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Sport Flug Marl 1973

This was a rally that visited a number Mediterranean countries. The following aircraft all arrived on 20.06.73, departing on the 22nd for Djerba, Tunis.

The FROM column lists the airport from which the aircraft arrived from, as listed in Custom files 13. The STA/STD column gives the arrival and departure times of the aircraft to/from Malta. The NOTES section gives additional details, and were known, the c/n, date of registration, and previous registrations.

Aircraft have been listed in order of registration.

Pilots names weren’t always legible, and thus apologize for any mistakes which may appear. The 1977 Registers of Germany, an Air Britain publication, was also helpful both in identifying aircraft, and also owners names.

D-EASM Ce. 182M Dr. Wagner Olbia 15:12-11:03 c/n 59654, date of registration (dor) 06.69.
D-ECAR Ce. 177A J. Wagner Olbia 15:20-11:15 c/n 01254, dor 11.69, pi N30419
D-ECMN R/Ce. F.172K M. Zink Olbia 15:14-11:05 0784, 03.71
D-ECSZ R/Ce. F.172L Raff Hans Werner Palermo 18:40-11:32 0848, 05.72
D-EDAS P. PA-24 Comanche 260C Prof. Dr. B. Spiegel Olbia 14:15-10:30 24-5016, 06.72, N9498P
D-EDDB Jodel D.11A Club Ullrich Fossgrum Boccadifalco, Palermo 18:35-11:30 Liz.612, 01.72
D-EDFB Dornier Do-27B-1 F. J. Micus Olbia 15:30-11:20 299, 07.71, 56+27, QA+405, PQ+111, PL+406, D-EKAP
D-EDPD P. PA-28R Cherokee Arrow 200 M. Pauckert Olbia 14:35-10:35 28R-7235056, 05.72
D-EEXZ Ce. 182P Jansen Olbia 15:00-10:50 61174, 07.72
D-EFFS Mooney M.20F Executive K. H. Wietholg Olbia 14:50-10:44 680149, 01.69, N3902N
D-EGHL Ce. 182J Pieper Hugo Olbia 15:10-11:00 56806, 06.70, N2706F
D-EGLO Bolkow BO 07 A. Trugge Olbia 15:40-11:25  
D-EIHS MS.880B Rallye Club H. Scharpf Palermo 19:10-11:40 256, 07.64, G-ASCW
D-EJDU P. PA-28R Cherokee Arrow 180 E. Neufang Olbia 14:55-10:46 28R-30616, 06.68, N4880J
D-EKHK MS894E Minerva 220 Dr. Wessel Palermo 18:55-11:35  
D-EKPB Mooney M.20C Mark 21 Voss Olbia 14:45-10:40 670042, 10.67, N9748M
D-ELDF P. PA-28 LSC Barfot Leverkusen 15:35-11:50 This is a German city, no Sicilian airfields were listed in the Custom Files.
D-ELGW CEA DR.253B Regent Aero Club Dusseldorf Olbia 15:05-10:55 160, 04.70
D-EMDP P. PA-28R Cherokee Arrow 200 J. Shutzdeller Olbia 14:30-10:33 28R-7135075, 07.71, N5071S
D-EMKR Wassmer WA.52 Europa Karl Rademacher Olbia 15:15-11:10 59, 04.73
D-ENBK R/Ce. F172E S. Koimper Guiele Olbia 15:18-11:13 0033, 06.68, OY-AHH
D-GAXF P. PA-30 Keinharst Olbia 14:05-10:25  
D-ILFG P. PA-31 Navajo 310 Fa. Lahn-Flug W. Otto GmbH Olbia 13:55-10:22 31-817, 06.72, N7430L
D-ILPA Beech 95-B55 Baron Hager Olbia 13:35-10:20 TC-616, 05.64
HB-HEH FFA AS202 Fliergschule Altenrhein Palermo 18:45-11:33  
Sport Flug Marl 1973 German Rally '74 Second Corsica Air Rally Bush-Gorbachov Summit 1..2..3..Pull!
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