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MIACO, Malta International Aviation Company, was set up by three companies (I.A.D.COM, ATC Inc. and Diamond Leasing Corp) who leased aircraft, mainly to oil companies operating in the Middle East and North Africa, and starting operating from Malta in late March 1967.

The company first set up base at Hal-Far, an airfield still under the control of the British Services. Although a military airfield, by the late sixties it was considered as a satellite to Luqa. It would again come into extensive use during Jan-Mar 69, when all aircraft activity was transferred to Hal-Far, whilst Luqa’s runway were re-surfaced. After this, with the exception of the staging of the yearly Air Rally of Malta, Hal-Far would quiet down considerably, and MIACO personnel had the airfield pretty much to themselves.

Unfortunately, during it’s seventeen years of operations, the company would face a number of situations which would threaten its existence. Although never mentioned in aviation circles, the first blow came a little over a year later in May 1968. Strike action by employees delayed the departure of a LAVCO DC-6 that was urgently needed in Libya by Sunday the 12th. This resulted in the management sacking the striking workers, asking LAVCO, their biggest customer, to reduce to flow of aircraft being sent to Malta, and having to consider whether to continue operating from Malta. The issue, however, was resolved, with MIACO even taking back the sacked workers.

The following year saw Colonel Gaddafi came to power in a coup in September, who expelled not just the US military, but also American oil companies.

In September 1978, with the withdrawal of the British fast approaching, the Miaco management was given just fifteen days to vacate their premises, which also disrupted plans were signing of contracts was concerned. Working to find a suitable location, as an alternative to leaving the island, Miaco was offered a site that once housed Royal Air Force Maintenance Unit (MU) No. 103, on the outskirts of the village of Safi. To add insult to injury, both the gate in the perimeter fence for the aircraft to pass through, and a taxi-way which ran from the runway to the said gate, had to be constructed at Miaco’s expense.

Further bad news came the following year in the shape of the overthrowing of the Shah in Iran in 1979. But the final death-knell came when the Egyptian government set up its own airline to offer technical support for oil drilling-related work. In February 1985, the axe fell, and the company went into voluntary liquidation.

Although the list of aircraft seen at MIACO is comprehensive, without access to the company’s files, no claim can ever be made that this is complete. Maltese registered aircraft (9H-) have not been listed, since they have nowhere else to go for maintenance purposes. Exceptions will be made for first time visits and/or colour scheme changes.


The following aircraft are known to have visited Hal-Far, but hasn’t been ascertained whether it was Miaco-related or not.

Any enthusiasts out there who can confirm their reason for visiting Hal-Far?

Ce. 206 Transavia Int. N2171F Aircraft on delivery, arriving from Gatwick on 08.05.75 at 00:35, departing on the 9th at 16:45. Note in Custom file states that it transferred to Hal-Far on the 9th.  
Cessna 320   D-IBEK Landed at Luqa on 30.04.73, dep for Hal-Far on 1 May, returned on the 3rd, and left Malta on the 4th.  
Cessna 320   D-ILIS As above.  
Cessna 320   HB-LCM As above.  
DC-4-1009 Delta Air Transport N38934 Arrived from Amsterdam at 18:15 on 04.06.73. Departed Malta for Douala, Cameroon at 10:00. Note in Custom file stated “Practique at Hal-Far.” c/n 42952.
DHC-6 Esso Standard Oil Libya Inc. N2005   c/n 257, later re-registered as 5A-DKE.
F.27 Amarada Petroluem Corp of Libya N10625   c/n 10275, later re-registered 5A-DBE.
P. PA-24-180 B. C. Dixon G-ARUO In Malta between 25-29.02.73, with a stay at Hal-Far. Arrived from Italy, departed for Cannes. Again seen between 23-26.04.73, going to Hal-Far on the 24th. On both occasions, it is not known if the visit to Hal-Far was MIACO related or not. c/n 24-2427.
P. PA-30 F. D. Brown N8286Y In Malta between 01-07.02.76, arriving from Luxor, Egypt at 16:50, departing for Claremont, France at 07:30. Note in Custom file stated “Proceeding to Hal-Far”. c/n 30-1422. This aircraft had already passed through Malta between 19/20.02.67, arriving from Santa Maria to Benghazi. Owner then listed as Air Convoy Inc.


A - B

Aero Commander Kenting Aircraft Ltd. CF-SAU Arrived from Algeria on 24.05.73 at 22:00, departing for Hal-Far on the 25th. From Hal-Far to Luqa on 29.01.74, departing Malta for Algeria on the 30th at 09:30. Another visit between 14.06.75-23.10.75, from/to Algeria.  
Aero Commander 680F Aero Photo C-FSRG Photographed at Safi on 21.10.81. (Information courtesy of J. Visanich.)
Aero Commander 560A   N491F First recorded visit on 12.01.67, using flight number KB491, probably a Kingdom of Libya Airways flight. Was it a lease? First known visit to MIACO was on 20.07.67, arriving from Tripoli at 15:50, departing on 03.05.68 14:15, destination appeared to be Trapani. Further sightings not known, but returned with Arax A/Ls titles from Algiers on 15.10.73, to Hal-Far on the 16th. Probably left Hal-Far for Luqa on 12.01.76, as it left Luqa on the 13th at 07:45 for Cairo. Seen in Lavco, Arax A/ls and Pyramid A/ls titles. In Pyramid A/Ls titles between 19.03.83 – 29.07.86. Transported to scrapyard in November 1987. c/n 398 pi N2743B.
Grand Commander 680FL Aero Service N809L Arrived from Tunis on 23.03.74 at 16:30, departing for Athens 19.04.74 at 09:05. c/n 1457-84.
Aero Commander   N78348 Equipped with “sting” tail, landed at Luqa from Hal-Far on 17.01.73.  
Aero Turbo Commander 690A Crownair SE-FLN Aircraft arrived from Tripoli on 26.11.74 at 17:00, again departing for Libya on 18.12.74 at 12:55. Note in file IA-44: “A/c left for Hal-Far for repairs.” There was also a departure date & time of 27th at 11:10 crossed out. This most probably would have been its departure for Hal-Far. c/n 11118, Previously N57118, SE-GER, re-registered N91384.
Beech C-45H Esso Standard Oil of Libya, Inc. N176L LAVCO. To Arax A/Ls (Nigeria) at Luqa on 29.09.70, probably departure date. c/n AF-540. 52-10610 USAF Remanuf by Beech from T-11 42-36966 c/n 3346. Deliv ADC Fairfax Fld, KS 22Oct53. ADC Grandview AFB, MO by ’54 when Fairfax Fld closed. ADC Richards-Gebaur AFB Dec57. Davis-Monthan AFB for storage Apr 59. Sold there. Command Air Inc, New Bedford, MA (CAR Nov61) as N9597Z. Cape & Islands Flying Svc Inc, Hyannis, MA (CAR Jun63). International Avn Development Corp, Danville, CA (later Reno, NV), (CAR Jul 64, Jan68) rereg’d as N176L. Diamond Lsg Corp, Reno, NV (CAR Jul69). ATC Inc, Reno, NV (CAR Jan 71, Jan 76). Last reg application approved to ATC 25 Mar 75. [International Avn Development, Diamond Lsg & ATC set up MIACO, Malta Intnl Avn Co, to lease aircraft to oil companies in Middle East & North Africa beginning at Malta in Mar 67. Libyan Avn Co (LAVCO) operated N176L beginning in early ’67.] Export certificate 24 Feb 71 from ATC to Arax Airlines (may have been a lease), Nigeria, no known 5N- regis. Photo 9 May 71 at Hal Far in bare metal with white top & yellow trim, Arax titles & N176L reg. Reportedly deliv to Arax in May 71. Reg canx 28 Oct 86 as scrapped/destroyed. (Information courtesy of Bob Parmerter, Air-Britain Historians Ltd Beech 18 specialist.)
Beech C-45H Diamond Leasing Inc N186L Lsd to LAVCO, 01.67. Arax A/Ls on 08.05.71. c/n AF-310. 51-11753 USAF Remanuf by Beech from T-7 42-56711 c/n 4322. Del AMC Wichita AFB 4 Mar 53. Modif to C-45H Kelly AFB Dec 57. Davis Monthan AFB for storage Apr 59. Sold there to American Compressed Steel Corp, Cincinnati, OH BS 27 Mar 61 for $3,756. The Phister Mfg Co, Cincinnati, OH BS 13 Apr 61. Aero American Corp, Tucson, AZ BS 13 Apr 61 as N9947Z. C of A 8 Nov 62. International Avn Development Corp, Walnut Creek, CA (later Reno, NV) BS 25 May 64. Rereg N186L 5 Jun 64. Long range fuel ferry system removed 24 Jul 64 in Tripoli, Libya. Diamond Lsg Corp, Reno, NV BS 3 Mar 67. Lsd to LAVCO, The Libyan Avn Co Ltd, Tripoli, Libya Jan 67. Photo with LAVCO titles. Lee Waller Enterprises, Steamboat Springs, CO BS 20 Mar 74 but sale documentation incomplete. Regis canx 3 Jun 76. Regis canx again 10 May 04. (Information courtesy of Bob Parmerter, Air-Britain Historians Ltd Beech 18 specialist.)
Beech C-45H Lavco N114G c/n AF-888, r.r. N495F. See below.  
Beech C-45H ATC Inc. N495F Lavco titles until summer 1972, then Zapata titles after refurbishment. Several flights to Sfax between June/July 72. Placed in storage w/o titles, late summer 1972. Custom file 13 has it arriving from Sfax on 27.09.72 at 19:30, without a departure date or destination. Its last flight would have been the short hop from Luqa to Miaco at Hal-Far. c/n AF-888, N114G. After being sold to a scrap yard, the aircraft was again at Hal-Far with the International Fire & Safety School – Malta in March 1992. When this company ceased operations, the aircraft was given to the Malta Aviation Museum Foundation for restoration to static exhibition.
Beech D-18S Diamond Leasing Inc. N496F First recorded visit on 20.07.67, arriving from Tripoli at 15:45. No departure dates or destinations. Was being used for spares by 29.06.74. Aircraft abandoned when MIACO moved to Safi in September 1978. By 1983, only the wing remained. c/n A-827. pi N1827D
Bell 206 Okanagan C-GOKL Arrived from an oil rig direct to Miaco on 08.12.77. Made a number of trips to same oil rig bringing equipment on the 9th. Landed at Luqa from Hal-Far on 16.03.78. Departure date from Malta unknown. c/n 30597.
Bell 206 Okanagan C-GOKX Arrived from an oil rig direct to Miaco on 08.12.77. Made a number of trips to same oil rig bringing equipment on the 9th. Landed at Luqa on the 28th, probably departing the following day. c/n 30680.


Cessna 170B IADCOM * N3548D This aircraft was previously listed as N3595D, but with the same c/n. This is quite likely a typing error, but confirmation will be appreciated. Crashed on landing at Luqa from Hal-Far on 07.08.73. c/n 27091. * International Aviation Development Corp.
Cessna 180B Diamond Leasing Inc. N492F Flown with Lavco titles. c/n 50602.
Cessna 185 Diamond Leasing Inc. N9954X Flown with Lavco titles. Re-registered N493F, observed at MIACO as such. It was crated towards end of April 84 for shipping to new owner. Since re-registered N185. c/n 0154.
Cessna 185A ATC Inc. N494F   c/n 0253.
Cessna 185   N2555Z   c/n 0555.
Cessna 310G   N1720 Arrived from Nice (pilot listed as D. C. Dixon) on 11.04.74 at 14:03, departing for Djerba at 16:10. Returned the same day at 21:45. Proceeded to Hal-Far (probably on the 12th) leaving Malta for Djerba on the 18th at 12:05. Returned the same day at 17:00. Again departed for Hal-Far, leaving Malta for Cannes on the 20th.

Arrived on 27.07.74 at 23:00, leaving for Hal-Far on the 31st. Departure from Malta on 18.08.74 at 11:15.

Next visit on 03.10.74 arriving from Nice at 23:50, leaving for Hal-Far on the 4th. Departed Malta on 01.11.74 at 06:40 for Zarzaitine.

Arrived from Ndjamena, Chad, on 01.01.75 at 14:30, leaving for Hal-Far on the 2nd. Owner (probably leased) listed as Petty Ray Ltd. Left Malta for Cannes on 21.04.75 at 14:00.

Other visits between 20-24.05.75, going to Hal-Far on the 22nd, between 21.07.75-21.08.75, and on 18.10.75. Note in Custom files IA-48 stated: “a/c left for Hal-Far for about two weeks”. Exact departure date, time, destination unknown.

Being overhauled March 76.

Other dates when Malta were 26-31.08.76, 09-17.09.76, 28.09.76-24.10.76 and 05-12.12.76. Contact with MIACO not confirmed.
c/n 310G-0016.
Cessna 404 Titan II   F-GDMR Arr on 30 Apr 84. Carried “CGG” on fin.  
C. Catalina (PBY-5A) Geoterrex CF-MIR For servicing by Miaco between 28.03.77 and 08.04.77. Equipped with MAD boom. Apart from this visit, CF-MIR was seen at Luqa on 02.05.71, 30.11.77 and 14.03.78, but contact with MIACO not confirmed. c/n 1997. Bu 46633 US Navy 5 Jan 45; SoC May 56, st Litchfield Park, AZ; N10023 Trade Ayre, New Jersey, R 1956; CF-MIR Miron & Freres, Cartierville, Quebec per 1956; conv to Super Catalina, designated Super Canso SIC 1000; CF-MIR Laurentian Air Services, Sept, 1964, sold; Survair pur?; converted for the aerial survey role; N608FF, Firefly Inc.; Aeroservice Corp ?; Barringer Research; CF-MIR Questor Surveys, pur?; Geoterrex Surveys/Terra Surveys pur?; G-BLSC Plane Sailing Air Displays* pur 1984; Plane Sailing Air Displays VR-BPS rr; Plane Sailing Air Displays VP-BPS rr. Damaged during water-loop during take-off on Southampton Water, July 1998. On long-term rebuild at Lee on Solent in Hampshire, England; Super Catalina Restorations pur? * Displayed in RAF Coastal Command colours as JV928/Y of 210 Squadron and later as 9754/P of 162 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force. Flown to South and Central America and back in 1994. Represented Coastal Command in 1995 during 50th Anniversary of VE Day Flypast over Central London and the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace.
C. Catalina (PBY-5A) Geoterrex N4760C Entered Miaco on 31.01.80. c/n 1547 built by Consolidated at San Diego to contract number NXa 13595 dated October 1942; US Navy as BuAer 33993; 18.08.43 diverted to the USAAF as 43-43847; 01.08.44 To 3704th Base Unit, Keesler AAFld, MS; 22.08.44 To 30th Weather Squadron, Keesler AAFld, MS (Air Transportation Command); 24.08.44 To Presque Isle AAFld, ME; 01.09.44; To 1380th Base Unit, Presque Isle AAFld, ME 31.10.44; To Northern Atlantic Division (Air Transportation Command); 11.01.45 Returned to US from service with the Northern Atlantic Division (Air Transportation Command); 10.02.45 To 3704th Base Unit, Keesler AAFld, MS (Air Transportation Command); 14.11.45 Dropped from USAAF inventory transferred to Reconstruction Finance Corp, Biloxi, MS 1945-1946?; Registered N4760C; Late 1940s – 1970s Alaska Coastal Airlines of Juneau, then Alaska Airlines of Seattle; converted by Steward-Davis to a Wright Cyclone-powered Super Catalina; 1972 briefly owned by Stan Burnstein of Continental Aviation Company, Tulsa; several different registered owners who appear to be parts of the same organisation, namely Geoterrex/Terra Surveys of Ottawa, Ontario; still in the white, black, red and gold Golden Nugget livery of Alaska Airlines; later changed to a natural metal finish; suffered port engine failure on 22.03.83; wheels up landing in a field at Lynn, south-east of Granton, Wisconsin, resulting in a badly crumpled starboard wing, broken port wingtip and battered hull; No injuries, but aircraft substantially damaged; removable items salvaged, but hulk was initially left with the local farmer on; Catalina remains acquired by warbird collector and trader David Tallichet of Chino; stored in Kansas; trucked to McChord Air Force Base in Washington State; rebuild started 12.87; eventual static display as OA-10A Catalina 44-34033 of C Flight, 4th Air Rescue Squadron based at McChord in the early-1950s; Cyclone engines to be replaced with Twin Wasps and re-installation of a standard PBY-5 type fin and rudder, blisters and bow turret.
Convair 440 ATC. Inc N985 Arrived from Belgrade on 30.07.76. Landed at Luqa from Hal-Far on 01.10.76 after overhaul at MIACO. According to Custom files, there appears to have been a delay, the aircraft actually departing on 3rd October. c/n 448. D-ACYL Lufthansa del 13.08.57; YU-ADR JAT bt 17.03.69; WFU & stored 1973; N985 ATC Inc. bt 05.76; OMCO Petroleum Company lsd 05.76; Crashed after engine caught fire on takeoff, Cairo Eygpt 30.11.76.
Convair 440 ATC. Inc N90908 Arrived with Lavco titles on 09.09.76. Departed Luqa on 01.11.77 in Pyramid A/Ls titles. Returned to Luqa, then Hal-Far on 03.12.77 due to technical difficulties abroad. See Civil Accidents page. Departed Hal-Far for Luqa on 18.09.78. c/n 490. PK-GCT Garuda Indonesian Airways del 13.01.59; N90908 Tri-9 Corporation bt 24.10.72; International Aviation Development Corporation bt 3.76; ATC Inc bt 7.77; N827AA American Airlines bt 9.78; Air Resorts Airlines bt 5.11.92; WFU & stored Carlsbad, California.
Convair 580 Esso Standard Oil Libya Inc. N2004    
Convair 580   N5590L Last noted in Malta during July 83. c/n 41, N73122 Frontier Airlines – TAM-72 Bolivian AF bt 11.07.75 – N5590L Chevron Overseas Petroleum Inc. bt 02.80 – 5590 Inc 08.87 – Northrop Corporation lsd 08.87 – N777TL Northrop Corp. rr 08.88 – Meyer Company bt 02.89 – Northrop Corp lsd 02.89 - ? – 9Q-CRU Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation rr? – Overran runway during an aborted take-off on 01.04.97 at Tshikapa and struck an embankment.

DC-4 & 6

DC-4   N32R Seen at Luqa on 07.12.77 as CF-KAD, but no known contact with Miaco. Landed at Luqa, then to Hal-Far on 07.10.78, returning on the 11th. Actual departure date from Malta unknown. c/n 18356.
DC-4/C-54A-10-DC I.A.D.COM. N3454 Last recorded flight according to Luqa Airport Movements was on 23.06.72.

After this date, there has been no reliable information regarding this aircraft.

So far, there have been two dates given on the net and in books as to when the aircraft was scrapped - 1969 and 1979 - but none are correct. The aircraft’s last flight was in June 1972, and MIACO had left Hal-Far for Safi in September 1978.

However, in an Air-Britain Digest article, Jan-Feb 1974, page 3, it was stated that the Bechtel Corp. had been awarded a contract to construct a new pipeline in Egypt in October 1973. LAVCO titles were being removed from their fleet and replaced by Bechtel titles. This would seem a time when N3454 may have been considered surplus to requirements, although the article didn’t give any clues as to the fate of the aircraft.

As the DC-4 was never reported being seen in Europe or North America again after its departure from Malta, it would appear that it was eventually abandoned in some Middle Eastern/African country, where visits/access by enthusiasts is not possible, hence the lack of information.
c/n 10335 42-72230 US AF del 27.06.44; Douglas Aircraft Company bt 17.06.46; Converted to DC-4, conversion no. 23; N88922 Pan American World A/Ws “Clipper Radiant” bt 01.03.47; Pan American World A/Ws “Clipper Nurnberg” nn; HB-ILC Balair AG bt 17.06.60; G-ASFY Air Ferry Ltd bt 03.63; N3454 International Aviation Development bt 25.11.68; LAVCO (Libyan Aviation Company) bt 02.09.69; (this is more likely to have been leased to, rather than actually bought by, Lavco).
DC-4-1009   N6304D First seen in Malta as ZS-CH w/Trek A/Ws between 12.05.58 & 18.01.62. As LX-SAF w/Luxair between 07.02.62 & 20.05.64 (on delivery to Shannon). Then seen as EI-ANL of Shannon Air Ltd on 01.06.64 to South Africa (returning on the 7th) and a night stop between 20-21.12.64 to Saudi Arabia.

By now purchased by IADCOM, it had a lengthy stay at Hal-Far between 22.12.72-19.10.73, departing for Rome, owner (lease?) listed as Northrop Inc. Returned from Heraklion the following day. Departed for Lagos on the 31st.

Arrived from Zinder, Niger on 10.07.74 at 18:25. There were no departure dates, times or destinations given, so this must have been its last flight. Probably left for Hal-Far the following day.

Left behind when MIACO moved to Safi in September 1978. Aircraft fuselage taken to Luqa Airport fire dump in Mar/Apr 1983.
c/n 42911 N6402 Northwest Airlines del. 09.03.46; ZS-CIH Trek Airways “Louis Trichardt” bt 04.58; LX-SAF Luxair “Ville de Luxembourg” bt 01.12.61; Universal Trading Corp. bt 05.64; EI-ANL Shannon Air lsd 30.05.64; Alitalia lsd 10.65; British Airports Authority impounded 02.66; Universal Trading Corp. ret 03.66; EI-APK Aer Turas “Monarch of Munster” bt 12.66; N6304D Int. Av. Dev. Corp. bt 10.06.69; ATC Inc. bt 02.09.69; Pan American UAR Oil Company lsd 1970; ATC Inc ret .71; wfu & stored Hal-Far 02.77
DC-4   N88887 Seen in Malta as both EI-ARS and N88887. Arrived at Luqa on 18.12.77, departing for Hal-Far on the 19th. c/n 27289, C-54E-DO, 44-9063 US AF del 16.03.45; N88887 Reconstruction Finance Corp. tfd 30.08.45; Douglas Aircraft Company ret 16.11.45; Converted to DC-4, conversion no. 14; Pan American World Airways “Clipper Monsoon” bt 08.02.46; HB-ILU Swissair “Unterwalden” bt 02.04.52; “Nidwlden” nn; Balair AG tfd 1959; EI-ARS Aer Turas “City of Galaway” bt 12.12.69; LN-TUR Norwegian Overseas Airways ntu; International Red Cross lsd 07.72; Aer Turas ret 10.72; Air Falcon bt 04.77; N88887 Globe Aero Ltd Inc bt 08.77; Royce Wayne McCarty bt 11.01.78; wfu & stored Malta; Ludwig C. Vogel Inc bt 19.12.78; Transair Ltd lsd 02.80; Rebecca S Ruccius bt 18.11.82; ZS-LMH National Air Cargo bt 08.83; N88887 National Air Cargo rr 24.07.87; EL-AJP Liberia World Airways rr 12.87; Danzas Air lsd 12.87; Galaxy Enterprises bt 10.88; N88887 Rebecca S Ruccius bt 11.88 Warren Basler bt 24.05.89; US AF Museum bt 12.01.90; wfu & placed on display Frankfurt, Germany.
DC-6A/B   5N-ATD Left for Hal-Far/Miaco on 22.11.78, returned on 11.12.78 with Autair titles. * Interestingly, there was also a DC-7 registered N90774, c/n 45118. It was first registered as N90774 on 11.05.63, being broken up Miami, 02.78. c/n 44059 N90774 * American Airlines "Flagship Missouri" del 08.05.53; American Airlines "Flagship St Louis' nn; F B Ayer & Associates bt 09.02.60; Reynolds Metals Company bt 02.60; N992 Reynolds Metals Company rr 05.60; XC-MEX Banco de Mexico bt 07.65; ETP-10001 Fuem Acrea Mexicana tfd .68; XC-MEX Banco de Mexico ret .72; N88975 Atlas Aircraft Corporation bt 04.08.77; cvtd to DC-6A/B 05.78; Intercontinental Airlines "Vivian' bt 07.08.78; 5N-ATD Air Vanni lsd 15.08.78; Intercontinental Airlines "Valerie" ret .79; WFU & stored Lagos, Nigeria .80; Broken up.
DC-6B   5N-ATF Arrived in March 69. Afterwards sold and re-registered to Air America as N1535.  
DC-6A Air Zaire 9Q-CMG Noted on 16.02.78 at Luqa Airport, with maintenance work on one of the port engines. Contact with Miaco not confirmed, but only Miaco had personnel qualified to work on such radial engines. Exact arrival/departure dates not known. c/n 45521. Previously N37595 & LN-FON.
DC-6B(F) New World N19CA Aircraft landed directly at Hal-Far, staying there between 26-30.08.74. From/to Beirut. Again see on 08.07.77 c/n 43744 OY-KME Scandinavian Airlines System "Arild Viking" del 18.11.52: HS-TGA Thai International "Suranaree" lsd 15.04.60; OY-KME Scandinavian Airlines System ret 04.01.61; TF-ISC Icelandair; TF-ISC Icelandair "Skyfaxi' lsd 25.02.61; Icelandair "Skyfaxi" bt 23.06.61; N19CA Concare Aircraft Leasing Corporation bt 03.73; cvtd to DC-6B(F); New World Air Charter bt 07.75; WFU & stored Lamaca, Cyprus .78; Damaged beyond repair 07.79.
DC-6A Atlas Aviation N779TA Entered MIACO on 21.10.81. Lady co-pilot on board. c/n 45529.
DC-6   N90703 6th production DC-6. Arrived from Lisbon on 22.06.67 at 18:00, departing for Tripoli on 18.01.68 at 15:06. Left behind when MIACO moved to Safi in 1978. Continuously vandalized and broken into, until taken over by the International Fire & Safety School – Malta. Aircraft completely destroyed by being repeatedly set on fire. * The last flight listed on the Luqa Airport Movements was on 02.04.71. c/n 42865 N90703 American Airlines – G-ARFU Field Aircraft Services ntu – JY-ACF Air Jordan – N90703 Diamond Leasing Inc; Operated with Lavco titles. WFU 1971 Hal-Far, Malta. *
DC-6/C-118A   N92860 Arr Miaco on 03.07.78 with “UPOLS” titles. “UPOLS” removed by 04.07 and dep Miaco. Seen again at Hal-Far on 10.08.78, landing back at Luqa on 22.09.78 and on 27.01.79. c/n 44619 53-3248 United States Air Force del 07.02.55; WFU & stored Davis Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona 05.75; Allied Aircraft Sales bt 12.05.76; N92860 Leland Evans bt .77; Kenair lsd 02.78; Nigerian Trade Wings lsd 07.78; Leland Evans ret 08.08.78; Nigerian Trade Wings lsd 23.09.78; Leland Evans ret 21.12.78; Yankee Aircraft Traders bt .79; WFU Safi, Malta; Carolina Aircraft Corporation bt 03.81; WFU & stored Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Intercontinental Aircraft Lease bt 09.83; Destroyed by fire after overshooting small strip San Manuel, Arizona 28.04.84.
DC-6A/B Southern Air Transport N93459 Arrived from Las Palmas on 16.01.74 at 23:40. Departed Malta on 26.03.74 at 07:25 for Cambridge UK. Also seen as G-SIXC with Air Atlantic titles between 06-07.07.91 at Luqa. c/n 45550 B-1006 Civil Air Transport del 30.09.58; XW-PFZ Royal Air Lao bt .68; N93459 Southern Air Transport bt .72; cvtd to DC-6A/B 09.73; Trans Continental Airlinesbt 07.78; G-SIXC Air Atlantique bt 20.03.87; Used for film in Berlin, July 1994, asAir France a/c F-BBDG; Atlantic Cargo nn 09.95; Atlantic Airlines mgd 03.98. Declared emergency over southern part of Jutland Denmark, on 26.02.04, when two engines had to be shut down in mid-air. Diverted to Esbjerg and carried out a successful emergency landing. Fourth from last DC-6 built.
DC-6A Fragtflug TF-OAE Arrived from Tripoli on 12.06.73 at 15:20, so probably could have left for Hal-Far the following day. Departed from Malta for Ismir on the 27th at 19:40. Other lengthy stays were between 30.07.73-09.08.73, 29.08.73-03.09.73, and 11.10.73-30.11.73. Departed for Tunis after 13:00 on the 30th, returning the same day at 19:15). To Hal-Far on 1st Dec, leaving Malta for Prestwick on the 15th. c/n 44069/396. Previously N1535. Aircraft crashed on the approach to Nurnberg Airport, Germany, on 06.05.74.


DHC-2 Beaver   N563 These three Beavers arrived at Hal-Far in late 1970, and placed on the Canadian register by March 1971. Landed at Luqa from Hal-Far as CF-ZVR on 17.03.71. c/n 639. Del 03/09/54; N2734A Egyptian American Oil Company; N563 Amerada Petroleum Corp of Libya, Tripoli, Libya; USCAR 1970; CF-ZVR overflew Exeter, UK., 21/03/71; Newfoundland & Labrador Airways, 05/71; Labrador Airways Ltd., Goose Bay, NFLD; Goose Bay Air Service, 04/83; C-FZVR Provincial Express Inc., Goose Bay, NFLD; Air Labrador - Wings of the North, Goose Bay, NFLD; Labrador Airways Ltd., Goose Bay, LB; Regd 21/01/92; Blue Water Aviation Services Ltd., Pine Falls, MB; Based Silver Falls, MB; Regd 30/04/97; Canx 12/09/97; Northern Dene Airways Ltd., Prince Albert, SK; Based Stoney Rapids, SK; Canx 11/03/98; Air Thelon Ltd., Yellowknife, NT; Regd 06/05/98; Pierre Brossard, Brossard, QC; Based Beloeil, QC; Regd 18/05/2001; Current.
DHC-2 Beaver   N564 Landed at Luqa from Hal-Far as CF-ZVP on 15.03.71. c/n 1033. Del 19/03/57; N564; CF-ZVP; Oasis Oil Company of Libya; Overflew Exeter, UK., 21/03/71; Bannock Aerospace., regd 05/71; Air Mont Laurier; Tamarac Air Services 1982; C-FZVP Air Melançon Inc., Ste-Anne-du-Lac, PQ; Regd 11/10/94; Current.
DHC-2 Beaver Pan Ocean Exploration N7283 First noted on 09.04.78 at Luqa Airport’s Park 8 (then still known as the civil terminal), it was later taken to Park 9, where it remained until 1982, after which it was towed over to Miaco over at Safi. At Miaco, it acquired "Pan Ocean Exploration" titles, and was probably shipped out of Safi in container. (Information courtesy of John Visanich.) History courtesy of c/n 725, Delivered 17-Nov-1954, N728A Arabian American Oil Co, ARAMCO, ADCO Airlines Inc., Wichita, KA, Regd Nov-1971, N7283 Aviation Development Consultants, Noted 1976 Larnaca - Kingsfield ex Arabian American Oil Co, Cyprus Services Parachute Club, Noted at Dahrahn 05-Jun-1977, Apalachicola International Training Centre, Apalachicola, FL, Regd May-1993, B. A. Grassfield, Englewood, CO, Regd 14-Dec-1995, For Sale, Noted @ Victoria, BC at 50th Convention, Regd 25-Feb-1999, Alaska Rainbow Lodge, King Salmon, AK, Incident 13-Jun-2000 Levelock, AK NTSB file ANC00LA069, Falcon LLC., King Salmon, AK, Regd 22-Dec-2004.
DHC-2 Beaver   N999R Landed at Luqa from Hal-Far as CF-ZVQ on 15.03.71. c/n 1063. Del 26/07/57; CF-JZW De Havilland demonstrator; N999R; CF-ZVQ Bannock Aerospace; Regd 05/71; Noted at Exeter 20/03/71; Air Schefferville in 1983; N5359J regd 06/84; Bonanza Christian Retreat, Anchorage, AK; Noted 09/95 at Lake Hood on tundra tires, Direquair markings over painted, starboard door replaced, some unpainted re-skinning evident, has been in this state for several years! Current status?

F - G

Fairchild F.27A Aero Service Corp. N27PX At Hal-Far between 12.12.75 – 21.01.76, departing for Cairo on the 22nd. Returned on 29.02.76, departing for Milan on 12.03.76. c/n 28 r/o 28.11.58 N1500 Continental Can Company del 13.01.59; Miami Aviation Corporation bt 20.09.65; N15001 Miami Aviation Corporation rr 27.09.65; Aspen Airways lsd 01.12.65; Aspen Airways bt 14.04.66; West Coast Airlines lsd 01.07.66; Aspen Airways ret 12.66; Carco Air Services bt 16.03.67; Pacific Air Lines Isd 16.03.67; Air West mgd 07.03.68; Percell Jones Leasing Company bt 06.06.69; Air West lsd 06.06.69; Hughes Airwest nn 01.04.70; Aspen Airways bt 30.03.73; Ward International Aircraft bt 02.74; N27PX Ward International Aircraft rr 11.02.74; Ward Export Aircraft Inc tfd 13.12.74; Aero Service Corporation bt 09.01.75; Ward International Aircraft bt 21.05.76; Brown & Root Inc lsd 01.09.76; Ward International Aircraft ret 31.12.76; Interlease Trading Corporation bt 11.04.78; 5T-CJY Air Mauritanie bt 05.78; Damaged beyond repair 14.03.79; WFU & stored
Fairchild F.27   N916 Entered MIACO as HZ-SN5 on 17 July 1981, rr N916 and re-sprayed in Pyramid A/Ls livery. Dep Malta on 17 Sept. Again photographed w/Pyramid A/Ls titles in June 83. Left Malta on 30 Nov 83. c/n 22 r/o 23.10.58; N2706 West Coast Airlines del l2.12.58; Air West mgd 07.03.68; Hughes Airwest nn 01.04.70; N709WA Ward International Aircraft bt 07.10.72; N7OOBP Business Aviation Corporation bt 11.11.74; LTV Aerospace Corporation bt 05.02.75; Ward International Aircraft bt 01.07.75; Brown & Root Inc. Isd 01.11.75; Ward International Aircraft ret 31.12.75; N27WA Ward International Aircraft - ntu; HZ-TA2 Talud bin Abdul Aziz 'Sara' bt 06 197_?; HZ-SN5 Talud bin Abdul Aziz rr .80; N916 ATC Inc bt 08.81; Pyramid Airlines lsd 08.81; ATC Ine ret 04.82; (see notes); Britt Airways bt 11.83; N386BA Britt Airways rr 02.85; Continental Express mgd 01.09.90; WFU & stored .91
Fairchild F.27J   950 Aircraft arrived in basic Pesca Peru colours, and 950 on the fin. First noted at Safi on 22.09.81. c/n 41. Re-registered as N927. (Aircraft information courtesy of John Visanich, from his Malta Airport Movements Facebook page.)
Fairchild SA.227 Merlin III S.N.A.S. HZ-SN6 c/n AT-007, pi N2610. Arr on 09.07.84, entered Miaco on the 10th.
Grumman Widgeon   N750M   Flew in Arax A/ls titles up to mid-72. Believed crated to owners in the UK, mid-eighties.
In 1993, it joined the collections of The Seaplane Museum at Biscarrosse, France, and is currently (2022) being restored and not available for public viewing.
Grumman Widgeon Arax Airlines N3103Q pi N58337. Photographed with Arax A/Ls titles on 27 August 1971. Believed crated to owners in UK, mid-eighties.


NAMC YS-11-205 Pyramid A/ls N159P First YS-11 seen in Malta on 12.12.77, as replacement for a Cv 440, N90908. (See Civil Accidents 1970-79 page.) Departed Malta for the US on 26.05.84. c/n 2057 JA8691 NAMC; N159P Piedmont Airlines “New York Pacemaker” del 19.08.68; Pyramid Airlines lsd 11.12.77 – Pyramid Airlines bt. 30.04.78; Provincetown Boston Airlines bt 05.84; wfu & stored; US & Associates Inc. bt 06.04.92; Broken Up Hyannis Massachusetts 07.93
NAMC YS-11-621 Reeve Aleutians N169RV Arr at Safi on 18 Feb 80. c/n 2169 ff 26.01.73; TR-LPN Trans Gabon - ntu; TR-KIB Gabonese Air Force del 14.02.73; N169RV Reeve Aleutian Airways bt 01.80; 9Y-THO Air Caribbean bt 21.02.95
NAMC YS-11-205 Pyramid Airlines N187P Departed Malta for the US on 26.05.84. c/n 2061 JA8694 NAMC; N187P Piedmont Airlines “Long Island Pacemaker” del 31.08.68; Pyramid Airlines “Red Sea Pacemaker” bt 30.04.78; Provincetown Boston Airlines bt 05.84; wfu & stored; US & Associates Inc. bt 06.04.92; Broken Up Hyannis Massachusetts 07.93
NAMC YS-11-205 Pyramid Airlines N219P At Miaco for maintenance between 30 Jan-8 Feb 84. Departed Malta for the US on 26.05.84 c/n 2109 JA8470 NAMC; N219P Piedmont Airlines “Garden State Pacemaker” del 01.10.69; Pyramid Airlines bt 27.08.82; Provincetown Boston Airlines bt 05.84; wfu & stored Hyannis Massachusetts; US & Associates Inc. bt 06.04.92
NAMC YS-11-309 Pyramid Airlines N924 Arr on 15 Mar 84, entered Miaco same day. Departed Malta for the US on 25.05.84. c/n 2129 JQ2129 NAMC – TR-KIA Gabon Government del 29.03.71 – N924 Pyramid Airlines “Suez Canal Pacemaker” bt 12.79 – Provincetown Boston Airlines bt 05.84; wfu & stored Hyannis Massachusetts; US & Associates Inc. bt 06.04.92; Broken Up 07.93

P – Z

P. PC-6 Viking C-GXIJ Arr from Algeria on 31.03.84 w/ ONCHO/OMS, and playboy bunny on fin. Ob at MIACO between 10.04.84 02.01.85. Again entered MIACO on 10.04.85  
P. PC-6 W.H.O. C-GXIK Arrived from Algeria on 24.03.83. May have entered MIACO the same day. Seen landing at Luqa on 27.02.84. (after test flt?) Dep on 1 Mar. Again ob at MIACO on 07.06.83 with Viking titles. c/n 672, r.r. F-GHAS, EC-EMZ
P. Navajo   G-BGSO At MIACO on 10.09.84  
P. Navajo Pyramid A/Ls N65220 Arr on 01 Aug 84, Dep Malta 20 Sept 84. Ex-Pyramid A/Ls. Pilot reported undercarriage problems during test flight, after only two green lights came on. Flew close to control tower who reported all three wheels were down.  
P. Navajo   N9228Y Equipped with a “sting-tail”. Landed at Luqa on 10.10.77, returning from Hal-Far on the 17th. Again seen on 26.04.78  
P. Navajo Tibaldi Airlines ST-AIN At MIACO on 12.03.84. Rr N59935, left Malta 27 Sept 84. ex N59935
SAN Jodel DR.1050M1   5A-CAA MAS records list this aircraft as landing at Luqa from Hal-Far on 15.02.72. c/n 625.
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