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Air Rally participants, 2000-2009
31st Edition, 01 – 05 July 2000

Whilst the number of entrants remained the same as 1999 – 28 – British participation was 64%, or 18 aircraft. This number includes a US-registered Partenavia based in the UK. German entrants remnained the same at four, but French participation was down to two aircraft. The remaining four aircraft were an example each from Belgium, Italy, Greece and Malta.

This year saw some of competitors leaving on Tuesday, the 4th, rather than the traditional Wednesday. Such departures are mentioned in the Notes section.

The Aero Club Comnpetition was won by the Yorkshire Flying Club, whilst the The Ladies Trophy wasn’t awarded.

As with the previous year, the more interesting aircraft again were a pair of UK-registered Beagle Pups, but different examples.

Piper PA-28 Cherokee 9H-ABW Bee Gee Aviation.
Cessna 182 Skywagon D-EEDK D. Zierew. Winner, The Novice Trophy. Runner up, Spot Landing Competition.
Cessna 182 Skywagon D-EFNH H. Worms
Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six D-EHDL H. Stock
Mooney 20 D-ERCH J. Davy. Winner, Timed Section Competition, Third Place Concours D’Elegance.
Beechcraft 35 F-BOID G. Bardet. Third Place, Flight Planning Competition.
Piper PA-39 Twin Comanche F-GCTF F. Truche. Third Place Overall Air rally, Arrival and Timed Section Competitions.
Beechcraft 55 G-ASOH G. Middlemiss
Piper PA-28R-180 Cherokee Arrow G-AVWO c/n 28R-30205. D. Cahill. Runner up, Arrival Competition.
Beagle B.121 Pup G-AXJI D. Vale
Beagle B.121 Pup G-AZEU G. Major
Cessna 172 Skyhawk G-BFGD  
SOCATA Aerospatiale TB09 Tampico G-BIZR C.Walker. Winner, Most Sporting Entry Competition.
Piper PA-28-181 Archer II G-BNGT R. Gray. Winner of the Longest Distance Flown and Spot Landing Competitions. Runner up, Timed Section Competition.
Piper PA-28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV G-BOOG C. Simpson, Departed on 4th July. c/n 28R-8331036, pi N4303K.
Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II G-BUIK  
Cessna 182 Skywagon G-BXRH  
SOCATA Aerospatiale TB10 Tobago G-FLEA J. Berry. Departed on 4th July.
Cessna 172 Skyhawk G-ICOM C. Elesmore. Winner, George Cross Competition.
Piper PA-34 Seneca G-MAIK E. Lomax. Runner up in the Flight Planning and Concours D’Elegance Competitions.
Cessna 182 Skylane G-MISH M. Konstantin. Departed on 4th July.
Beechcraft 55 G-OLYD I. G. Lloyd. Winner, Flight Planning Competition,Runner up, Air Rally Overall Competition
Piper PA-34 Seneca G-OPAG A. Laurender
Piper PA-28-181 Archer II G-RADI G. S. Foster. Winner of the Overall Air rally and Arrival Competitions.
Beechcraft 55 I-ELBA G. Bongarzoni. Air One livery and colours.
Partenavia P.68 N997JB J. Frewer. Winner, Concours D’Elegance. Aircraft based in the UK.
Cessna 182 Skywagon OO-MDA A. Dagens
SOCATA TB20 Trinidad SX-ATG G. Benecos

32nd Edition, 30 June – 1 July 2001

An increase over the year 2000, with 34 aircraft attending, of which British pilots formed exactly half of the entrants, 17. There were also increases in German (6) and French (4) entries, as well as from Austria (3) and Greece (2). Single examples came from Belgium and The Netherlands, both flying US-registered aircraft.

Mooney 20 D-EBIE H. Bienek
Beech 35 D-EECO G. Thamm
R/Cessna FR.172J Rocket D-EGBP  
Fuji FA-200-180 Aero Subaru D-EIDW Carried OBERBANK titles on nose.
Beech 33 D-EMYE E. Tunsch
R/Cessna F150M Commuter D-ENKT  
Avion Robin DR250 F-BMZT M. Biondeau
Avions Robin DR400/180 Regent F-GMKJ M. Blanc. c/n 2204
Avions Robin DR400/180 F-GTPT Regent C. Souffiet
SOCATA TB20 Trinidad F-GSZY C. Chiffaut
Piper PA-28 Cherokee G-AWFC J. Hines
Beagle B.121 Pup Srs 150 G-AXEV  
Avions Robin DR400/160 Knight G-BAMS G-BAMS Ltd.
Cessna 182 Skylane G-BHIB N. Chater & B. Payne
Piper PA-28 Cherokee G-BMLS R. M. Shorter
Avions Robin DR340 Major G-BOEH G. Bowles
Avions Robin DR400/160 Knight G-BSLA A. B. McCoig
Piper PA-46 Malibu G-CREW Anglo—American Airmotive Ltd
Cessna 172 Skyhawk G-ICOM C. G. Elesmore
Cessna 172 Skyhawk G-IZZY T.I. & R. J. Nicholson
SAN Jodel D.140 Mousquetaire III G-DCXL C. F. Mugford. Carried a small French flag on the fin.
Piper PA-28 Cherokee G-JANO Abertawe Aviation
Piper PA-34 Seneca G-MAIK TEL (IOM) Ltd
Beech 58 Baron G-OLYD I. G. Lloyd
Van’s RV6A G-ONUN R. E. Nunn
Piper PA-34-200 Seneca G-OPAG  
Beech 36 Bonanza G-ORSP C. W. Makin
Beech 36 Bonanza N39AD Schuybroek Aviation, based in the Netherlands, Texel Airport.
Piper PA 46-350P Malibu N47PM Aircraft based in Belgium.
Cessna 150J OE-CBE  
Cessna 172 Skyhawk OE-DVK Motorflug Union
Cessna 180 Skywagon OE-KHR Flugsportkiub Aichfeld
SOCATA TB10 Tobago SX-ATG G. Benecos
SOCATA TB10 Tobago SX-ATK P. Katsafados

33rd edition, 2002

This is not a complete list. Only trophy winners are listed.

The Spot Landing Competition was not awarded, whilst the Aeroclub Competiton Trophy went to the Aeroclub du Dauphine.

Bolkow BO.208C Junior D-EAMB O. Hummer Winner, Most Sporting Entry. C/n 597, pi OE-AMB, D-ECGE.
Avion Robin DR400/180 Regent F-GMKJ J.Pichault Winner, The Novice Trophy. C/n 2204.
Avion Robin DR400/160 Knight F-GSRE C. Soufflet Winner The Ladies Trophy, Runner up, Timed Section. C/n 2386.
Avion Robin DR400/180 Regent F-GTPT T. Nguyen Runner up, Flight Planning. C/n 2440.
Piper PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer G-ARHP R. Morgan Overall Air Rally and Timed Section Competition Winner and Runner up, Concours D’Elegance.
Piper PA-28R-180 Cherokee Arrow G-AWFC R. Hines. B.Hines winner, Longest Distance Flown Kirkwall, (Orkney Islands 58 57 36N : 02 53 33W 1850Nm (Great Circ.Dist.), Runner up Air Rally Overall Competition, Third Place Flight Planning.
Avion Robin DR400/160 Knight G-BAMS M. J. Morley Runner up, Arrival Competiton.
American Aviation AA-5A Cheetah G-BFLX  
Piper PA-39 Twin Comanche G-LARE  
p. PA-34-200T Seneca G-MAIK E. Lomax Winner, Flight Planning and Concours D’Elegance.
Piper PA-32R-301 Saratoga SP G-ROLF P.Larkins Third Place, Concours D’Elegance.
Beech B36 Bonanza G-ZLOJ W.Gray Winner, George Cross Competition.
Piper PA-32R-301T N414AG J. Bijsterbosch Third Place in the Air Rally Overall, Arrival and Timed Section Competitions.
Cessna 421C Golden Eagle PH-UWL c/n 421C1234, p.i.(PH-UWG)N2722U
Socata TB20 Trinidad SX-ATG G. Benecos Winner, Arrival Competition. C/n 1799, pi F-OHUR.

34th edition, 28 - 29 June 2003

A 24-aircraft rally, with rallyists also arriving on Sunday, including all the French participants. As in the 2000 edition, British crews provided half of the aircraft attending, the remaining 12 composed of five French, four German, and one each from Austria, Italy and Luxembourg.

Aircraft wise, the more interesting types were the tail-dragger Aeronca 11BC Chief and another example of the French-built Cerna CE-43 Wassmer, as well as a French-registered Bulldog.

Mooney Mozot D-EBIE H. Bienek
Piper PA28-200 Arrow II D-EDMN H. Kamp
Beech Bonanza V35B D-EECO G. Thamm
Cessna 182F D-EKKI T. Richter. Arr. on the 29th.
SA Bulldog T. Mk1 F-AZRM M. Rebattet. Arr. on the 29th. Pi XX616.
CEA DR.250 Capitaine F-BMZT M. Blondeau Arr. on the 29th.
Avion Robin DR.400/120 Dauphin 2+2 F-GMKJ A. Mouflard Arr. on the 29th.
Avion Robin DR.400/160 Cavalier F-GSRE P. Retord Arr. on the 29th.
Avion Robin DR.400/180 Regent F-GTPT S. Chambon Arr. on the 29th.
Cessna 182J G-ATTO J. Griggs
Piper PA28-181 Archer G-BGWM A. Burrill
Piper PA28-181 Archer II G-BNVE J. Bradbury
Piper PA28-161 Warrior Cadet G-BPJP C. Seifert. Overall Rally Winner
Piper PA28-161 Warrior Cadet G-BPJU M. Dugdale
Aeronca 11BC Chief G-BRCW R. McComish
Piper PA28-161 Warrior Cadet G-BTIM D. Pritt
Piper PA28-161 Warrior Cadet G-BZBS C. Lycett
Piper PA34-200T Seneca G-MAIK E. Lomax
Piper PA28-236 Dakota G-ODAK M. Elborn
Rockwell Commander AC114 G-TECH P. Reed Arr. on the 29th.
Piper PA28-181 Archer II G-VOAR P. Dean
Beech 95-B55 I-ELBA G. Borganzoni
Cerna CE-43 Wassmer LX-ACD J. Talon
Cessna R182 Skylane RG OE-KHR R. Nemec

35th edition, 03 – 07 July 2004

The slide in participation continued, with attendance falling to 17 aircraft. France and the UK both fielded 6 aircraft, although one of the British entries was US-registered. The remaining five aircraft were a competitor each from Austria, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

There were six cancellations.

The Spot Landing, Ladies Trophy and The Novice Trophy were not awarded. The Aeroclub Competition was again won by the Aeroclub du Dauphine of France.

Perhaps the most interesting aircraft for the enthusiast was the Robin-look-alike, tail-dragger SAN Jodel D.140B Mousquetaire II, which won the arrival competition, and placed third-overall.

Piper PA-34-220T Seneca III D-GACR M. Ehmayr. Winner Concours D’Elegance. C/n 34-8133215, pi N8429L.
SAN Jodel D.140B Mousquetaire II F-BJQZ C.Roy Winner, Arrival Competition, Third place Overall Air Rally c/n 70 Arr on the 4th.
Piper PA-28-181 Archer II F-GKLT P. Retord Winner, Flight Planning Competition. C/n 90-0124 pi F-ODLT Arr on the 4th.
Robin DR.400-180 F-GLVO K. McKelvey Arr on the 4th.
Robin DR.400/180 Regent F-GMKJ M. Blanc Runner up Flight Planning. C/n 2204 Arr on the 4th.
Robin DR.400-160 F-GSRE A. Pecher Arr on the 4th.
Robin DR.400/180 Regent F-GTPT A. Corompt Runner up, Flight Planning Competition C/n 2440 Arr on the 4th.
Piper PA-28R-201 Cherokee Arrow III G-BMLS R. Shorter
Piper PA-28-181 Archer II G-BOPA M. McKenzie Arr. on the 4th. Winner, Most Sporting Entry.
Piper PA-28-181 Archer II G-BTYI C. Wright. Departed on the 5th.
Piper PA-32-200 Seneca G-OPAG A. Lavender Departure date unknown.
Rockwell Commander AC114 G-TECH P. Reed. Departure date unknown.
Cessna 182S Skylane HB-CYO M. Horat Winner, George Cross Runner up, Overall Air Rally and Arrival Competition. Third place, Flight Planning Competition and Concourse D’Elegance. C/n 182-80778, pi N72616
SOCATA TB-21 Trinidad TC LX-KVF J. Birgen
SOCATA TBM 70 N181PC P. Crewe. Runner up Concours D’Elegance. Third place, Arrival Competition. Based in the UK. Arr on the 4th.
Cessna R182 Skylane RG OE-KHR R. Nemec
Piper PA-28R-180 Cherokee Arrow OH-PMI P. Tahtinen. Winner Overall Air Rally, Timed Section and Longest Distance Flown Competitons (Jyvaskyla, Finland, N62 24 0 : E24 40 4 1647Nm (Great Circ.Dist.)). Third place Arrival Competition.

2004 Cancellations

The following aircraft cancelled their participation in the 2004 Air Rally.

Beech B24R Sierra 200 D-EBNK G. Graesel
Piper PA28-161 Warrior Cadet D-EROG R. Freund
Richet Cobra 200DR F-PARI M. Maleville
Beagle Pup B121-108 G-AXNR J. Clegg
Piper PA-39-160 Twin Commanche C/R G-AYZE R. Robinson
Cessna 172 OH-CAZ A. Hiltunen

36th edition, 02 – 03 July 2005

A rather poorly attended event, with just nine entrants, spread over both days. Four individual entries from Portugal, Germany, France, Switzerland, two from Italy, and three from the UK. One of the aircraft left on the 5th. Another 7 participants cancelled. One each from France, Italy (whose crew came by commercial flight), and Finland and four from Britain, and these are listed in their own table.

The most interesting were Italy’s entries. The 1956-built, all-white Aviamilano F.8L Falco, I-TRIP, won the Most Sporting Entry award, whilst I-ICBA, a SIAI Marchetti 205 sported a shark-mouth. One of the UK’s more interesting entrants would have been a Scottish Aviation Bulldog, a type which I believe was never seen in Malta during RAF days. However, with four ex-Botswana AF examples having spent several months at the NCA compound, and the AFM also operating five of the type, in the same basic RAF red and white training scheme, and a French-registered example participating in 2003, the interest aspect has, in the opinion of this writer at least, been somewhat “diluted”.

Last year’s runner up placing in the Overall Air Rally must have served M. Horat, the Swiss pilot, well. Not only did he win the Air Rally this year, but also won in the Arrival, Flight Planning, Timed Section and Concours D’Elegance competitions.

Not awarded were The Ladies Trophy, The Novice Trophy, The Aeroclub competition, and the Spot Landing Competition. No doubt, the high winds prevailing on Saturday made accurate landing on a particular spot on the runway rather difficult.

Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee D CS-AFI P. Barras Prata. Winner, George Cross Competition. c/n 28-5463 pi N2110R
Mooney M20K Model 231 D-EJWG H.Hein. Third place, Flight planning competition. c/n 25-0400 pi (N4047H)
Piper PA-46-310P Malibu F-GOSE F.Blondeau. Runner up, Over Air Rally and Concourse D’Elegance. Third Place, Arrival and Timed Section competitions Arrived on Sunday. c/n 4608010 pi N770MR, N146DS, G-DODS, N9100N
Cessna 182Q G-BGFH C.Thompson. Winner, Longest Distance Flown competition. (Sherburn-in-Elmet N53 47 28 : W00 13 10 1262Nm (Great Circ.Dist.))
Rockwell 114 G-TECH P.Reed. Runner up, Arrival Competition. Arrived on Sunday, departed on Tuesday.
SA Bulldog G-SIJW M.Miles, Runner up, Flight Planning Competition. Third place, Overall Air Rally and Concours D’Elegance.
Cessna 182S Skylane HB-CYO M.Horat. Winner, Overall Air Rally, and the Arrival, Flight Planning, Timed Section and Concours D’Elegance competitions. c/n 182-80778, pi N72616.
Aviamilano F.8L Falco I-TRIP A.Budini Gattai. Runner up, Timed Section. Carried a large ‘3’ c/n 102.
SIAI MARCHETTI 205 I-ICBA G. Failla, arrived on Sunday. Sported a shark mouth.

2005 Cancellations

The following aircraft cancelled their participation.

Cessna 337 Super Skymaster F-BRPQ  
Cessna A185E OH-CCY  
Piper PA-28A-181 Archer G-BGWM  
Piper PA-28A-181 Archer II G-BNVE  
Robin Regent G-BSLA  
SOCATA TB.20 Trinidad G-JDEE  
Beechcraft 95-B55 I-ELBA  

37th edition, 01 – 05 July 2006

Thirteen aircraft participated this year, up from nine in 2005. Four aircraft arrived on Sunday. Overall winner was HB-CYO, flown again by Mr. Horat.

In the notes to the 2005 event, I wrote “Last year’s runner up placing in the Overall Air Rally must have served M. Horat, the Swiss pilot, well. Not only did he win the Air Rally this year . . . .”. Well, his 2005 win must again served him well, for he was declared the 2006 overall Air Rally winner.

This makes Mr. Horat the sixth pilot in the Rally’s history to win consecutively. The last time this occurred was between 1988-1990 by John Keates also flying a Cessna l82, G-HUFF. (See table of Air Rally winners in the Air Rally Rules.

Aircraft-wise, the only distinctive participant was the sole German entrant, in his R/Cessna FT337 Super Skymaster.

R/Cessna FT337 Super Skymaster D-IAAM    
Robin DR360 F-GMJE    
Robin DR.400/180 Regent F-GMKJ    
Robin DR.400/180 F-GTPT    
Robin DR.400/160 Chevalier G-BAMS    
R/Cessna F182Q Skylane II G-BHIB    
SA Bulldog G-SIJW   In Royal Air Force training colour scheme.
RC 114 Commander G-TECH    
SOCATA TB 20 Trinidad G-BZPI    
Cessna 182S Millenium Skylane HB-CYO   Overall Air Rally winner.
Cessna R182 Skylane RG OO-FKV    
Cessna R182 Skylane RG OO-MDA    
SOCATA TB20 Trinidad SX-ATG    
38th edition, 30 June – 01 July 2007

Fourteen participants this year, an increase of one over 2006. German entries remained static at one, whilst French participation went up to four aircraft. British entries amounted to three aircraft, two Swiss and single entries from Austria, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden.

Aircraft-wise, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, save that this was the first time a Cirrus type was participating.

Once again, Michel Horat, from Switzerland, was declared the Overall Winner thus becoming the third participant to win the Air Rally for three consecutive times using the same aircraft. Will he participate and make it a fourth win in 2008?

(The other two pilots were Ian Cummings in Piper Arrow 200 G-AYII [1977-1979], and John Keats in Cessna 182 G-HUFF [1988-1990]. A fourth pilot, David Surridge of North Ireland, also won three times, but not consecutively. First win was in 1970 with Piper Comanche G-ARUN, and again between 1973-74 with Beech Baron G-ATGR.)

The Spot Landing, Ladies and Novice Trophies were not awarded, whilst the Aeroclub Trophy was won by the Aeroclub de Daphine.

All participating aircraft left Malta on Wednesday, 4th July.

Piper Turbo Arrow IV D-EHMN Hans Dieter-Haag Arrived on 30.06.07, used runway 24 for landing.
Piper PA-43-310P Malibu F-GOSE Francois Blondeau Arrived on 01.07.07. Third place, Air Rally Overall and Arrival competition.
Robin DR.400-160 F-GSRE Didier Guidera Arrived on 01.07.07
Cirrus SR20 F-GTCI Michel Blondeau Arrived on 01.07.07. Winner, Concours D'Elegance. Runner-up, Air Rally Overall, Timed Section and Flight Planning competitions.
Robin DR.400/180 F-GTPT Jean-Louis Sage Arrived on 01.07.07. Runner-up, Flight Planning competition,
Robin DR.400-180 Regent G-FTIL Colin Robertson Arrived on 30.06.07. Winner, Most Sporting Entry
Mooney 201 SE G-FLYA   Arrival on 01.07.07 needs confirmation. Not seen/timed over Gozo, as crew failed to keep their allocated time.
R. Commander 114 G-TECH Peter Reed Arrival on 01.07.07.
Cessna 182S Millenium Skylane HB-CYO   Arrived on 30.06.07. Overall Air Rally winner. Also won the Timed Section, Arrival, Flight Planning, George Cross Competition
Turbo Mooney HB-DFR Sandor Petoecz Arrived on 30.06.07. Runner-up Arrival Competition. Third place, Concours D'Elegance.
Cessna 172 OE-KHR Robert Nemec Arrived on 30.06.07.
Cessna F172 Skyhawk II OO-VRE Olaf van Bockel Arrival date of 01.07.07 needs confirmation. Not seen/timed over Gozo as crew failed to keep their allocated times.
Cessna 182T Skylane OY-MCB Bo Arvin Arrived on 30.06.07
Robin HR100/210 SE-FNC Allan Emrem Arrived on 30.06.07, used runway 24 for landing. Winner, Longest Distance Flown. Third place, Timed section competition.
39th edition, 28 - 29 June 2008

Participation saw a healthy increase from 14 in 2007 to 25. There was an increase in British (11) German (4) and Swiss (3) entries, a drop from France (3) and single entries from Belgium, Finland and Sweden. There was also a US-registered entrant, most probably a European-based operator.

For the first time, a helicopter in the shape of a Robinson R44 participated. Other interesting types were the diminutive and streamlined German-designed and registered Messerschmitt-Bolkow B0 209 D-EBHG, and the somewhat less than streamlined French design, the Gardan Horizon GY80-160, G-AZAW.

Last year’s new type for the rally, Cirrus SR20 F-GTCI, again showed up, being joined by another type making its debut at the Rally, a Diamond DA40, N448DS.

After three consecutive wins, Mr. Horat, in the now familiar Cessna 182 HB-CYO failed to win the top prize, which went to a British entrant flying a Cessna 182, G-HRNT.

Messerschmitt-Bolkow B0 209 D-EBHG   Saturday arrival.
P. Arrow PA-28 R200 D-EDMN   Saturday arrival.
Beech F33A D-EVEB   Saturday arrival.
Partinavia P68B D-GANA   Saturday arrival.
Robin D48 DR400 180 F-GMKJ   Arrived on 29.06.08.
Cirrus SR20 F-GTCI Michel Blondeau Arrived on 29.06.08.
Robin Apex DR.400-135 F-HAGR   Arrived on 29.06.08.
Gardan Horizon GY80-160 G-AZAW    
Robin DR400 160 G-BAPX   Saturday arrival.
Cessna 337G G-BFGH   Saturday arrival.
P. PA-28-161 Warrior II G-BGPJ   Saturday arrival.
Socata Trinidad TB20 G-BZPI   Saturday arrival.
Cessna 182 G-CDXI   Saturday arrival.
Beechcraft Bonanza S35 G-EHMJ   Saturday arrival.
Cessna 182S G-HRNT   Saturday arrival. Overall Rally winner. Departed Malta on the 4th.
Robinson R.44 G-NSEW    
P. Seneca PA-34 200 G-OPAG   Saturday arrival.
SA Bulldog T.1 G-SIJW   Saturday arrival. Carried military serial XX630.
Mooney M20 HB-DFZ   Saturday arrival.
Cessna 182S Millenium Skylane HB-CYO   Saturday arrival.
P. Malibu PA-46 HB-PLD   28.06.07.
Diamond DA40 N448DS   Saturday arrival.
P. PA-28 140 OH-PCN   Sunday arrival.
Cessna 182P OO-DAZ   Saturday arrival.
Robin HR100/210 SE-FNC Allan Emrem Saturday arrival.
40th edition, 26 - 27 June 2009

Since becoming a two-day event, this years' edition was held on a Friday and Saturday, rather than the traditional week-end. With the exception of the French, who came in on Saturday, the contenders all came in on Friday.

Considering that 25 aircraft attended the 2008 edition, this years' 10 aircraft attendance (representing just 3 countries) was somewhat disappointing. The current world financial situation perhaps? Nationality-wise, exactly half were British, four French (including a US-registered aircraft) with the remaining entrant being a Greek, who also used a US-registered plane.

Surprisingly, there were no German entries, possibly a (negative) first for the organising committee. Although I am missing participation lists for 1989, German pilots were always present, even if with just one aircraft. Also, there were no known cancelations.

Also missing from the aircraft line-up were aircraft from the Piper company, and only one from the Cessna company. Of the remaining nine aircraft there were three each of the contemporary well-streamlined Cirrus and the distinctively-shaped Avion Robin, along with the equally recognisable Mooney. Adding a “vintage” flavour were the last two participants, the by-now familiar SA Bulldog and the most interesting aircraft, the French-built Garden GY80, a type last seen in 1979. (An article on the 1963 launch of the Garden Horizon can be read here.)

Although last years' winner, Cessna 182 G-HRNT, also attended, the pilot had to contend with an overall second placing, the overall rally winner trophy going to a fellow Briton flying a Robin. Overall, British participants took the lion’s share of the trophies, as can be seen from the table below.

Avion Robin 400/180 F-GPAP   This, and the following two aircraft, were Saturday arrivals. They also left as a formation on Tuesday, and are most probably members of a flying club.
Avion Robin 400/180 F-GTPT Frederic Ayma. 1st place the Novice Trophy, 3rd placing in the Arrival & Timed Section Competitions.  
Cirrus SR20 F-GTCI    
Mooney N11YE Michel Feyzeau. 2nd place, Concours D’Elegance competition. Carried French flag on fin.
Cirrus SR22 N341SR George Benecos. Winner, George Cross & Concours D’Elegance competitions.  
Avion Robin DR400/180 G-BSLA Andrew Reid. Overall Air rally and Arrival competition winner. 2nd place Timed Section competition.  
Cessna 182 Skylane G-HRNT Raymond Thompson. Winner, Flight Planning Competition, 2nd place in the Overall Air Rally & Arrival competition. Taxied to park 1 on Tuesday. Actual departure date unknown. 2008 overall winner.
Cirrus SR22 G-TAAB    
Garden GY80-160 Horizon G-AZAW David Johnson. Winner, Timed Section & Longest Distance Flown competitions. 2nd place in the Flight Planning & Spot Landing competitions. 3rd place Air Rally overall. Aircraft carried “Tweety Bird” nose art.
SA Bulldog G-SIJW Michael Miles. Winner Spot Landing competition. 3rd place in the Flight Planning and Concours D’Elegance competitions. Also carried military serial XX360/5.
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