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The following article was brought to my attention, and had first appeared on the 12th June 1954 edition of the Air-Britain British Civil Aviation News, penned by B. A. Pendlebury.

It can be considered as the civil counterpart to Two weeks in the sun which appears in the Military Aviation/Royal Air Force Luqa section of this site.

Note that contrary to today, the only civilian jet aircraft logged (apart from the RAF) was DH Comet
G-ALYW. See 1950s Accidents Page, date 26.04.54.)



The Dove 6 G-ANGU was at Bovingdon on April 21st where I boarded the Hunting-Clan Viking G-AGRP for Malta. Seven and a half hours flying brought us to Luqa Airport to find Vikings XD635 ex-G-AHOT and WZ306 ex G-AJFT on the tarmac.

The following day the Vikings G-AIVD and 'JBR came in on service and are operated by Air Malta. The trooping Yorks WW503 ex G-AHFF and WW507 ex G-AHFC also landed, together with the Transair Dakota 4 G-AMYJ returning from the Persian Gulf (see page 35). Another Skyways York landed on the 23rd, this was WW500 ex G-AHFD.

The Malta Communications Flight have an Anson 19 VL336 which was formerly G-AJDH. (This interesting aircraft still has a current civil registration, although the C. of A. is supposed to have expired as long ago as 30.5.51. The owner is given as the Secretary of State for Air.-Ed.).

Skyways York WW 499 ex G-AHFB came in on the 24th along with Eagle's Viking G-AHPM, and the next day much excitement was caused by the arrival of the B.O.A.C. Comet G-ALYW, but the reason for its visit was not clear. The Scottish Aviation York XF284 ex G-AMUL also put in an appearance as did the Central African Airways Viking VP-YHJ ex G-AHPG.

On April 27th I logged the Airwork Dakota 4 G-AMRA outward bound for Aden, and a day later, Yorks WW506 ex G-AHEY of Skyways and B.O.A.C. freighter G-AGNN "Madras".

Airwork Viking WZ354 ex G-AIXS arrived May 1st along with York WW468 ex G-AHFG, while the 2nd produced two machines in smart Hunting-Clan livery, the York G-ANGF and Dakota 4 G-AMYW. The next day the Marathon T.Mk.11 XA272 arrived but gave no hint of its previous civil connections. On May 7th Skyways York G-AHFB landed, and was something of a surprise, as I had seen it as WW499 only four days previously. The only interesting visitors on the eighth were the Hunting-Clan York G-AMXM and Airwork's Hermes 4 G-ALDC and on the 10th York G-AHEY was logged. This had been seen as WW506 on May 1st. Another restoration noted was that of York G-AHFG, also seen with impressment serial on May 1st.

Starways' Dakota 4 G-AMSM and Airwork Hermes 4 G-ALDA were seen on the 15th, and the Arab Legion Air Force Viking lB VK-500 ex G-AJDK on the 20th. The latter was still virtually in its old B.E.A.C. colours with the addition of A.L.A.F. insignia. The Central African Viking VP-YIR ex G-AHPH was also logged.

Just before I came out here, the Scottish Aviation York G-AMUM ran off the runway and has since been broken up and is now beyond definite identification.
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