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Eden Apple, Oct/Nov 1968

This exercise should have seen the use of the aircraft carrier HMS Eagle in Mediterranean, but repairs requiring its dry docking meant that her aircraft had to be dispersered at bases in the Mediterranean. This explains why no Sea Vixens were seen at Luqa.

The following are some of the aircraft seen at Luqa in connection with the exercise, but not necessarily the only ones to have participated in this exercise.
Gl. Meteor TT.20 WM159/040 d/d 09/10/1952, transferred to Royal Navy 17/04/1958, s.o.c 20/07/1970 at No.5 MU Kemble, to St Athan fire dump 1971, since perished  
Gl. Meteor TT.20 WM255 d/d 22/01/1953, transferred to Royal Navy 28/05/1957, sold 20/01/1975 at No.5 MU Kemble to the French Government  
Gl. Meteor TT.20 WM292/041 d/d 01/04/1953, transferred to Royal Navy 23/08/1957, to FAAM Yeovilton 04/06/1969, to Wales Aircraft Museum, Rhoose 21/06/1983, Bruntingthorpe 17/06/1996, returned back 23/03/1999 to FAAM Yeovilton and stored  
EE Canberra B.16     249 squadron.
B. Buccaneer XV160/104 D/D 17/8/66 to RN and first noted on RAE charge unmarked in 5/73. Adopted by No 237 OCU from that time until 2/76 when returned to BAe for modification to S 2B standard and incidentally still displaying a white serial. Re-issued to No 208 Sqn in 4/77 and became one of four aircraft to receive the tan camouflage scheme for the RAF's first 'Red Flag' exercise. Last noted with No 208 Sqn in 2/78 and with No 12 by 3/80. Following a major at St Athan passed to No 16 Sqn and was lost on 20/9/82 in Sardinia. 800 squadron.
B. Buccaneer XT273/113 D/D 14/7/65 to RN before being returned to BAe at Brough on 4/11/73. Seen on RAF charge with No 237 OCU in 6/75 then with No 208 Sqn by 9/75 but damaged in a landing accident at Luqa on 4/6/76. Eventually returned to operational status with No 237 OCU in 2/78, remaining on charge until being placed in storage at RAF St Athan still as a S Mk 2A in 1/84. 800 squadron.
B. Buccaneer XT274/103 D/D 15/7/65 to RN and converted to S Mk 2A standard by BAe Brough by 5/74 when taken on charge by No 12 Sqn. Passed to No 237 OCU in 2/76 with which it stayed until being placed in store at St Athan in 1/84. Allocated maintenance serial 8856M for BDR training at RAF Abingdon in 1/86. 800 squadron.
B. Buccaneer _____/102   800 squadron.
B. Buccaneer _____/105   800 squadron.
B. Buccaneer _____/110   800 squadron.
B. Buccaneer _____/112   800 squadron.
Avro Shackleton MR.3 _____/N    
HP Victor SR.2 XM718 f/f 02/04/63, d/d 02/05/63, to 19 MU St. Athan 23/10/75 for storage, s.o.c. 31.03.76 as CAT5S and scrapped. 543 squadron.
F. Gannet COD4 XG786/074 F/f 12/1956, d/d 04/01/1957, TO Brawdy 18/12/68 for scrapping, s.o.c. 03/02/1969.  
B/D Atlantic 42    
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