. Christened “Maltese Falcon”.
canx. 9H-ACW Ce. 152 European Flight Academy 15285176 19.07.96/17.07.03 N6159Q Left Malta on 15.05. Re-registered G-CCHT on 17.07.03.
current 9H-ACX A340-313E Airbus Financial Services, Ireland 544   ZS-SXA  
current 9H-ACY A340-313 Airbus Financial Services, Ireland 582   ZS-SXB  
current 9H-ACZ A340-313E Airbus Financial Services, Ireland 590   ZS-SXC  

canx. 9H-ADA SA.316A A.F.M. 1209 23.09.96/01.05.00 A-209 Arr 05.10.96, rr AS9617
canx. 9H-ADB SA.316A A.F.M. 1399 23.09.96/01.05.00 A-1399 Arr 05.10.96, rr AS9618
never allocated. 9H-ADC            
canx. 9H-ADD P. PA-42 Cheyenne Executive Flight Services Ltd. 42-800-1101 08.07.98/18.05.00    
never allocated. 9H-ADE            
canx. 9H-ADF BN Islander A.F.M. 2156 24.09.98/01.05.00 G-LIPP rr AS9819
never allocated. 9H-ADG            
canx. 9H-ADH B.737-33A Air Malta 27459 12.03.98   On lease from Ansett, in full Air Malta livery. Departed Malta in full Air New Zealand colours 16.03.08. Re-registered ZK-NGP.
canx. 9H-ADI B.737-33A Air Malta 27460 22.04.98   On lease from Ansett, in full Air Malta livery. Departed for New Zealand on 01.05.08 as SXI 819. Re-registered ZK-MGR.
canx. 9H-ADJ B.737-4H6 Air Malta 27353 03.03.98/03.11.98    
canx. 9H-ADK B.737-4H6 Air Malta 27673 27.03.98/07.12.98    
canx. 9H-ADL B.737-4H6 Air Malta 27674 22.03.99/03.11.99    
canx. 9H-ADM B.737-382 Air Malta 24365 01.06.99/09.02.05   On lease from ILFC, in full Air Malta livery..
canx. 9H-ADN B.737-382 Air Malta 25161 04.05.99/09.05.04   On lease from ILFC, in full Air Malta livery. Livery changed to all-white, with Air Malta titles in red, first noted on 30 Dec 03. Test (?) flt on 05.05.04. Dep for Berlin Schonefeld as AMC 7373 on 09.05.04. Rr N161AN, rr Air Sahara VT-JAY.
canx. 9H-ADO B.737-400 Air Malta 27003 09.04.99/21.03.00    
canx. 9H-ADP B.737-300 Air Malta 23718 28.04.99/01.11.99    
canx. 9H-ADQ SA Bulldog A.F.M. 237 10.02.00/01.05.00 XX691/11 rr AS0020
canx. 9H-ADR SA Bulldog A.F.M. 245 10.02.00/01.05.00 XX696/S rr AS0021
canx. 9H-ADS SA Bulldog A.F.M. 258 10.02.00/01.05.00 XX709/E rr AS0022
canx. 9H-ADT SA Bulldog A.F.M. 263 10.02.00/01.05.00 XX714/D rr AS0023
canx. 9H-ADU Tecnam P92J European Pilot Academy Co. Ltd. 003 28.02.00   Small titles and logo of Falcon Alliance were applied during late summer 2003.
canx. 9H-ADV B. King Air 350 Awiag Ltd. FL-279 27.11.00/14.02.05    
current 9H-ADW Ce. 206B Bonair Aviation 0779 25.10.01    
current 9H-ADW Ce. 206B Malta School of Flying 0779 24.08.04    
current 9H-ADX RP-KESTREL 703 Reno Psaila 001-PFA262-12665     This aircraft was previously listed as a microlight. However, I have been contacted by the owner, Mr. Reno Psaila, that, with an all up weight of 703 kgs, it is not a microlight. It is the only aircraft to have been designed and built in Malta, and flight testing is expected later this year (2014).
canx. 9H-ADX RP Kestrel   001 20.03.02    
canx. 9H-ADY A.320-214 Air Malta 1769 24.05.02/26.11.04 F-WWDK On lease from GATX. Spent a few months prior to end of lease based in Manchester, UK, still flying with Air Malta.
canx. 9H-ADZ A.320-211 Air Malta 331 18.03.02/05.11.04   On lease from GATX. Departed Malta for Shannon on 10.10.04.



canx. 9H-AEA P. Seneca Falcon Aviation 7970193 18.04.02 N2135Y, HB-LKT Arrived as HB-LKT on 27.03.02. Small titles and logo of Falcon Alliance were applied during late summer 2003.
current 9H-AEB P. Seneca European Pilot Academy Co. Ltd. 787066 24.05.02 D-GCVP Arrived on 19.04.02. Small titles and logo of Falcon Alliance were applied during late summer 2003.
current 9H-AEC Tecnam 92J Echo Falcon Aviation Co. Ltd. 008 01.10.03 I-SYLV Arr. on 16.07.03. Aircraft carried a coat of arms of the Regno Delle Due Sicilie on its tail and a sticker commemorating an Ultralight Reindeer Tour 2001 consisting of a map of Europe and the places visited during this tour. Observed with new reg. on 18.08.03.
canx. 9H-AED A.320 Air Malta 228 03.07.03/30.03.04   Arr. at 21.05 hours on 04.07.03, white livery. Summer lease from GATX.
canx. 9H-AEE Ga. Learjet 60 Eurojet 60-170 13.10.03 N170LJ, D-COWS Arrived Luqa on 25.07.03 as D-COWS. Removed from German register on 14.10.03.
canx. 9H-AEF A.320-214 Air Malta 2142 07.01.04 F-WWBZ Arr. 07.01.04, in full Air Malta livery. Leased in full AM livery but with titles added, at least between Oct-Nov 2006. Lsd to Sky A/Ls between 06 Jan - 06 May 07. Again lsed to Sky A/Ls, departing Malta on 07.01.09, Returned? Again lsed to Sky, departing on 02.01.12, returning on 07.03.12. Dep in Air Malta livery on 12.03, returning from Budapest on the 29th in OLT Express livery as KM997. Left Malta on 03.04.12 for Warsaw as KM998 on dry lease to OLT Express. Returned from lease around 01.08.12, in basic OLT livery (white fuselage/red fin) still bearing reg SP-IAD. Flew Air Malta services in these colours, as of June 2013, with reg being changed to 9H-AEF. Departed on dry lease to Monarch A/Ls on 23.04.14, re-registered as G-ZBAR.
current 9H-AEG A.319 Air Malta 2113 03.02.04 D-AVWQ Arr 04 Feb 04. Leased, with an option to buy. Captain performed two low flypasts with undercarriage lowered before landing on runway 32. Re-registered on 17.05.04 after engine modification. Departed Malta on 01.12.15 for maintenance/re-spray. Lease ended in January 2016.
current 9H-AEG A.319-112 Air Malta 2113 17.05.04 D-AVWQ Re-registered after engine modifications. Leased to a Canadian operator Skyservice as C-GEAG. Aircraft departed Malta on 15.12.05 at 01.12 local. Returned on 26.03.06. Another lease to the same operator, returning on 28.04.08.
current 9H-AEH A.319-112 Air Malta 2122 03.03.04 D-AVWA Leased, with an option to buy. Captain performed two low flypasts with undercarriage lowered before landing on runway 32 (now 31.) Departed as AMC9996 for Shannon on 07.01.15 at end of lease.
current 9H-AEH A.319-112 Air Malta 2122 03.03.04 D-AVWA Re-registered 19.05.04 after engine modification. Leased fot Veulling for flight to Madrid on 27.08.14.
current 9H-AEI A.320-214 Air Malta 2189 26.04.04   Arr on 27 April. Leased, with an option to buy. Captain performed two low flypasts with undercarriage lowered before landing on runway 31. On long-term lease to Mexico’s InterJet. Returned to Air Malta, currently flying in an Air Malta retro scheme. Resprayed all-white, departing for Ostrava on 15.05.20. Aircraft re-registered 9A-BTI with Trade Air, and seen at Luqa between 12-14.11.20.
canx. 9H-AEJ A.319-112 Air Malta 2186 06.04.04   Arr on 06 Apr as AMC 3193 at 22.50 local. Leased, with an option to buy. Returned on 05.09.16, after end of lease w/Atlantic A/Ws as OY-RCH. Scrapping of aircraft started on 24.07.20.
canx. 9H-AEJ A.319-112 Air Malta 2186 14.05.04   Re-registered after engine modification.
canx. 9H-AEK A.320-214 Air Malta 2219 20.10.04 F-WWBT Leased, with an option to buy. Re-registered 5B-DDK.
current 9H-AEL A.319-112 Air Malta 2332 11.11.04 D-AYZ Leased, with an option to buy. Re-registered on 12.11. Departed on 27.09.16, after end of lease with Air Malta, for service with Volotea A/Ls.
canx. 9H-AEM A.319-112 Air Malta 2382 04.02.05 D-AVWW Leased. Re-registered on 09.02.05. Departed after end of lease. Re-registered EI-FXM with Volotea A/Ls. Noted at SNN airport prior to delivery.
current 9H-AEN A.320-214 Air Malta 2665 31.01.06 F-WWBN Arrived on 01.02.06. Lsd to Sky A/Ls, departing on 03.01.11, returning in March. First aircraft re-sprayed in new livery between 16-29.09.12.
current 9H-AEO A.320-214 Air Malta 2768 12.05.06 F-WWDK Arrived on 13.05.06. Returned from Shannon as KM2018 on 23.03.12, from re-spray in special "Valletta European Capital of Culture 2018 Candidate City" livery. Flew first service to Gatwick on the 24th. Livery removed between 25-26.01.19.
current 9H-AEO A.320-214 Malta MedAir 2768 12.05.06 F-WWDK Re-registered.
current 9H-AEP A.320-214 Air Malta 3056 05.03.07 F-WWDV Leased to Etihad Airways in November 2007.
current 9H-AEQ A.320-214 Air Malta 3068 21.03.07 F-WWIN  
canx. 9H-AER A.320-214 Air Malta 2178 06.04.04/31.05.06   Based in the UK.
current 9H-AES Ce. 152 Malta School of Flying Co. Ltd. 15283455 17.01.05 N49412 Arrived in a container during Dec 04 w/US reg. Assembled and taxied to Safi as N49412 on 30.12.04.
current 9H-AET Do.328-100 Awaig Co. Ltd. 3117 15.04.05 D-COMM  
canx. 9H-AEU S. Metroliner European 2000 Airlines DC902B 19.07.05 N3084W Arrived on 09.07.02. Aircraft carried small “Berry Aviation, Inc.” titles, but were later removed. First seen as 9H-AEU in the afternoon of 19.07.05. Seen with Manx titles 14.09.08.
current 9H-AEV Diamond DA 42M Siraj Holding S.A.L. 42-234      
canx. 9H-AEW DHC-8-102 Med-Avia Co. Ltd 222 14.10.05 PH-SDH Arrived on 25.10.05.
current 9H-AEX Reims/Cessna 172 Malta School of Flying CO. Ltd 1023 22.09.06 D-EJXT Arrived on 19.06.06. Aircraft history: __.__.73 built at Reims, test reg F-W... unknown; 17.12.73 CofR and CofA as D-EJXT issued to IG zur Förderung des Ostfriesischen Flugsports eV, Emden; 23.05.74 seen at Leer, white/red; __.06.76 to Fliegerclub Mark eV, Hagen; __.06.81 to Rolf Genster of Hagen, based at Dortmund; 19.05.83 annual inspection at Dortmund: TT 1172 hours; __.10.86 to Hugo Herder of Herten, based at Marl; __.01.89 to Mrs. Doris Oevermann of Herten, based at Marl; 25.05.89 annual inspection at Marl: TT 1514; __.08.89 to Jörg Henkel of Dortmund, based at Marl; __.05.91 annual inspection elsewhere: TT 1793; __.11.91 to Udo Hempesch of Dortmund, based at Marl; 12.09.92 seen at Heringsdorf, white/red/white reg; 01.05.95 seen at Marl; no owner info after 08.99 due to data protection law; 11.09.06 last base quoted as Marl; CofA for export to Malta and cancelled on same day. Noted during Malta Int’l Airshow sporting new colours but without registration.
canx. 9H-AEY DHC-8 Med-Avia 508 01.03.07   Damaged by gunfire at Tripoli Airport, Libya, on 14.07.14. Never flew since the attack on Tripoli Airport.
canx. 9H-AEZ P. PA-28-161 Warrior II European Pilot Academy Co. Ltd. 28-8216009 16.07.08   Damaged by strong winds on 01.02.14.

canx. 9H-AFA DHC-3 Turbine Otter Harbour Air (Malta) Ltd. 406 19.07.07    
canx. 9H-AFB Ga. Learjet 60XR Elitavia (Malta) Ltd. 60-327     Delivered: Nov-2007
current 9H-AFC Bombardier CL-600-2B16 Challenger 605 Elitavia (Malta) Ltd. 5713 03.10.08 N604D, C-FMVQ Under lease agreement. Year built: 2007.
current 9H-AFD DHC-8-315 Med-Avia 458 25.01.08    
canx. 9H-AFE A.320-211 Air Malta 350   C-FMST, F-WWDF Delivered to Air Canada on 06.10.92. To Etihad Airways as 9H-AFE on 21.08.07, re-registered A6-EIZ on 01.12.07. This aircraft was never seen in Malta.
current 9H-AFF Partinavia P.68 Easyplanes S.A.U. 397 26.06.08 5A-DSE  
canx. 9H-AFG Ca. Challenger CL-605 Comlux Malta Ltd. 5762   C-FTRF Arrived on 05.03.09. re-registered P4-SAT.
current 9H-AFH Hawker Beechcraft 1900D Med-Avia UE-372 03.03.08    
current 9H-AFI Hawker Beechcraft 1900D Med-Avia UE-031 03.03.08    
current 9H-AFJ Ga. Learjet 60 Eurojet Ltd. 60-030 05.03.08 YR-RPB, TC-ELL Arrived as JLN254 on 25.04.08. Arrived with new livery on 02.02.11 as Jetline 202.
canx. 9H-AFK Airbus A319-115CJ Comlux Malta Ltd 2592 05.09.08 HB-IPO, UN-A1901, HB-IPO, D-AIMM Arrived on 12.09.08, departed the following day.
canx. 9H-AFL A318-112CJ Comlux Malta Ltd 3363 14.01.09 HB-IPQ ntu, D-AVIP First seen at MIA on 16.01.09.
canx. 9H-AFM A.318-112Q Comlux Malta Ltd 2910 21.01.09 HB-IPP First seen at MIA on 29.01.09.
canx. 9H-AFN Cessna 421C MMC Aircraft Ltd.        
current 9H-AFO Partenavia Vulcanair AP68TP-300 MMC Aircraft Ltd. 8008 27.10.08    
canx. 9H-AFP Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Comlux Malta Ltd 9167 16.04.09 HB-JGY, N167GX, C-FCSL, HB-JGY, N167GX, C-FCSL  
canx. 9H-AFQ Bombardier CL-600-2B16 Comlux Malta Ltd 5709 28.05.09 HB-JRP, C-GCSB Re-registered N87878 to ASRR Air LLC, USA.
canx. 9H-AFR Bombardier BD-700-1A11 (GLOBAL 5000) Comlux Malta Ltd. 9249 13.05.09 HB-JGN, C-FMGE  
canx. 9H-AFS Fokker 28-0070 Gladiator Leasing Ltd. 11571 29.11.10 HA-LMF  
canx. 9H-AFT Airbus A.318 Elite Comlux Malta Ltd. 4169 04.06.10    
canx. 9H-AFU Bombardier CL-600-2B19 Carre Aviation Ltd. 7176 05.05.09 VP-BHX Under lease agreement. Entered Safi on 08.04.09 as VH-BHX, exited Safi the following day with the 9H- reg.
canx. 9H-AFV Cessna 152 II Malta School of Flying Co. Ltd. 152-82328 03.04.09   Departed Malta for (unknown) new owners on 23.04.15.
canx. 9H-AFX Vulcanair P.68C Dover Bay AB 231      
canx. 9H-AFY DHC-6-300 Harbour Air (Malta) Ltd. 768   SX-GIK Re-registered C-GDQM, noted at Safi on 17.12.09. Departed Safi, and Malta, on the 18th.
canx. 9H-AFZ Fokker 28-0070 Gladiator Leasing Ltd. 11575   HA-LME  



current 9H-AGA Diamond DA 40D Diamond Flight Training (Malta) Ltd. DA.298 27.04.09   Company ceased operations in April 2018.
current 9H-AGB Diamond DA 20-C1 Diamond Flight Training (Malta) Ltd. C0477 09.04.09    
canx. 9H-AGC A. 319-133 Hilly Sky Group Ltd. 4583      
current 9H-AGF Airbus SAS A319-133CJ Comlux Malta Ltd. 5261   D-AVYC  
current 9H-AGG ATR 72-212A Teide Leasing Ltd. 766      
current 9H-AGH ATR 72-212A Teide Leasing Ltd. 770      
canx. 9H-AGI ATR-72-212A Roque Noble Ltd. 808      
canx. 9H-AGJ A. 340-313 HiFly Ltd. 163 __.06.17 EI-FXR Aircraft appears to have been broken up.
canx. 9H-AGK A.340-313 Hifly 166     Aircraft appears to have been broken up.
canx. 9H-AGL Dash-8 Med-Avia 4065   5Y-QUE Arrived at Luqa on 08.05.17.
canx. 9H-AGM A. 319-112 Ceska Ietecka servisni a.s. 3604 __.12.17   Delivered to Hungarian AF on 01.02.18.
canx. 9H-AGN A. 319-112 Ceska Ietecka servisni a.s. 3865 __.12.17   Delivered to Hungarian AF on 31.01.18.
canx. 9H-AGP A.330-202 Luke Air 473   F-WWKR, A7-ACA, r.r 9H-RTU (conv from -203). pi, stored Naples Int. Airport, 11/2020.
current 9H-AGR Beech 300 King Air 350 Artik Cuatro Gestion SL FL-183   F-GNOE  
current 9H-AGS E190 NAC Aviation, Ireland 19000071   HB-JVV  
current 9H-AGV Learjet 40   45-2018   PP-ASV Arrived as PP- on 07.08.18 for re-registration as 9H-, departing on 21.12.18.
canx. 9H-AGW ATR 42-500 ATRiam Capital 511   N19452, F-WLLF, F-WQNC, A2-ABO  
current 9H-AGZ Embraer EMB-135BJ Legacy 600 Blue Square Aviation Group 14500999   9H-IDB, OE-IDB.  
current 9H-AHA B. 737-505 Air-X 24647      
canx. 9H-AHB B.737-45D UMB Bank National Ass. (Trustee) 27914   SP-LLE  
current 9H-AHC B734 UMB Bank National (Trustee), USA 28752/2874   SP-LLF  
canx. 9H-AHL A.340-642 Maleth-Aero 933   F-WWCF, A6-EHJ, (5N-___ ? This appears to have been a reserved reg, but NTU.) 2-FIEX, EC-NFP, 9H- EAD. Rr G-ECLA. It isn’t known if the aircraft actually carried this reg, or the reg was reserved, but never used.
current 9H-AHN A.321-211 Aviation Ireland 761   D-AVZJ, F-GTAF, A9C-ET, F-WTAV, TC-ACF  
canx 9H-AHO A.321-231 Aviation Ireland DAC 806   D-AVZQ, G-MIDA, TC-JMH, TC-OBV, TC-AGG  
canx. 9H-AHP Dash-8-402 Regional One Inc. 4068   OE-LGF Ferried to Sandefjord Airport for parts & scrapping 19.08.20
canx. 9H-AHQ A33 Athena4 Aviation Leasing, Ireland 1754   ZS-SXJ  
current 9H-AHR A.320-232 Air Malta 1979   EC-LQJ Air test at Madrid on 05.04.17, prior to delivery to Air Malta on lease on 12.04.17.. Departed on 05.11.18 to Birmingham on end of lease. To be re-registered SX-KAT.
current 9H-AHS A.320-214 Sri Lankan A/Ls 5086   4R-ABP Arrived as c/s ALK1502 on lease to Air Malta on 19.04.18 in full Air Malta colours. Performed its fist revenue flight on the 22nd as KM514 to Vienna.
current 9H-AHU B.777-28E(ER) AerCap 28681   HL7596, 2-AERA, UR-GOB  
current 9H-AHX A321 AS Air Lease II (Ireland), Ireland 599   I-BIXS  
current 9H-AHY E290 Embraer Netherlands 19020015   LN-WEX p.i
current 9H-AIA E195   19000196   EC-KRJ  
current 9H-AIB E195   19000244   EC-KXD  
current 9H-AIC E195   19000276   EC -KYO  
current 9H-AID E195   19000281   EC-KYP  
current 9H-AIG E190 (NAC Aviation 29 DAC 19000265   HB-JVS  
current 9H-AIL B.777-NER DS-Rendite-Fonds, Germany 37704/748   A6-ECL  
current 9H-AIQ Embraer ERJ135BJ Legacy 600 Blue Square Aviation Group Malta   14500942 N909LX, N908FL, I-KRFX, G-KRFX. Flown Riga-Malta on 23.05.21
current 9H-AIR Cirrus SR20 Yacht & Jet Ltd. 2016      
canx. 9H-AJJ Cessna C500 Luxwing Ltd. 0245      
current 9H-AJW B. 737-3U3 Maleth Aero AOC Ltd 28733   N6066Z, PK-GGI, N931WA, ZK- NGE, EI-FCW, 4L-AJW  
current 9H-AJW B. 737-3U3 BlueBird Airways 28733   N6066Z, PK-GGI, N931WA, ZK- NGE, EI-FCW, 4L-AJW Re-registered to new owners.
canx. 9H-ALF Bo. CL-600-2B16 Oasis Flight Malta Ltd. 0245     Re-registered to Novajet as C-GRMZ.
current 9H-ALI B737-36N AFD ABL Aviation Ltd. 28668 __.12.17 SP-LMC, N668AN, PZ-TCN  
current 9H-ALJ Dassault Falcon 900EX LDD Aviation Ltd., Isle of Man 095     previously registered to Air CM Global Ltd.
current 9H-ALL Cessna 525A CitationJet 2 Luxwing Ltd. 525A-0005   I-LALL First seen on 31.01.12, departed on 01.02.12.
canx. 9H-ALX Airbus A319-115ACJ Comlux Malta Ltd 4470 29.10.10 D-AVYG First visit on 18.01.12, departed on the 21st.
current 9H-AMA A.320-214 New Avion Express 1005      
current 9H-AMD A321 Avion Express Malta 1421    
current 9H-AME A.321 Avion Express Malta 2234   LY-VEA  
current 9H-AMF Bombardier Inc. BD-700-1A10 Hyperion Aviation Ltd. 9437      
current 9H-AMH A320 Avion Express Malta 2173   LY-NVW  
current 9H-AMN Bo. BD700 Global 6000   9324      
current 9H-AMO Gu. G450 ElitAvia Malta 4018      
current 9H-AMW B.737-4Q8 Aerotron 26281/2380   PK-CKN del 13-14.06.16 Pheonix/Goodyear-Bangor Intl-Keflavik-RAF St. Athan.
current 9H-AMW B.737-4Q8 Cardiff Aviation Malta Ltd. 26281/2380   PK-CKN  
current 9H-AMW B.737-4Q8 Air Horizont Ltd. 26281/2380   PK-CKN  
current 9H-AMY Bo. CL-600-2B19 Challenger 850 Air X Charter Ltd. 8043   OE-ISA  
current 9H-AMZ Bo. BD-700-1A11 Global 6000 Comlux Aviaiton 9656     First visit on 05.04.16.
current 9H-ANS Bo. BD700 Global 6000   9537      
current 9H-AOA Cessna 680A Citation Latitude Albinati Aeronautics 680A0070      
current 9H-ARE Bo. Global 5000 Albinati Aviation 9174   HB-JRS  
current 9H-ART Bo. CL-600-2B16 Challenger 601-3a Air CM Global 5125      
current 9H-ASB Bo. BD-700-1A11 Global 5000 TAG Aviation Malta 9273   VP-BJN Delivered on 08.11.18.
current 9H-ATB A.320-251 N(ACJ) Comlux Aviation Malta 9455   F-WWBD  
current 9H-AUL B. 737-382(QC) Air X Charter 24364/1657   M-MOVE  
current 9H-AVA Bo. Global 5000-BD-700 Maleth-Aero 9633   M-DANK  
current 9H-AVE Dassault Falcon 50EX Leader Srl 295   P4-JET, I-FJDN  
canx. 9H-AVK A. 319-115 XCJ Comlux Malta 4622   D-AVWJ  
current 9H-AVM B. 757-23A Jet Magic Ltd 24527   HB-IEE  
current 9H-AWK A. 320-214(CJ) Comlux Malta Ltd. 4199   F-WWIV, N105AL  
current 9H-AYS Bo. BD700 Global Express Air CM Global Ltd 9094      



current 9H-BBJ B.737-7BC Privajet Ltd. 30791/623 24.03.10 LX-GVV, N191QS, N1786B Delivered to company on 25.03.10, first seen in Malta on 14.05.10.
current 9H-BCP Learjet 45 Skyfree Ltd. 45-0287     Under lease agreement.
canx. 9H-BDT Tecnam P2006T Triton Services Ltd. 018      
current 9H-BEC DA Falcon 2000EX Skyfree Ltd. 063      
current 9H-BEL DHC-8-400   4230   G-ECOK Arrived with G- reg at Malta International Airport on 23.05.21. Previously with Chorus Aviation. Firs noted with 9H- reg on 03.06.21 at Safi.
current 9H-BFS A332 Maleth Aero AOC 472   F-WWKQ, PT-MVG, EI-GEW * Aircraft leased from AELF FlightService.
current 9H-BGK Challenger 850 Blue Square Aviation Group 8092   LY-BGK  
canx. 9H-BGL BD700 Global Express XRS Comlux Malta Ltd 9348 30.07.10 C-FWGH  
current 9H-BIG A.340-313 AirX Charter 374 15.09.16 M-VVIP, 4R-ADF  
current 9H-BLU Tecnam P-2010 Malta School of Flying 1160      
canx. 9H-BOA Hawker 4000 Orion (Malta) Limited RC-69     First visit on 06.02.13, departing on the 8th. Re-registered N621TF to Maple Holdings Ltd.
canx. 9H-BOB BAe.125-800B Orion (Malta) Ltd. 258115 04.08.09 P4-BOB, G-TCAP Delivered to company on 25.03.10, first seen in Malta on 14.05.10
canx. 9H-BOF Hawker 900XP Orion (Malta) Ltd. HA-0177     Seen on 13.06.11 as OXM101.
current 9H-BOG Gulfstream G-450 Emperor Aviation Ltd. 4106 __.12.17 4L-GAF  
current 9H-BOM CL605 Challenger Orion (Malta) Ltd. 5785 23.07.10 OH-ANS, C-FWQH  
current 9H-BOO Ca. CRJ-200ER Air X Charter Ltd. 8051   VP-BSD, C-FGQR Arrived as VP-BSD around 20.04.15. Noted on Park 4 with 9H- reg on 10.07.15.
current 9H-BRE Boeing 737 3Y0(QC) Maleth Aero 24255/1625   2-HAUL First appearance at Luqa Airport on 09.11.20.
current 9H-BRI A.340-642 Air X Charter 1030   A6-EHK Registered Jan 2018.
current 9H-BSA Hawker 750 Hyperion Aviation HB-24   EC-KXS First visit on 17.08.15.
current 9H-BSG Bo. Challenger 850 (CL-600-2B19) Blue Square Aviation Group Malta 8071   VP-BVJ, 9H-BVJ  
canx. 9H-BVJ Bo. CL-600-2BI9 Blue Square Aviation Group Malta Ltd. 8071     Re-registered 9H-BSG.
current 9H-CAA Glf G650 Avcon Jet Malta 6350      
current 9H-CAM Avion Robin HR100-210   170   F-BUSC Flown to Malta on unknown date, but photographed at Safi on 09.10.17. Still there as of mid-January 2018.
current 9H-CAP P180 JMC Flight Investments 1153   F-HGOD  
current 9H-CAR Leonardo AW109SP Grand   22382      
current 9H-CAS B.737-408 Aerotron Ireland Ltd. (Ireland) 24352   EC-LAV Performed test flight at NAP on 20.01.18. Previously registered to Albawings.
canx. 9H-CES Boeing B737-408 Aerotron Ireland Ltd. 24352/1705      
canx. 9H-CET A.319-100 Hyperion Aviation 1679   EI-ETO Arrived from EGSH on 19.08.16 in Rossiya livery. Over ran runway at Kermanshah on 01.02.20, serving as EP-IEQ with Iran Air.
current 9H-CFA Tecnam P2002-JF Hub'Air SPRL 224      
current 9H-CFC Tecnam P2002-JF Hub’Air sprl 211      
current 9H-CFD Tecnam P2002-JF Hub’Air sprl 212      
current 9H-CFL Learjet 40 Leader srl 45-2024   I-YLFC  
current 9H-CGA A.321-211 (PCF)   891   N332WS Arrived with US reg on 03.06.21, and registration changed at SR Technics.
current 9H-CGF P. PA_46-500TP Malibu Oblo Trading Ltd. 4697504   OK-PMA, N2559V  
current 9H-CGH DA Falcon 50EX Skyfirst Ltd. 306   N306FJ Previously registered to Elit'Avia.
current 9H-CIO B. BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 Comlux Malta 9535     First visit between 29-30.10.13, c/s MLM007.
current 9H-CLG Bo. CL-600-2B19 Challenger 850 AIR X Charter 8063   C-FJBK OE-IKG  
current 9H-CLX Airbus A330-200 Comlux Malta 451   F-WJKG r.r. P4-MLO  
canx. 9H-CMA Bo. Global 5000 Albinati Aviation Ltd. 9632   C-FGWF  
canx. 9H-COL Bo. Global Express Comlux Malta Ltd. 9234   OE-LAF, 9H-FED Re-registered as N989SF to Bank of Utah Trustee on 20.11.15
current 9H-CTG DHC-8-102 Air CM Global 222 14.10.05 PH-SDH, 9H-AEW Previously with Med-Avia Co. Ltd.
current 9H-CUB Piper J3C-65 Cub Malta Aviation Musem 11883      
canx. 9H-CYL Ce. T303 Crusader Oasis Flight Malta Ltd T303-000005   G-CYLS First visit on 15.08.13. Re-registered as G-CYLS on 26.2.14 to R. Berridge.



current 9H-DAO Gu. G650ER Emperor Aviation (Malta) 6409      
current 9H-DDJ Ga. Learjet 45 Kermas International Ltd. 45-495      
current 9H-DFS Dassault Falcon 50 Harmony Jets Malta 185      
current 9H-DFT Diamond DA-42 Diamond Flight Training 42-158      
current 9H-DOM Challenger 850 Air X Charter 8069      
current 9H-DPB A.380-800 Flagship Five Ltd. 005   9V-SKB  
current 9H-DTY Gulfstream G650 Elitavia Malta Ltd. 6146 __.06.17 D-AYXM  
current 9H-DUV DA 2000EX Skyfirst Ltd. 39      
current 9H-EAA Cessna 560XLS Emperor Aviation (Malta) 39      
current 9H-EAC A.340-642 Maleth-Aero 768   F-WWCH, G-VRED, 2-EALK  
canx. 9H-EAD A.340-642 Maleth-Aero 933   F-WWCF, A6-EHJ, (5N-___ ?) 2-FIEX, 9H-AHL *, EC-NFP. Rr G-ECLA * May have been reserved but never taken up.
current 9H-EAL A.340-642 Maleth-Aero 622   F-WWCE, G-VNAP  
canx. 9H-EAT Robinson R44 II Foxhill Holdings Ltd 10498      
current 9H-EDT Challenger 350 Air Charter Scotland 20650      
current 9H-EFA P. PA-28-161 Warrior III European Flight Academy 28-42162      
canx. 9H-EFS Tecnam P2002-JF GS Wings S.p.a. 210      
current 9H-ELE BAe 146-300 Aircraft Leasing Management Ltd. E3209 17.06.09 G-JEBG Arrived late evening of 17.06.09, entering Safi shortly afterwards. Plans to offer low-cost flights to Catania have since been abandoned. Aircraft scrapped on unknown date.
current 9H-ELI Cessna 750 Citation X Luxwing 750-0115      
current 9H-ELP Cessna 172S Yacht & Jet Ltd 172S8742      
current 9H-EMS Eurocopter EC.135T1 Gulf Med Aviation Services 48     Carries “Air Ambulance” & “Stewart Malta titles. Helicopter finished in blue and white trim, contrary to sister ship 9H-GMD, which is all white. This helicopter is operated on behalf of Steward Health Care Malta. (Information courtesy of John Visanich.)
canx. 9H-EPA Tecnam P92-JS European Pilot Academy 52     Arrived as G-CDZK on 25.01.11.
current 9H-ERO Bo. BD-700-1A10 Elitavia Malta Ltd. 9409      
current 9H-EVA Dash-8-400   4237     Arrived as G-ECOO on 28.05.21 for Med-Avia.
current 9H-FAB Embraer ERJ-190-100ECJ Air X Charter 19000534      
current 9H-FAM Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 Luxwing Ltd. 50000100      
current 9H-FAZ Beech Baron       F-WTAI  
current 9H-FCA Bo. Global 6000-BD-700-1A10 ULC Albinati Aviation 9665     Delivered from Montreal International Airport, first visit on 10.06.16.
current 9H-FCB Dassault Falcon 7X Albinati Aviation Ltd. 034   I-AFIT Date of registration approx. Oct./Nov. 2016 
current 9H-FCM Embraer ERJ-190-100ECJ Air X Charter 190000641      
current 9H-FDS Dassault Falcon 50          
canx. 9H-FED Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global Express Hyperion Aviation Ltd. 9234   OE-LAF re-registered 9H-COL.
current 9H-FFA A.330-343 HiFly 1779   F-WWCI, ZS-SXL, 2-HHLL Arrived on 24.04.21 with the 2- reg.
canx. 9H-FFC A.340-642 Air X Charter 431   F-WWCI, EC-INO Aircraft was reserved for Air X, but apparently never used. Last known in storage at Châteauroux-Centre "Marcel Dassault" Airport, 06/2003
canx. 9H-FFF Cessna 650 Citation VII Luxwing 650-7080      
current 9H-FGV Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 Luxwing 50000193      
current 9H-FHA A.320-214 Freebird 4207   F-WWBP, TC-FBH Landed in Malta on delivery between 04/05.03.20
current 9H-FHB A.320-214 Freebird 3025   F-WWBI, JA04MC, D-AAAP, TC-FHB Landed in Malta on delivery on 29.01.19.
current 9H-FLN BD700 Global 5000 Albinati Aeronautics 9353      
current 9H-FLX Dassault Falcon 900LX Hyperion Aviation 270      
current 9H-FLY P. PA-28-161 Cherokee Micah International 28-8116109      
canx. 9H-FMF P. PA-31 Navajo Fugro Malta Ltd 31-245   __.__.__/__.12.17 Cancelled to France.
canx. 9H-FMG P. PA-31-350 Fugro Malta Ltd. 31-7952155     First visit on 29.12.12
canx. 9H-FMH P. PA-31-350 Fugro Malta Ltd. 31-7552075     Re-registered, see below.
canx. 9H-FMH P. PA-31-350 Chieftain IMAO (France) 31-7552075      
current 9H-FMJ Cessna T207A Fugro Malta Ltd. 20700590      
canx. 9H-FMV P. PA-23-250 Aztec Fugro Malta Ltd. 27-7754002      
current 9H-FOM Embraer EMB-500 Luxwing Ltd. 50000092      
current 9H-FOX A.340-313 HiFly Malta 185   A6-ERP, EI-GAC Delivered on 03.06.17.
current 9H-FRM Dassault Falcon 100 Harmony Jets Malta 203      
canx. 9H-FWW Raytheon B.390 Premier 1 Europ-Star Ltd. RB-131   OE-FWW Arrived as XES122, on 11.09.13, 1st visit as 9H. Departed on the 12th.



current 9H-GAX B.737-8Z0(WL) Blue Panorama 30073   EI-GAX  
current 9H-GCM BD700 Global 6000 Jet Magic 9076      
current 9H-GFI Bo. Global 6000 Comlux Malta Ltd. 9701   C-FHPZ First visit on 31.12.15 on delivery from Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport, Canada.
current 9H-GGF Cessna 560XL Citation Excel TRTO Agency Ltd. 560-5723   OE-GGF  
current 9H-GGG B. 737-700 Maleth-Aero AOC Ltd. 40119      
canx. 9H-GIA Cessna 421C GS Wings Srl 421C-0623   N88638, G-BLST, OK-SMI, (T7-GIA - ntu)  
current 9H-GIB Embraer EMB-135BJ Legacy 650 Air X Charter 14501209   N866MS  
current 9H-GIO Cessna 525 CitationJet Luxwing Ltd. 525-0121      
canx. 9H-GJC Embraer ERJ-190-100ECJ Air X Charter 19000243     Re-registered 9H-bcp.
current 9H-GKM Cessna 560XLS Citation Excel Avcon Jet Malta 560-5811      
current 9H-GMD Eurocopter EC 135T1 Gulf Med Aviation Services 48   F-GMHE Helicopter arrived on 12.02.20 with the French registration, to operate as an air-ambulance on behalf of Steward Health Care Malta, replacing B.412 9H-VGH.
canx. 9H-GMT DA Falcon 900EX Comlux Malta Ltd 247 __.__.__/30.08.47   Cancelled to Canada.
current 9H-GOA Learjet 60XR Hyperion Aviation 60-398   N787LD  
current 9H-GPS Cessna 560XL Citation Excel Luxwing Ltd. 560-5249   N429JS  
current 9H-GRC Dassault Falcon 8X Hyperion Aviation 405      
current 9H-GTC Boeing B737-400 Aerotron Ireland Ltd. 27001/2316   D-ABKB, EI-COH, 9M-FZA, G-CIEO, OM-GTC rr to Air Horizont Ltd., May 2016.
current 9H-GTX Hawker G90GTi Hangar 8 AOC Malta Ltd LJ-2032     First visit on 26.02.13, departing on the 27th.
current 9H-GTY Hawker B300 Hangar 8 AOC Malta Ltd FL-774      
current 9H-GVA Bo. Global 5000 Elit'Avia Malta Ltd. 9458   OY-GVI  
canx. 9H-GVI Gulfstream G650 ElitAvia Malta Ltd. 6006     Cancelled round Sept/Oct 2016
canx. 9H-GVV A. 319-115 Privajet Ltd 3542     Under lease agreement entered with Airbus-2009 Ltd.
current 9H-GYB Hawker 900XP Com lux Ltd HA-0161      
current 9H-GYN PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II Falcon Ltd 28-8116204   G-SLYN  
current 9H-HAM Dassault Falcon 2000EX Avcon Jet Malta Ltd. 245   OE-HAM  
current 9H-HAN Gulfstream 200 Hyperion Aviation 200      
current 9H-HER B. 737-400 Hermes Aviation Ltd. 24901      
current 9H-HFA A.330-223 HiFly 874   VT-VJK, D-ALAA, TC-LNA, LZ-AWZ Arrived as LZ-AWZ on 15.05.20, entered Ltm, and departed on 09.09.20. Also seen in Kingfisher airlines colours in 2013 with the German reg. (Information courtesy of John Visanich.)
canx. 9H-HFB A.330-223 Hifly 939   F-WWKK, VT-VJO, D-ALAB, TC-LNB, LZ-AWY. Rr LZ-AWY. This appears to have been a reserved reg, but NTU.
current 9H-HFC A.330-343 Hi-Fly 1401   9V-STU Aircraft made a technical stop in Malta on 30.10.19.
current 9H-HFD A.330-343 Hifly 1477   F-WWYS, 9V-STZ  
canx. 9H-HFE A.330-343 Hifly 1517   F-WWYC, 9V-SSB Aircraft was on lease from AerCap. Last known to be in storage at Southern California Logistics Airport also known as Victorville Airport, 06/2020.
current 9H-HUE B.737-400 Air Horizont 27003/2328   9H-VLA Previously registered to Aerotron Ireland Ltd.
current 9H-IAR CL605 Challenger Alliance Jet 5785      
current 9H-IBD BD700 Global 5000   9401      
current 9H-IBI BD700 Global 7500 Elit'Avia Malta 70061     p.i. C-GNKI
current 9H-IBJ A.320-232 Lauda Europe 3259   TC-JAI, OE-IFM, 5B-DDC, OE-IBJ  
current 9H-ICE ACJ318-100 DC Aviation 4503     p.i. OE-ICE
current 9H-ICS Bo. CL-600-2B16 Oasis Flight Malta Ltd. 5847      
current 9H-ICY Bo. Challenger 601-3A CL-600-2B16 Air CM Global 5129   2-BLUE  
canx. 9H-IDB Embraer EMB-135BJ Legacy 600 Sirius-Aero Ltd 14500999   OE-IDB re-registered 9H-AGZ.
current 9H-IGH Bo. BD-700-1A10 VistaJet Ltd. 9570      
current 9H-IHH A320 Lauda Europe 2502   OE-IHH  
current 9H-IHL A.320-232 Lauda Europe 3105   OE-IHL  
current 9H-III BD700 Global Express   9036      
current 9H-IJK Challenger 601 Air CM Global Ltd. 3031   G-LWDC  
current 9H-IKO Gulfstream Aerospace G650 Emperor Aviation Malta 6120      
current 9H-ILA Challenger 850 VistaJet Malta 8101      
current 9H-ILB Challenger 850 VistaJet Malta 8107      
current 9H-ILI Bo. Challenger 850 VistaJet 8048 15.09.15 OE-ILI Last in Malta on 02.07.15
current 9H-ILV Challenger 850 VistaJet Malta 8082      
current 9H-ILY Challenger 850 VistaJet Malta 8076      
current 9H-ILZ Bo. CL-600-2B19 Challenger 850 VistaJet Ltd. 8086   OE-ILZ  
current 9H-IMW Embraer S.A. EMB-135 BJ Avcon Jet Malta Ltd 14501029      
current 9H-INV Bo. Challenger 604 FlexFlight ApS 5628   TS-INV Noted outside MCM on 04.08.15 when operated by Elit'Avia Malta.
current 9H-IPG Bo. CL-600-2B16 Nomad Aviation (Europe) Ltd. 5589      
current 9H-IRA Bo. BD-700-1A10 Global Express XRS Hyperion Aviation Ltd. 9319   OE-IRM Previously registered to Emperor Aviation Ltd.
current 9H-IRC Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 DC Aviation 9860     Arrived ond delivery from Canada on 08.01.20
current 9H-IRI Ce. 560XLS Citation Excel Oblo Trading Ltd. 560-5723   OK-IRI, D-CVVV Previously registered to Personal Air Transport Ltd.
current 9H-IVG Bo. Global Express Elit'Avia Malta Ltd. 9081   OE-IVG  



current 9H-JAD Bo. Challenger 850 (CL-600-2B19) Air X Charter 8060   C-FGTV Arrived as AXY0710 on 09.07.18.
current 9H-JAI A.340-313 HiFly Malta 236   A6-ERM, EI-GAD Delivered on 02.06.17.
current 9H-JBC BE20 Hyperion Aviation BB-194   HB-GIL  
current 9H-JCE Honda HA-420   42000056   N420MD  
canx. 9H-JEH GLEX   9726   N165QS  
canx. 9H-JET Gulfstream G150 Europ-Star Ltd.   283 C-GXVK  
canx. 9H-JGR Bo. CL-600-2B16 604 Nomad Aviation (Europe) Ltd. 5624      
current 9H-JLG Bo. Challenger 350 BD-100-1A10 TAG Aviation (Malta) 20670      
current 9H-JLK Dassault Falcon 7X TAG Aviation Malta 44      
current 9H-JOS Cessna 560XLS Citation Excel Luxwing Ltd. 560-5788      
current 9H-JOY Ca. CRJ-200ER Air X Charter Ltd. 7644   C-GVEU, N676BR, 4L-GND Test reg C-FMKV. Delivered on 06.02.15.
current 9H-JPC Embraer ERJ-135BJ Air X Charter Ltd. 1010   D-ATWO  
current 9H-JSB Dassault Falcon 2000LX TAG Aviation Malta 336      
current 9H-JZM Pilatus PC-24 Albinati Aeronautics 177      
canx. 9H-KAP Embraer 135BJ Air X Charter 14501089     Re-registered VQ-BCS on 26.08.15 to MyJetAsia.
current 9H-KAS Bo. CL-600-2B16 Challenger 605 Avcon Jet Malta Ltd. 5856   VP-BKA  
canx. 9H-KAT B. B737-400 Aerotron Ireland Ltd. 24643/1860   4L-GSN This aircraft appears to have been cancelled on 27.12.16, re-registered as SX-MAH to Air Mediterranean.
canx. 9H-KAZ Hawker 900XP Hyperion Aviation Ltd. HA-0034      
current 9H-KIA B767-35H/ER Blue Panorama 26389     See also under Aviation Cosmetic page for further info.
current 9H-KIM Dassault Falcon 8X Skyfirst Ltd. 404   F-HJNT  
current 9H-KKS Gu. G650 Emperor Aviation Ltd. 6195   N695GA arr 12.08.16 on del from KSAV c/s EMM008
current 9H-KLS BD700 Global 6000   9601      
current 9H-KMT Dassault Falcon 900EX Skyfirst Ltd. 75      
current 9H-KOM Cessna 525 CitationJet M2 Hyperion Aviation Ltd. 525-0941   N313SP  
current 9H-LAJ A.320-232 Lauda Europe 2288   F-WWBS, A7-ADJ, EI-GHG, OE-LOJ  
current 9H-LAR Gulfstream G150 Luxwing Ltd. 238      
current 9H-LAX A.320-214 Lauda Europe 3272   F-WWBZ, RP-C3244, OE-LOX  
current 9H-LBI B.737-36N GP Aviation 28669/2897      
canx. 9H-LCB A.319-111 Hyperion Aviation 1654   D-AVYS, B-2225, EI-ETN  
current 9H-LDN Bo. Global 6000 TAG Aviation Malta 9754   C-FMCH  
current 9H-LDV Bombardier CL-600-2B16 Hyperion Aviation Ltd. 5756      
current 9H-LEO Ce. 550 Citation II Luxwing Ltd C550-0139      
current 9H-LEO Ce. 550 Citation II Premium Aviation and Handling Services (Portugal) C550-0139     Re-registered to New owners.
canx. 9H-LFC A.340-642   440   F-WWCI EC-INO Reserved for Air X Charter. Last known to be in storage at Châteauroux-Centre "Marcel Dassault" Airport, 08/2003
current 9H-LFS A.330-203 Maleth Aero AOC 871   F-WWKU, EC-332, F-WWCB, F-WTBW  
current 9H-LGM Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 Aviogreen S.r.L. 500-00187   G-LGMG  
current 9H-LGM Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 Luxwing Ltd. 500-00187   G-LGMG Re-registered.
current 9H-LIV A.319-115 (ACJ) Comlux Malta 3513   D-AVYX (D-ALHM), D-ALEY OE-LUV, 4K-JJ88, T7-ACJ. Previously seen at Luqa as T7-ACJ, it made its first visit to Malta (as 9H-LIV) on 06.10.20 when it arrived from Zurich. (Information courtesy John Visanich.)
current 9H-LJE Learjet 60 Hyperion Aviation Ltd. 362   N306KR  
canx. 9H-LLC Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Carre Aviation Ltd 9098     Arrived from Dallas on 31.03.11.
current 9H-LMB A.320-232 Lauda Europe 2859   F-WWIU, PR-MBE, OE-LMB  
current 9H-LMC A.320-214 Lauda Europe 3063   F-WWDZ, VP-BRX, VT-GOT, OE-LMC  
current 9H-LMG A.320-232 Lauda Europe 4603      
current 9H-LMI A.320-214 Lauda Europe 5081   D-AUBJ, RP-C8616, OE-LMI  
current 9H-LMT A.320-214 Lauda Europe 2656   F-WWIO, 9M-AFC, OE-LMT  
current 9H-LOA A.320-214 Lauda Europe 3147   F-WWBQ, JA206A, PK-GLH, OE-LOA  
current 9H-LOB A.320-232 Lauda Europe 2928   F-WWDZ, TC-JPC, OE-LOB  
current 9H-LOI A.320-214 Lauda Europe 2994   F-WWIU, RP-C3242, OE-LOI  
current 9H-LOM A.320-232 Lauda Europe 2984   F-WWIE, TC-JPF, OE-LOM  
current 9H-LOQ A.320-214 Lauda Europe 3131   F-WWBK, B-6312, OE-LOQ  
current 9H-LOR A.320-214 Lauda Europe 3206   F-WWII, B-6316, OE-LOR  
current 9H-LOT A.320-232 Lauda Europe 2522   F-WWDN, VT-KFE, N532CL, (VN-A312), TC-JUJ, OE-LOT  
current 9H-LOY A.320-232 Lauda Europe 2161   F-WWBK, A7-ADI, EI-GHM, OE-LOY  
current 9H-LOZ A.320-232 Lauda Europe 2838   F-WWID, PR-MBD, OE-LOZ  
current 9H-LXR Learjet 60XR Hyperion Aviation Ltd. 60-362      
current 9H-LXX Bo. Global Express XRS VistaJet Ltd. 9429   OE-LXX  
current 9H-LZM Gulfstream G650 TAG Aviation Malta 6073      



current 9H-MAC B. 737-548 Maleth Aero AOC Ltd. 24968 __.06.17 EI-BXG, EI-CDC, YL-BBH, G-UMAR  
current 9H-MAF BD700 Global 7500   70014      
current 9H-MAG Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 Luxwing Ltd. 50500446      
current 9H-MAJ Bo. CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604 Elitavia Malta 5508   A7-MHA Arrived with ‘A7-’ reg, changed to 9H- at MCM. Taxied to Park 2 from MCM on 06.09.16.
current 9H-MAK DA Falcon 7X Hyperion Aviation Ltd. 114      
canx. 9H-MAL Bo. Challenger 604 CL-600-2B16 Avcon Jet Malta Ltd. 5508      
current 9H-MAO Bo. BD-700-1A11 Global 5000   9223      
canx. 9H-MAT DA Falcon 2000 Carre Aviation Ltd 216      
current 9H-MAW Beechcraft 58P Yacht & Jet Ltd. TJ-55     New operator, previously registered to Blue Aviation Service S.R.L.
current 9H-MBA BD700 Global 5000   9186      
current 9H-MBJ Boeing BBJ Jet Aviation (Malta) 36027   N111NB, M-YBBJ  
current 9H-MCE Airbus A. 319-115CJ Comlux Malta 2592   D-AVXK, 9H-AFK Ferried 28.06.12 BSL-JER after paint for re-registration.
canx. 9H-MCM Ce. S550 Citation SII Orion (Malta) Ltd. S550-0028   S5-BAX, HB-VHH, N1260L Previously registered to Hyperion Aviation Ltd. & M.C.M.
canx. 9H-MCS A.319-111 Hyperion Aviation 1753 May 16 EI-ETP  
current 9H-MDJ Cessna U206G Denis Muniglia 06537      
current 9H-MFS A.330-203 Maleth-Aero 700   PT-MVL, EI-GEX, TC-AGL Aircraft was still in Atlas Global colours and with Flight Service titles when it was seen at Luqa on 21.09.20. (Information courtesy of John Visanich.)
current 9H-MIO Cessna-Reims FR182RG Malta School of Flying 0037   I-PLAM Arrived as I-PLAM.
current 9H-MIP A.380-841 HiFly 006      
current 9H-MIR Bo. CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604 Hi Fly Malta 5368   N3746 del 15.12.15.
current 9H-MLH Pipistrel Virus SW-121 European Pilot Academy 1210065     (Information courtesy of John Visanich.)
current 9H-MLT Tecnam P92 JS Malta School of Flying 136     Arrived on 29.07.15.
current 9H-MMM Bo. BD-700-1A11 Global 5000 JetMagic Ltd. 9430      
current 9H-MOS Beechcraft C90GTi Oasis Flight Malta Ltd. LJ-1984      
current 9H-MOX Bo. CRJ-1000 CL-600-2E25 Binter Canarias 19053      
current 9H-MPW Boeing 737-484 Air Horizont 25417/2160   SX-BKE N741AS N417XA  
canx. 9H-MQT Fokker F27-400 MiniLiner s.r.l. 10295   I-MLQT Italian reg canx 21.02.12, ferried 27.12.12 from Orio al Serio, Italy to Oued Irara Apt, Algeria.
current 9H-MRQ Learjet 35A Agrevia Holdings Ltd. 429     Performed test flight on 21.10.15
current 9H-MRV Gulfstream Aerospace G500 TAG Aviation Malta 72047      
current 9H-MSF Tecnam P92-JS Malta School of Flying 121      
current 9H-MSL Dassault Falcon 50 Skyfree Ltd 215   F-WWHT 1st visit as 9H on 24.05.10, dep on 25th. c/s 9HMSL.
current 9H-MSS Learjet 45 Hyperion Aviation 45-055      
current 9H-MTF B. 737-329 Hangar AOC Malta Ltd. 23374 17.05.13 SX-MTF Arrived for maintenance at Lufthansa Technic with Greek reg, c/s SXMTF
canx. 9H-MTT F.27-500 Miniliner 10378     rr 5Y-GMC
canx. 9H-MUT F.27-500 Miniliner 10369      
current 9H-MYU Challenger 605 Maleth-Aero AOC Ltd. 5751   M-YUNI  
current 9H-MXP Cessna 551 Citation IISP Pontair Ltd. 551-0421   G-LUXY  
current 9H-NAO Boeing B737-33A BlueBird Airways 27457/2756   9V-TRE, TJ-CBH, N457AN, PT-MNK, N457AN, LN-KKB, XA-VIS, N457AN  
canx. 9H-NAW A.330-243   243     Aircraft believed to have been broken up.
current 9H-NBB Bo. BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 Elitavia Malta 9470     C-FHYL, C-GSDU, ZS-SYH, OY-GVG, N470JG
current 9H-NEO A.320-251N Air Malta       To Shannon for spraying on 05.06.18. Delivered to Malta on 15.06.18 AMC5808.
current 9H-NEW Comlux Malta A.320-251N(ACJ) 8638     First seen at Luqa on 27.08.20. (Information courtesy of John Visanich.)
canx. 9H-NFC A. 340-313 Air X Charter 245   F-GLZN Aircraft in storage at Tarbes–Lourdes–Pyrénées Airport, 04/2021.
canx. 9H-NGX Bo. Global Express 6000 Elit’Avia Malta 9451 __.__.__/01.09.17   Cancelled to USA.
current 9H-NHS A.340-642 Maleth-Aero 736   F-WWCL, G-VWIN  
current 9H-NIN Bell 505 Jet Ranger X   65319     Arrived on 18.11.20.
canx. 9H-NWS Piper PA-32-301XTC Yacht & Jet Ltd. 32-55025      
current 9H-NYC Embraer ERJ-190-100ECJ Air X Charter 19000243     Previously 9H-GJC.



current 9H-OJE BD700 Global 5000   9679      
current 9H-OJJ Bo. Challenger 650 Elit’Avia Malta Ltd. 6076   N650ZJ  
current 9H-OJO Bo. BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 Elitavia Malta 9740   N988Z  
current 9H-OJP BD700 Global 6000   9764      
current 9H-OJS Bo. Global 6000 Elit’Avia Malta Ltd. 9606   N588LQ Cancelled from US register on 11.04.18.
current 9H-OJT Bo. Global 6000 Elit’Avia 9688   N688ZJ  
current 9H-OKG Embraer ERJ-135BJ Legacy Jet Aviation Flight Services (Malta) Ltd. 14500986   OK-GGG  
canx. 9H-OKI Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global Express XRS Hyperion Aviation Ltd. 9336   G-OKKI  
current 9H-OKO Gulfstream G650 Emperor Aviation 6356      
current 9H-OME B. 737-505 Air-X Charter Ltd. 24274/2035     Leased t/Volotea A/Ls (Jul 16).
current 9H-OMK Bo. BD-700-1A11 Avcon Jet Malta Ltd. 9578      
current 9H-OPE Bombardier Inc. BD-700-1A10 VistaJet Ltd. 9440 10.08.12 C-GJFD, 9H-VJB First visit (as 9H-VJB) on 08.08.12. Re-reg to 9H-OPE, and departed on the 11th.
current 9H-OST Gu. Aerospace GVII-G500   72044   N544GS  
canx. 9H-OVB Bombardier BA-700-1A11 Comlux Malta Ltd 9373 09.11.10 C-FYJC Canx on 08.11.10 as exported to Malta.
current 9H-OVG Bo. BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 Elitavia Malta 9622   C-GXZD, N810TS  
current 9H-OWL CL605 Challenger Comlux Aviation 5939      
current 9H-PAL Cessna 550 Citation Bravo Maleth-Aero 550-0932   5Y-BYD  
current 9H-PAM B. 737-33AQC   25744/2198   N798SQ  
current 9H-PAT Tecnam P2006T Malta School of Flying 18      
current 9H-PGH Rotorway A-600N Talon Paul Gauci 8055 06.05.10    
current 9H-PGS A.340-642 Maleth-Aero 1030   F-WWCX, A6-EHK, 2-FIXP Last known to be in storage at Grand Canyon Caverns Airport, 01/2019.
current 9H-PIK Cessna 550 Citation II Luxwing Ltd. 550-0324   OM-PTT Approx. registration date Sept./Oct. 2106.
current 9H-PLM Cessna Citation VI Luxwing Ltd. 650-0217      
current 9H-PPE A.340-642 Maleth-Aero 787   F-WWCZ, G-VWEB, 2-EALL  
current 9H-PPL Tecnam P2002-JF European Pilot Academy Ltd 029      
current 9H-PRO BD700 Global 6500   60029     p.i C-GMVN
canx. 9H-PSI A.340-642 European Aviation Group 1040   F-WWCH, A6-EHL, 2-EALA, r.r. EC-NFQ  
current 9H-PTM Eurocopter AS350B2 Ecureuil Gianluca Gazza 2456     See below.
current 9H-PTM Eurocopter AS350B2 Ecureuil Eurotech S.r.l. (Italy) 2456     Re-registered to new owner.
current 9H-PTN A.330-202 Luke Air 489   F-WWYN, A7-ACB (conv from -203)Believed In storage, 03/2020.
current 9H-PVL Bombardier BD-700-1A11 Hyperion Aviation Ltd. 9334      
current 9H-QAA B.737-8AS Malta Air 44782   EI-FZI Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QAB B.737-8AS Malta Air 44792   EI-FZR Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QAC B.737-8AS Malta Air 44789   EI-FZS Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QAD B.737-8AS Malta Air 44813   EI-GDP Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QAE B.737-8AS Malta Air 44812   EI-GDR Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QAF B.737-8AS Malta Air 44811   EI-GDS Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QAG B.737-8AS Malta Air 44815   EI-GDT Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QAH B.737-8AS Malta Air 44816   EI-GDV Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QAI B.737-8AS Malta Air 44814   EI-GDW Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QAJ B.737-8AS Malta Air 44817   Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QAL B.737-8AS Malta Air 44790   EI-FZP Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QAN B.737-8AS Malta Air 44795   EI-FZW Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QAR B.737-8AS Malta Air 44692   EI-FIB Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QBM B.737-8AS Malta Air 44708   EI-FOA Transferred from Ryanair. Arrived on 30.11.19.
current 9H-QBO B.737-8AS Malta Air 44714   N1786B, EI-FOC Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QBP B.737-8AS Malta Air 44715   N1795B EI-FOD Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QBT B.737-8AS Malta Air 44717   EI-FOH Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QBU B.737-8AS Malta Air 44712   EI-FOI Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QBZ B.737-8AS Malta Air 44721   EI-FON Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QCB B.737-8AS Malta Air 44723   EI-FOP Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QCL B.737-8AS Malta Air 44732   EI-FRF Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QCS B.737-8AS Malta Air 44744   EI-FRN Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QDG B.737-8AS Malta Air 44756   EI-FTF Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QEI B.737-8AS Malta Air 44828   EI-GJF Transferred from Ryanair.
current 9H-QEO B.737-8AS Malta Air 44383   EI-GJN Transferred from Ryanair.



current 9H-RAF DH 82A Tiger Moth Malta Aviation Museum Foundation 3737 22.09.10 G-ANFW, DE730 First flight on 23 September, followed by another on the 24th. Displayed during the Malta International Airshow on the 26th.
current 9H-RDG P180 Avanti Hermes Aviation Ltd. 1045   N159PA  
current 9H-REY Emb. ERJ-145EP Maeth Aero 145036   PT-SZC First visit to Mlta between 16-18.07.18.
current 9H-RIM Pilatus PC-24 Albinati 220      
current 9H-RSQ EC35 Helicopterflights 35      
current 9H-RSS Bombardier BD700-1A10 Emperor Aviation Ltd. 9727 __.06.17 C-FJXY  
canx. 9H-RTU A.330-202 Luke Air 473   F-WWKR, A7-ACA, 9H-AGP (conv from -203). Stored Naples Int. Airport, 11/2020.
current 9H-RWM Beech B200GT Air CM Global Ltd. BY102 __.08.17/ EC-LIH  
current 9H-SAL Cessna 550 Citation Bravo Hyperion Aviation 550-1007      
current 9H-SAN Learjet 60XR Air CM Global Ltd. 60-335      
current 9H-SBJ Sukhoi RRJ-95B Comlux Malta 95060      
current 9H-SBK Pilatus PC-24 Comlux Aviation 155      
current 9H-SDW R.66 Helicopter Services 864     Landed at Gozo heliport on 21.06.19
canx. 9H-SEA Airbus A340-642 Hi-Fly Malta 383   F-WWCD, G-VSHY  
current 9H-SEP Tecnam P2002JF European Flight Academy 161     Arrived at Luqa on 09.06.15.
current 9H-SFA DA Falcon 2000EX Easy Skyfree Ltd. 039      
current 9H-SFK Dassault Falcon 7X TAG Aviation Malta 258      
current 9H-SGA Gulfstream G550 TAG Aviation 5408      
current 9H-SGI Gulfstream G450 TAG Aviation Malta 4243      
current 9H-SHO B. 737-85F Bluebird Aviation 28824   N500GX, F-GRNB, VT-SPC, HL7779, OE-IDA  
current 9H-SIS Bo. CL-600-2B16 Elitavia Malta 6050   C-GZKL  
current 9H-SKI Piaggio 180 Avanti Kemmunett Ltd. 1040   I-BCOM  
current 9H-SKM Gulfstream G450 Sky Prime Malta Aviation Services Ltd. 4024 __.09.17    
current 9H-SKY Tecnam P2002 JF Sky People Aviation Training Ltd 126 28.06.10    
current 9H-SLB A.320-232 SmartLynx Airlines 1945   PH-MPE, A6-EIB, S7-SIL Aircraft arrived from Bahrain International Airport on 12.08.20. (Information courtesy of John Visanich.)
current 9H-SLC A. 321-211 Smartlynx A/ls 4461   VQ-BHK, YL-LCY  
current 9H-SLE A.320-214 SmartLynx Malta 3475     Seen on 24.05.21.
current 9H-SLH A. 320          
canx. 9H-SMB Bo. BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 Albinati aviation Ltd. 9549   M-MBAL Re-registered to Gama Aviation (UK) Ltd. as G-MAZS.
current 9H-SMD A.330-343 SmartLynx 1382   EC-NBP Seen in Malta on 03.06.21
current 9H-SMI Bo. BD-100-1A10 DC Aviation GmbH 20071     02.01.14. Previous registered to EuropStar Ltd.
canx. 9H-SNA Airbus A319-115ACJ Comlux Malta Ltd. 3356 16.07.10 F-WBGX, VP-BGF Under lease agreement. rr VP-CSN MAZ Aviation.
current 9H-SNB Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign+ Pontair 680-0530   PH-HGT  
canx. 9H-SNT Piper PA-28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV European Pilot Academy 28R-8031016   D-EVAH Test flt 23.03.12. Departed for the UK on 04.02.16.
current 9H-SOI BD700 Global 6000   9044      
current 9H-SOL A. 343-313 HiFly 483   T7-MAN Leased to Hifly, but sub-leased to TAP Portugal, Aerolineas Estelar and Royal Air Maroc.
current 9H-SPA Gulfstream G450   4291   OE-IRE  
canx. 9H-SPB CL60   6133     Arrived on 29.04.19. Re-registered OE-LED.
current 9H-SRT Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global Express Hyperion Aviation Ltd. 9274   G-EXRS  
current 9H-SSG Falcon 10 Hyperion Aviation Ltd. 209     First isit to Malta on 01.07.16 as HYP19.
current 9H-SSK Gu. Aerospace GVI Emperor Aviation Malta 6195      
current 9H-SSU BD700 Global 6000   9864      
current 9H-STM Bo. BD-700-1A10 Hyperion Aviation Ltd. 9086     rr N288ZJ, Bank of Utah Trustee.
canx. 9H-STY A.330-343 HiFly Malta 1453   9V-STY r.r. 9H-TAJ  
current 9H-SUN A. 340-313 HiFly 367     arr as 4R-ADE, c/s ALK1205, on 22.01.16. Reg was a sticker, which was immediately removed after parking. Departed Malta on 12.02.16.
canx. 9H-SVA DA Mystere Falcon 900 Luxwing 054      
current 9H-SXI A.330-343   1745   F-WWKT, ZS-SXI Believed in storage at Abu Dhabi Int’l airport, 12/2016.
current 9H-SXK A.330-343   1757     Believed in storage at Abu Dhabi Int’l airport, 12/2016.
current 9H-SXT Dassault Falcon 7X DC Aviation Ltd. 11   M-ALMA  
current 9H-SZF A.320-232   6189   ZS-SZF  
current 9H-SZH A.320-232 South African Airways 6306   ZS-SZH  
current 9H-SZN A.330-941 Hi Fly Malta 1910   6V-ANA  
current 9H-TAJ A.330-343 HiFly Malta 1453   9V-STY, 9H-STY Seen at Malta on 03.06.21
current 9H-TAS B.737-300 BlueBird A/Ws 24770   N638CS  
current 9H-TBN A. 319-115 XCJ Comlux Malta 4622   D-AVWJ, 9H-AVK  
current 9H-TDI BD7000 Global 5000   9560      
canx. 9H-TEP A.340-642 Hifly 391   F-WWCK, G-VMEG, r.r. YI-ASN, EP-MMH  
canx. 9H-TEQ A.340-600 Voltrex Ltd. 416   G-VOGE Arrived with G- reg on 14.10.14, to Lufthansa Technic. Canadair Challenger CL-600, N3746, brought crew that flew 9H-TEQ out on the 17th, using flight no. HFM511P, on delivery to Mahan Air, and placed on the Iranian register.
canx. 9H-TER A.340-642 Hifly 449   F-WWCM, G-VFOX, r.r. YI-NAE, EP-MMQ  
current 9H-TGR Cessna 525B CitationJet Cj3 Hyperion Aviation 525B0173      
current 9H-THC CL601 Challenger   3031      
current 9H-TIO BD700 Global 5000   9813      
current 9H-TJB B.737-8FH Corendon A/Ls 35093   OK-TSC  
current 9H-TJD B.737-84P Corendon Airlines 35077   B-KBN, B-5358, OE-IKK First visit to Malta on 30.06.20. (Information courtesy of John Visanich.)
current 9H-TJG B.737-86J Corendon Airlines Europe 29120   N1786B, D-ABAT, TC-TJG  
current 9H-TNF Bo. BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 Albinati Aeronautics 9750   C-FLWX Arrived direct from Tucson on 02.02.17.
current 9H-TOO DA 7X Skyfirst Ltd 005      
current 9H-TOR Bo. BD-700-1A11 Avcon Jet Malta Ltd. 9547   C-GEUP Seen at MIA on 09.01.14, first visit?
canx. 9H-TQM Airbus A340-300 Hi Fly (Malta) Ltd. 117   CS-TQM Damaged at Amsterdam-Schiphol International Airport in the Netherlands on 21.11.16 when the no.2 engine hit the air bridge at gate G6.
current 9H-TRT Citation 550 Citation II   5500415   D-CNCI, OH-CUT, N1949B, N1949M, F-GJYD, EC-KJJ Re-registered EC-MAM.
current 9H-TTT A.109E Helicopter Services Malta 11033   HB-ZMZ  
current 9H-UEC A.318-112(CJ) Universal Entertainment 5478   D-AUAC, F-WXAE, N777UE  



current 9H-VBG Bo. BD-70-1A11 Global 5000 TAG Aviation Malta 9807   N373GG Arrived on delivery from Canada on 15.06.18.
current 9H-VCA Bombardier BD-100-1-A10 VistaJet 20513      
current 9H-VCB Bombardier BD-100-1-A10 VistaJet 20514      
current 9H-VCC Challenger 350   20535      
current 9H-VCD Challenger 350 VistaJet Malta 20538      
current 9H-VCE Bo. Challenger 350 BD-100-1A10 VistaJet 20540      
current 9H-VCF Challenger 350 VistaJet Malta 20541      
current 9H-VCG Challenger 350 VistaJet Malta 20545      
canx. 9H-VCH Bo. BD-100-1A10 Challenger 350 VistaJet Ltd. 20546     Re-registered to Bank of Utah Trustee as N356JV. Departed Malta on 20.02.18.
canx. 9H-VCI Bo. BD-100-1A10 Challenger 300 VistaJet Ltd. 20550     Departed Malta on delivery to the US on 17.04.18. To be re-registered N357VJ.
current 9H-VCJ Challenger 350 VistaJet Malta 20560      
current 9H-VCK Challenger 350 VistaJet Malta 20592      
current 9H-VCL Challenger 350 VistaJet Malta 20606      
current 9H-VCM Challenger 350 Vista Jet Ltd.       c/s VJT457, first visit on 02.07.16.
current 9H-VCN Challenger 350 VistaJet Ltd. 20628     Delivered from EGGW to Malta on 30.09.16.
current 9H-VCO Challenger 350 VistaJet Malta 20642      
current 9H-VDB A.321-211 Galistair Trading Ltd. 1607   D-AVZN, I-PEKN, D-ALSD, D-AIAA, CS-TKU Aircraft on lease to Sunrise Airways of Haiti.
current 9H-VDB A.321-211 Galistair 1607     Aircraft on lease to Sunrise Airways of Haiti.
current 9H-VEG Bo. CL-600-2B19 Challenger 850 Hyperion Aviatio Ltd. 8075   OY-VEG  
current 9H-VFA CL605 Challenger VistaJet Malta 5970      
current 9H-VFB CL605 Challenger VistaJet Malta 5971      
current 9H-VFC CL605 Challenger VistaJet Malta 5972      
current 9H-VFD CL605 Challenger VistaJet Malta 5973      
current 9H-VFE CL605 Challenger VistaJet Malta 5974      
current 9H-VFF   VistaJet     C-FANH  
current 9H-VFG CL605 Challenger VistaJet Malta 5978      
current 9H-VFH Bo. CL-600-2B16 Challenger 605 VistaJet (Malta) 5977   C-FAOU  
current 9H-VFI Bo. Challenger 605 CL-600-2B16 VistaJet, 5984   C-FAQD  
current 9H-VFJ CL605 Challenger VistaJet Malta 5987      
current 9H-VGA Canadair CL-600-2B19 Challenger 850 Hyperion Aviation 8077   OY-VGA, C-FOBI Arrived as VMP877 on 17.01.18, departed on the 21st.
canx. 9H-VGH B. 412 Gulf Med Aviation Services 36046     Replaced by EC135TI, 9H-GMD.
canx. 9H-VIA     70041     Re-registered VP-CSY.
current 9H-VIB Bo. Global 7500 VistaJet Malta 70045   C-GJHV Arrived on 30.03.21
current 9H-VIC Bo. Global 7500 VistaJet Malta 70058     C-GNJY
current 9H-VID Bo. BD-700-2A12 Global 7500 Vistajet Malta Ltd. 70064     Arrived at around 01:00hrs on 21.05.21, departing later in the morning.
current 9H-VIP E. EC-135 P2 Helicopter Services Malta Ltd. 193      
current 9H-VIS Bo. BD-700-2A12 Global 7500 VistaJet 70024   C-GOAZ  
current 9H-VJA Bo. BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 VistaJet Ltd 9441   C-GJFI canx for export 28.06.12.
current 9H-VJC Bombardier Inc. BD-700-1A10 VistaJet 9448      
current 9H-VJD Bombardier Inc. BD-700-1A10 VistaJet Limited 9472      
current 9H-VJE Bo. BD-700-1A10 VistaJet Ltd. 9502      
current 9H-VJF Bo. BD-700-1A10 VistaJet Ltd. 9503      
current 9H-VJG Bombardier BD-700-1-A10 VistaJet 9580      
current 9H-VJH Bombardier BD-700-1-A10 VistaJet 9585      
current 9H-VJI BD700 Global 6000   9531      
current 9H-VJJ BD700 Global 6000   9604      
current 9H-VJK Bo. BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 VistaJet Malta 9619   C-GXRA  
current 9H-VJL BD700 Global 6000   9626      
current 9H-VJM BD700 Global 6000   9630      
current 9H-VJN BD700 Global 6000   9662      
current 9H-VJO BD700 Global 6000   9669      
current 9H-VJP BD700 Global 6000   9677      
current 9H-VJQ Bo. BD700 Global 6000 Vistajet Malta Ltd. 9691     Delivered to Malta 22.12.15.
current 9H-VJR Global Express VistaJet Malta Ltd. 9703   C-FIEZ Delivered to Malta on 07.03.16.
current 9H-VJS BD700 Global 6000   9711      
current 9H-VJT Bo. Global 6000-BD-700-1A10 Vista Jet Ltd. 9721     Delivered on 06.04.16.
current 9H-VJU Global 6000 VistaJet Ltd.   9724   Arrived on 14.05.16.
current 9H-VJV Global 6000 VistaJet Ltd 9725   C-FYJB c/s VJT867 on 06.06.16 on delivery from Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport, Canada.
current 9H-VJW Global 6000 VistaJet Ltd 9728     Arrived on 02.07.16 as VJT847
current 9H-VJX Global 6000 VistaJet Ltd. 9738     Delivered from Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport, Canada on 30.09.16.
current 9H-VJY Bo. Global 6000 VistaJet 9667   C-FDXA Delivered on 02.10.15.
current 9H-VJZ Bombardier Global 6000 VistaJet Ltd. 9746     Arrived on delivery from Montreal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl. Airport (CYUL) on 22.12.16 with c/s Vista Malta 981
current 9H-VJW Challenger 6000 Vista Jet Ltd.       c/s VJT847, delivered from Montreal International Airport, first visit on 02.07.16.
canx. 9H-VLA B. 737-400 Aerotron Ireland Ltd. 27003/2328 __.__.__/14.06.16   Previously registered, as 9H-VLA, with ValorFly Ltd. Re-registered 9H-HUE to Air Horizont.
current 9H-VLT Tecnam P2002 Sierra European Flight Academy 212   F-HUBJ Arrived with its former French identity. First known flight after re-spraying and re-registration to 9H- when doing circuit wotk on 23.11.18.
current 9H-VLZ Cessna C-560 Hangar 8 AOC Malta Ltd. 560-0446     First visit to Malta on 06.03.13.
current 9H-VMF Gu.5T Elitavia Malta 72068   N568GD  
current 9H-VMG Learjet 60XR Hyperion Aviation 60-361      
canx. 9H-VSM Bombardier Inc. BD-700-1A11 Carre Aviation Limited 9430   C-GHXY Seen for the first time at Malta Int. Airport on 14.12.11.
canx. 9H-VTA Bo. BD-700-1A11 VistaJet Ltd. 9565     Re-registered as N503VJ, to Wells Fargo Delaware Trust Co. NA Trustee on 29.10.15.
canx. 9H-VTB Bo. BD-700-1A11 VistaJet Ltd. 9566   __.__.__/__.09.17 Cancelled to USA.
canx. 9H-VTC Bo. BD-700-1A11 VistaJet Ltd. 9571   __.__.__/__.09.17 Cancelled to USA.
current 9H-VTD BD700 Global 6000   9763      
current 9H-VVB B. 737 -4K5   24901/1854     Ferried between 02-04.06.16 PAD-DGX-CWL-KTW, on wet lease to Small Planet Polska. Wet lease to Air Djibouti for resumption of flights. Delivered via DGX-OLB-MLA 09-11.08.16, leaving for JIB. Ferried back on 28.02.17 after end of wet lease to Air Djibuti.
current 9H-VVP Bo. Challenger 604 TAG Aviation (Malta) 5612   G-VVPA  



current 9H-WCF Hawker 800XPi Hyperion Aviation 258834   CS-DRX  
current 9H-WFC E. ERJ-135BJ Legacy 600 Air X Charter Ltd. 14500988   PT-SKD (test reg.), D-AONE First visit on 06.09.13?
current 9H-WII Ce. Citation VII C-650 Luxwing Ltd. 7090      
current 9H-WIN Cessna 525B CitationJet Cj3+ Air Charter Scotland Europe 525B0557      
canx. 9H-WLD DA Mystère Falcon 900 Valair Aviacao Ltd 062     Re-registered M-YNNS to Aviation One Ltd.
current 9H-XPA Beechcraft 200 Super King Air Luxwing BB-269      
canx. 9H-XRS BD700 Global Express XRS Comlux Malta Ltd 9329 10.02.10 C-FUOK Arr from Canada on 12.02.10.
current 9H-XYZ Diamond DA-62 Southern Aviation Holding Ltd. 62.068      
current 9H-YAA BD700 Global 5000   9430      
current 9H-YES B.737-5Q8   25167   N167EL, VP-BYU, G-BVZI, SE-DNH. Noted at Bournemouth early February 2016.
current 9H-YLG Bo. BD-700-1A10< /font> TAG Aviation Malta Ltd.        
current 9H-YOU Canadair CRJ-2000   8085   EI-EEZ Ferried from SGD-GCI on 26.04.16, noted w/Malta reg on the 27th.
current 9H-ZAK Boeing 737-3Y0(W) Maleth-Aero 24678      
current 9H-ZAR Schweizer 269C-1 Polaris Marine Services Co. Ltd. HA-0143     Last flight on on 13.10.20, replaced by 9H-NIN.
current 9H-ZAT Hawker 900XP Hawker 8 Management Ltd. HA-0143 10.01.12 G-OZAT UK reg canx on 09.01.12, first flt (out of Malta) on 12.01.12.
current 9H-ZAZ B.737-436 Air Horizont 25349   G-DOCD, OK-WGX, EC-LTC, 2-VFRB, G-DOCB  
current 9H-ZMB Gulfstream Aerospace G650 Comlux Malta 6116      
current 9H-ZRH Cessna 525 CitationJet Helispirit S.A./font> 525-0340     Registered round Oct/Nov 2016.
current 9H-ZSN DA Falcon 7X Elitavia Malta Ltd. 228      
current 9H-ZVJ AW-109SP VistaJet 22292   HB-ZVJ Arrived with Swiss reg on 17.01.18, ntering Safi Aviation Park the same day. Departed the following day with Maltese reg.
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