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Air Malta aircraft Fleet

The following table is a complete list of all aircraft purchased by Air Malta since its inception.

The column DOR/DOC refer to Date of Registration and Date of Cancellation.

In 2006 - perhaps in anticipation of the country joining the EU - Air Malta started the process of changing its fleet, moving away from Boeing to an all-Airbus fleet of A.319s and A.320s.

This process had actually started in the 90s, when the company took delivery of two A.320s (9H-ABP and 9H-ABQ) even as the company was ordering additional B.737s.

As with other pages in this web site, I make no claim it is complete, and anyone who can add to this list is welcome to contact me.


Statement by Air Malta

Air Malta ceased flight operations on March 30th, 2024

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated employees for their unwavering commitment and hard work over our 50 year tenure.

We also express our gratitude to all our loyal customers, travel partners, and collaborators for their support throughout the years.

Since the first Boeing 720B touched down on Maltese soil on March 29th, 1974, ahead of our inaugural flight on 1st April 1974, until our final flight on March 30th, 2024, Air Malta had proudly represented Malta on the global stage.

Moving forward, KM Malta Airlines will serve as the new national airline for the Maltese Islands.

9H-AAK B.720-047B 18063 Western Airlines 25.03.78/11.04.88 14.04.78/10.04.88  
9H-AAL B.720-047B 18167 International Lease Finance 08.03.79/09.11.87 08.03.79/08.11.87  
9H-AAM B.720-040B 18378 Pakistan International Airlines 31.03.79/30.06.82 31.03.79 Wfu 81. Used for German TV film in Dec 86. To fire dump, totally destroyed by 2000.
9H-AAN B.720-040B 18380 Pakistan International Airlines 31.03.79/20.09.84 31.03.79/19.09.84  
9H-AAO B.720-047B 18829 International Lease Finance 31.03.79/29.12.89 28.03.79  
9H-ABA B.737-2Y5 23038 Boeing 11.03.83/02.10.94 12.03.83/29.09.94  
9H-ABB B.737-2Y5 23039 Boeing 31.03.83/02.10.94 01.04.83/06.11.94 Leased to Sobelair June/July 93.
9H-ABC B.737-2Y5 23040 Boeing 30.03.83/19.12.94 31.03.83/16.12.94  
9H-ABE B.737-2Y5 23847 Boeing 21.07.87/ 22.07.87/05.01.04 Sold to Celcius Amtec Corporation 17.02.99, and leased back.
9H-ABF B.737-2Y5 23842 Boeing 27.07.87/ 28.07.87/30.01.04 Sold to Celcius Amtec Corporation 17.02.99, and leased back.
9H-ABG B.737-2Y5 24031 Boeing 17.03.88/29.03.95 18.03.88/31.03.95 Test flight on 28.03. A/c all white with large reg. Dep on 31.03 as N810AL, Aloha A/ls.
9H-ABP A.320 112 Airbus 30.08.90/04.11.03 31.08.90/30.09.03 Sold to ILFC on 09.04.02 and leased back. Departed Malta on 30.09.03 for Southend, and since delivered to Air Arabia.
9H-ABQ A.320-211 293 Airbus 26.03.92/ 26.03.92/ Sold to ILFC on 09.04.02 and leased back.
9H-ABR B.737-3Y5 25613 Boeing 26.03.93   Sold to ILFC on 11.04.02 and leased back. Final departure date unknown.
9H-ABS B.737-3Y5 25614 Boeing 30.04.93/ 01.05.93/ Sold to ILFC on 10.04.02 and leased back. Final departure date unknown.
9H-ABT B.737-3Y5 25615 Boeing 25.05.93   Sold to ILFC on 09.04.02 and leased back. Final departure date unknown.
9H-ACM Avro RJ70 E1254 Avro International 20.09.94/17.10.97 21.09.94/19.10.97 Departed as EI-COQ, sold to Bae Asset Management? Leased to AzzurraAir.
9H-ACN Avro RJ70 E1258 Avro International 20.10.94/27.03.98 21.10.94 Leased to AzzurraAir.
9H-ACO Avro RJ70 E1260 Avro International 19.12.94/27/03/97 20.03.95 Leased to AzzurraAir.
9H-ACP Avro RJ70 E1267 Avro International 17.03.95/31.03.98 20.03.95 Leased to AzzurraAir.

Leased Aircraft

A list of leased aircraft by type.

A.319-112 My Wings 9A-BTJ 1808 16-21.05.23
A.319-112 ILFC 9H-AEG 2113 04.02.04-15.12.05 Sub-leased to Skyservice Airlines as C-GEAG. Aircraft departed Malta at 01.12hrs local.
A.319-112 ILFC 9H-AEH 2122 03.03.04 Leased, with an option to buy.
A.319-112 ILFC 9H-AEJ 2186 06.04.04- 2013 Arr as AMC3193 at 22.50 local. Leased, with an option to buy. Sold to Macquarie Air Finance and re-registered as OY-RCH with Atlantic Airways. Cut up on 24.07.20. Last flight on 13.10.19. Without titles on the 15th, 18.10.19
A.319-214 ILFC 9H-AEK 2219 20.10.04 Leased, with an option to buy. Prior to its end of lease, the aircraft was towed to ACM for re-spraying to all-white livery on 22.10.20, finished by 04.11.20. Exact departure date unknown.
A.319-112 ILFC 9H-AEL 2332 11.11.04___.__.__ Leased, with an option to buy.
A.319-112 ILFC 9H-AEM 2382 04.02.05-__.__.__ Leased, with an option to buy.
A.319-112 Nice Air 9H-XFW 3689 27-28.05.22, 16.04.23 - Arrived from London performing a flight to Lyons the same day. Departed for Naples the following day.
A.319-114 Lufthansa D-AILF 636 May - Sept 01 Exact dates to be confirmed.
A.319-112 Amelia Int. F-HDSJ 3727 06-08.05.22 Arrived from, and departed for, Paris.
A.319-112 GetJet A/Ls LY-KIT 4663 16.06.19-21.06.19, 22-24.06.19, 26.06.19-06.07.19, 21-22.07.19  
A.319-133 Ellinair SX-EMB 3705 29-30.09.19  
A.320-214 Sri Lankan A/Ls 4R-ABP 5086 c/s ALK1502. Night arrival on 19.04.18 in full Air Malta colours. Re-registered 9H-AHS. (See under 9H-AHS.)
A.320-214 Trade Air 9A-BTH 1454 04-05.05.23, 08-09, 09-10.05.23 Arrived from Ljubljana, performed a return flight to Prague, departing for Rijeka, within less than 24-hours.

Leased by Air Malta on 8th May so that aircraft could pick up stranded passengers of flight KM376, that was being performed by A.320 OY-RUZ and that had diverted to Rimini, and continue the flight to Berlin, returning to Malta as KM377. Departed for Tarbes as KM9112 on the 9th. (See also OY-RUZ.)

Returned again for a third lease in the evening of the 9th.
A.320-211 GATX Capital Corporation 9H-ABX 289 Apr - Dec 92  
A.320-214 GATX 9H-ADY 1769 24.05.02-26.11.04  
A.320-211 GATX 9H-ADZ 331 18.03.2-05.11.04 Re-registered 4K-AZ54 with AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines.
A.320-212   9H-AED 288 04.07.03-30.03.04 Arrived at 21.05hrs, all white with red Air Malta titles. Re-registered TC-FBF.
A.320-214 ILFC 9H-AEF 2142 07.01.04-22.04.14 Named “Valetta”, Leased, with an option to buy. Sub-leased to Sky Airlines between 06.01-06.05.07, 08.01-03.03.09, 02.01-06.03.12 & 31.07-25.11.12, re-registered as SP-IAD. Remained in basic Sky colours, but with Maltese reg. Departed as MON142P, re-registered as G-ZBAR.
A.320-214 ILFC 9H-AEI 2189 26.04.04-25.11.10, 06.04.14- 15.05.20 Named “Rabat – Citta Vittoria”. Leased, with an option to buy. Sub-leased to Interjet and re-registered as XA-SOB, departing on 25.11.10. Returned on 06.04.14, departing at end of lease on 15.05.20.
A.320-214 ILFC 9H-AEN 2665 01.02.06-12.08.06, 23.11.06-03.01.11, 08.03.11-25.06.21 Sub-leased to Excel Airways between 12.08.06-23.11.06, to Sky A/Ls 03.01.11-08.03.11. Departed as 5B-DLL.
A.320-214 ILFC 9H-AEO 2768 13.05.0630.08.20 Sub leased to Libyan Arab Airlines 11.11.06-13.04.07. Noted with new titles, and transferred to, Malta Medair, on 30.07.20.
A.320-214 ILFC 9H-AEP 3056   Aircraft was placed on the Maltese register on 05.03.07, so arrival in Malta would have been within a couple of days. Sub-leased to Etihad Airways between 28 Oct – 28 Dec 2007
A.320-214 ILFC 9H-AEQ 3068   Registered on 21.03.07, sub-leased to Etihad Airways between 10.10.07-31.03.08.
A.320-214 GATX 9H-AER 2178 06.04.04-31.05.06 Based in the UK. Sub-leased to Vueling Airlines between 05.12.04-16.03.05. Re-registered CS-TNP.
A.320-232 AerCap 9H-AHR 1979 12.04.17-05.11.18 All-white fuselage with red titles, engine nacelles and sharklets.
A.320-214 Air Malta 9H-AHS 5086 19.04.18-__.__.__ c/s ALK1502. Night arrival on 19.04.18 as 4R-ABP in full Air Malta colours. Re-registered, performing its first revenue flight on the 22nd as KM514 to Vienna.
A.320-232 Avion Express 9H-AMJ   Leased between 02-03.01.23, probably as a result of 9H-AEP suffering a bird strike departing Berlin airport. Arrived from/departed back to, Stuttgart. c/n 3531.
A.320-232 Avion Express 9H-AMP 2663 23.11.23 – 20.01.24 Arrived from Castellon as KM9204.
A.320-233 GetJet Airlines 9H-EMU 2118 08.08.22-13.10.22 Arrived from Antalya as GJM9903, departed for Rekjavik as PY3001.
A.320-232 Avion Express 9H-GKK 6865 17.03.24 – 31.03.24 Last commercia flight from Berlin, KM367/7 on the 30th.
A.320-232 Airhub A/Ls 9H-HUB 4328 22.05.23-16.06.23
A.320-232 Avion Express 9H-MLC 4645 12.10.23, 28.10.23 – 23.11.23 Departed Hamburg for Geneva as KM9870, then to Malta as KM483, returned to Geneva as KM483, flying back to Hamburg as KM9871.

Seen again later in the same month, last commercial flight on 20th November. Departed for Rijeka as KM9205.
A.320-214 Eurowings 9H-MLD 3601 30.06.23 – 01.11.23 Arrived as KM9001. Last commercial flight on 1st November, Malta-Rome-Malta.
A320-214 Avion Express 9H-MLL 5372 06–08.12.23, 20.01.24 – 11.02.24 Aircraft as KM7217 from Stockholm, a flight to Zurich on the 7th, departing for Stuttgart as KM9990.
A.320-214 Avion Express 9H-MLO 5653 13.10.23 – 16.10.23, 11.02.24 – Arrived from Stuttgart.
A.320-232 Avion Express 9H-MLP 4109 30.10.23 - 14.11.23 Last commercial flight on the 13th. Departed for Naples as KM9203.
A.320-232 Avion Express 9H-MLQ 4223 26-30.11.23 Arrived as KM9309 from Vilinius.
A.320-232 Avion Express 9H-MLZ 3384 12.11.23 – 17.03.24 Arrived from Castellon as KM9221. First commercial flight (to Rome) on the 13th. Last commercial flight KM117 from Gatwick. Departed Malta later in the evening.
A.320-214 SmartLynx 9H-SLD 3396 Arrived on 24.01.23 from Tallinn.  
A.320-214 SmartLynx 9H-SLH 3425 21.01.23– 07.04.23, 05.05.23-17.05.23  
A.320-232 Avion Express 9H-SWC 3734 05.09.23 – 10.09.23 Arrived from Toulouse as KM7471. First commercial flight on the 7th. Seen again on 24.09.23 on a BA flight.
A.320-214 Sundair D-ASEF 4974 03.06.18-04.06.18  
A.320-232 SmartLynx ES-SAF 5348 05.04.23–05.05.23 Arrived from Hurghada.
A.320-214 SmartLynx ES-SAK 888 22.12.18-03.01.19 Another four-day lease between 14-18.02.19.
A.320-214 SmartLynx A/Ls ES-SAO 936 04-05.06.18 Other leases between 02-03.02.19 and 04-06.03.19.
A.320-214 Smartlynx ES-SAQ 984 30-31.03.17. Another lease between 18-23.12.17.
A.320-214 SmartLynx ES-SAV 2123 01.04.19-__.__.19, 05-07.11.19  
A.320-214 Amelia F-HBNA 4335 16.05.23 One day lease.
A.320-232 GetJet A/Ls LY-COB 928 17.07.22-07.08.22 Arrived from Antalya as CAI731P.
A.320-214 GetJet A/Ls LY-FOX 1087 21.03.18-30.05.18 Arrived/departed as KM993.
A.320-232 BH Air LZ-BHH 2863 06-07.06.18, 11-12.06.18  
A.320-232 Fly2Sky LZ-MDK 1422 06.04.23 – 15.04.23 Arrived from Sofia.
A.320-214 Via Airways LZ-MDO   25-27.03.18 All-white, arrived/departed as AMC997/8.
A.320-214 Fly2Sky LZ-MDO   18-19.11.22 c/n 879. Arrived on as KM9306, performing a flight to Munich later in the day. Departed back to Sofia on the 19th. Leased as replacement for A.320 9H-AHS, which had gone u/s.
A.320-214 Atlantic A/Ws OY-RCJ 7465 __.__.__-16.02.17  
A.320-233 DAT OY-RUZ 839 06-07.05.23 Arrived on as KM9911 but was forced to divert to Rimini airport on flight KM376 to Berlin on the 7th. (See also 9A-BTH.)
A.320-231 Adria Airways S5-AAB 113 Apr - Oct 96  
A.320-232 Orange2fly SX-KAT 1979 02-03.09.19*, 09-12.09.19 28.10.19** * One flight to Heathrow the following day.**Possibly a one day lease.
A.320-232 Orange2fly SX-ODS 2724 15-20.11.18  
A.320-232 Orange2fly SX-ORG 1407 27-29.03.18, 04-05.04.18, 04-05.06.18  
A.320-214 Smartlynx YL-LCL 533 27.03.19-02.04.19  
A.320-232 SmartLynx YL-LCP 1823 27.02.17, 28.03.19 One-day leases on both occasions.
A.320-214 SmartLynx YL-LCO 1873 26.03.17-__.__.__ Duration of lease unknown.
A.320-214 SmartLynx YL-LCU 1762 26-27.03.19  
A.321-231 British Midland G-MIDH 968 27.03.99-11.04.99 Remained in BM livery.
A.321-231 Privilege Style EC-NLJ 3636 08.05.23 One day lease, arriving from Madrid in the morning, a return flight to Amsterdam, departing for Madrid in the late evening.
A.321-231 VLM A/Ls OO-SBA 2730 07-08.11.18  
A.321-231 Danish Air Transport OY-RUU 878 22.12.18 One-day lease. Departed Billund for Frankfurt as KM925, arriving from Frankfurt the same day as AMC325. Same day departure for Frankfurt as KM324.
A.310-203 Lufthansa D-AICM 356 Apr - Oct 94  
A.310-203F Lufthansa D-AICF 237 Aug 01 Exact dates to be confirmed.
A.310-222F Sabena OO-SCI 331 __.12.94 - __.__.95  
A.330-202 Hi Fly 9H-TQP 211 18-19.05.23 Arrived from Beja, performed Malta-Munich-Malta flight, returned to Beja.
A.330-343 Wamos EC-NOG 786 Operated flight KM395 on 23.10.22, departing Malta on the 24th. Pi’s B-HWK, 9M-XXN, HS-XTB, OE-IFR.
A.330-243 XL F-HXXL 597 09-10.06.18 Arrived as KM479, departed as AMC998.
A.340-312 Hi Fly 9H-SUN 367 11.05.23– 16.05.23 Arrived from Beja, Spain as KM993. Departed as KM992. Arrived from Reykjavik as SK8390 on the 18th, departing on the 21st back Reykjavik.
Avro RJ70 BAe Operations G-OLXX E1228 __.12.94 - __.__.95  
Avro RJ85 AZZURRAair EI-CNK E2306 06–24.10.97 Retained AZZURRAair livery. Used as replacement for 9H-ACM, which had just been sold.
B.707-123B Transasian 9G-ACN 17640 Apr - Jul 78  
B.707-123B Transasian 9G-ACO 17651 Feb - Jul 79 Also leased as ST-AHG in December 1978, G-TJAC between July-Sept 1979, and as G-BHOY between April-July 1980.
B.707-3F5C Air Portugal CS-TBU 20515 Apr 86 - Nov 86, & between Apr 87 - Nov 87. Full Air Malta livery.
B.707-3F5C TAP-Air Portugal CS-TBT 20514   Replaced CS-TBU in mid-September for a few days.
B.707-348C Aer Lingus EI-ANO 18880 Believed to be a one-day lease on 07.04.78.  
B.707-323B Air Gambia EL-AKC 20177/818 11-12 August 1991  
B.707-321 Dan-Air G-AZTG 17600 Mar 77 - May 78  
B.707-123B Monarch Airlines G-BHOY 17651 Apr - Jul 80  
B.707-123B Monarch Airlines G-BHOX 17640 Apr - Dec 80  
B.707-123B Transasian G-TJAC 17651 Jul - Sept 79  
B.707-123B Transasian G-TJAB 17640 Aug 79 - Jan 80  
B.707-123B Transasian N7513A 17640 __.04.78-__.__.__  
B.707-347C MEA OD-AGV 19967 24.04.87-__.__.87 Arrived as KM9999, for a 2-3 day lease.
B.707-123B Transasian ST-AHG 17651 __.12.78 - __.02.79  
B.707-328C ZAS Airline of Egypt SU-DAA 19916   Aircraft used for at least one Air Malta flight in the mid-80s. (Information courtesy of John Visanich, from his Malta Airport Movements Facebook page.)
B.707-328C ZAS Airline of Egypt SU-DAB 19521 04-05.08.88 Aircraft was leased as another leased aircraft, B.727 N502AV, had gone u/s.
B.720-040B Pakistan International Airlines AP-AMG 18378/257 Mar 74 - Mar 79 rr 9H-AAM
B.720-040B Pakistan International Airlines AP-AMJ 18380/321 Mar 74 - Mar 79 rr 9H-AAN
B.720-040B Pakistan International Airlines AP-ATQ 18745 February 77 Leased for a few days.
B.720-047B Eagle Air TF-VLB 18827 Apr 78 This lease does not appear to have been taken up.
B.720-047B Eagle Air TF-VLC 18820 Jul - Oct 78  
B.727-277 Dan-Air G-BPNS 20550 Apr - Oct 90  
B.727-51 American Trans Air N287AT 18805 28.04.87- 31.08.87 Wet lease, arrived on the 28th in American Trans Air basic livery but w/o titles. Air Malta titles added on the 29th. The lease was extended until August.
B.727-247 Gulf Air Transport N502AV 20580 Jun - Nov 88, Apr - Nov 89  
B.727-281 Gulf Air Transport N504AV 20726 May - Jun 88  
B.727-173C World Airways N692WA 19506 Apr - Nov 76  
B.727-247 Gulf Air Transport N2818W 20874 May - Nov 88, May - Nov 89  
B.727-247 Faucett-Peru OB-1303 20266 __.0590 - __.10.90  
B.727-2H9 JAT-Yugoslav Airlines YU-AKL 22666 Jun - Oct 91  
B.737-33A Ansett Worldwide 9H-ACS 23827 12.04.95-15.11.95  
B.737-33A Ansett Worldwide 9H-ACT 23830 27.03.95 - __.11.95  
B.737-33A Ansett 9H-ADH 27459 12.03.98 Full Air Malta livery. Noted w/AIR AZZURA titles on 10.03.00
B.737-33A Ansett 9H-ADI 27460 22.04.98 Full Air Malta livery.
B.737-4H6   9H-ADJ 27353 Mar – Nov 98 Full Air Malta livery.
B.737-4H6 Malaysian Airlines 9H-ADK 27673 26.03.99 - __.11.99 Full Air Malta livery.
B.737-4H6 Malaysian Airlines 9H-ADL 27674 23.03.99-03.11.99 Full Air Malta livery.
B.737-382 ILFC 9H-ADM 24365 01.06.99-__.__.__ Full Air Malta livery.
B.737-382 ILFC 9H-ADN 25161 04.05.99 - __.__.__ Full Air Malta livery. Arrival and registration dates both 4 May. Livery changed to all-white, with Air Malta titles in red, first noted on 30 Dec 03.
B.737-430   9H-ADO 27003 09.04.99 – __.03.00 White fuselage with blue fin.
B.737-3L9   9H-ADP 23718 01.05.99 – __.__.__  
B.737-33A(QC) Maleth-Aero 9H-PAM 25744 09.04.17 Arrival date from Charles de Gaulle. This could have been a one-day lease.
B.737-4K5 Albastar EC-LNC 24130 31.03.18 Wet lease, length of lease unknown.
B.737-8K5 AlbaStar EC-MTV 27992 10.03.22 This appears to have been a one day lease for flights to Rome and Trapani.
B.737-86J AlbaStar EC-MUB 32920 04.04.18-__.__.__ Arrived from Barcelona on 04.06.23, performed a trip to Nice, returned to Barcelona later in the evening.
B.737-81Q AlbaStar EC-NAB 29051 23.04.23 – 28.04.23, 01–03.05.23. Arrived from Milan as KM9991, its first flight on the 24th to Madrid.
B.737-809 AlbaStar EC-NGC 28236 29.08.22-01.09.22 Arrived as KM9001. Flights between 30-31.08.22.
B.737-81M AlbaStar EC-NLK 33104 Leased on 23.10.22, departing for Brussels airport on the 24th. Leased again in December 2022, arriving on the 28th, departing on the 29th.  
B.737-3Y0 Mistral Air EI-CFQ 24255 28.09.16 One day lease. Another one-day lease on 11.10.16.
B.737-428 Mistral Air EI-ELZ 26308 04.02.17-31.03.17, 03, 05.04.17  
B.737-3Q8 Mistral Air EI-FGX 28054 11.12.16 One day lease? Also seen on 23.12.16 as KM613 and 09.04.17 as KM477.
B.737-8ME NEOS EI-HIL 60180 05.04.23 Arrived from Milan as KM9991. Performed KM490/1 to Zurich and return, then departed as KM9990.
B.737-8ME NEOS EI-HIM 60181 12.04.23 Arrived from Milan as KM9953, performed a flight to Zurich, departing afterwards for Verona.
B.737 MAX-8 Neos EI-RZB 43920 02-03.05.23 Arrived as KM9997 from Milan. Performed a Malta-Geneva-Malta flight, departing for Milan as KM9996 the following day.
B.737-31S ASL Airlines Ireland EI-STA 29057 02.04.19-06.04.19 Arrived from Dublin as KM987.
B.737-33V(QC) ASL Airlines F-GZTB 29336 14.04.23 Departed Paris for Vienna as KM9732, flying to Malta as KM514.
B.734-4Y0 GetJet A/Ls LY-CGC 23870 08-16.01.18 Another lease, duration unknown, on 11.03.18.
B.737FE GetJet A/Ls LY-DUE 33996 05-17.07.22  
B.737-46M GetJet A/Ls LY-EEL 28550 20.10.19-21.10.19
B.737-36N GetJet A/Ls LY-ELF 28670 28-30.09.19
B.737-3Q8 Elinair LY-GGC 24492 11.04.17 Arrived as KM997. Duration of lease unknown.
B.737-382 Grand Cru A/Ls LY-LGC 24365 12-13.10.17 Arrived from Heraklion as KM999 in Ellinair titles. Departed as KM9999. Previously 9H-ADM with Air Malta. Possibly as a replacement for 9H-AEJ, which had gone u/s.
B.737-4S3 GetJet A/Ls LY-GTW 24166 02-06.10.17, 17.03.18-__.__.__ Arrived as GJT401/GJT402 from/to Vilnius. Grounded at Palermo due to unknown accident on 09.04.18. Duration of lease unknown.
B.737-522 KlasJet LY-KDT 26691 18.07.19-24.07.19
B.737-4Y0 GetJet A/Ls LY-MGC 24904 21.05.17-__.__.17, 15-16.01.18 Arrived as AMC997 from Vilinius, Lithuania at 20:00, duration of lease unknown. Another lease the following January.
B.737-4S3 GetJet A/Ls LY-PGC 25596 15-16.01.18 All white, arrived/departed as KM993/4.
B.737-8FE GetJet A/Ls LY-UNO 33801 01-07.07.22 Performed Air Malta flights between 1st-6th.
B.737-8Q8 Travel OK-TSD 41795 12-15.05.22 Flights at least between 13-14th.
B.737-81D Travel OK-TSE 39437 08-12.05.22  
B.737-8GJ Smartwings OK-TSF 37360 14-15.04.23 Arrived from Prague as KM9991.
B.737-9GJ(ER) Smartwings OK-TSM 34952 07-08.05.23 Leased again three days later for a day arriving & departing on the 11th.
B.737-8FN Smartwings OK-TVM 37077 28-29.05.23 Arrived from Nice, with a flight to Rome on the 29th. Didn’t return.
B.737-86N Smartwings OK-TVV 38027 17-18.04.23 Arrived from Prague as KM9911.
B. 737-436 Air Explore OM-CEX 25839 17-19.09.13. Wet leased by Air Malta. Aircraft was in Blue Express colours. Previously G-DOCI, OK-WGY, r.r. C-FFNM.
B.737-8AS Air Explore OM-GEX 29919 25-27.03.18 All-white livery.
B.737-7L9 Maersk OY-MRA 28004 __.05.01-__.09.01  
B.737-7L9 Maersk OY-MRB 28005 19.03.00 - __.__.00  
B.737-3K2 Transavia PH-HVG 23412 08-15.05.91 Duration of lease unknown, dates given when aircraft was known to be based in Malta.
B.737-3K2 Transavia PH-HVK 23786 25.05.91-__.__.91 Duration of lease unknown.
B.737-3YO Air Holland PH-OZB 23921 02.05.99 - Apr 99 First revenue flt on 03.05, Air Holland livery, but with Air Malta titles. Retained Air Holland titles on nose.
B.737-2K2C Transavia PH-TVC 20836 __.04.81 - __.04.83  
B.737-2K2C Transavia PH-TVE 20944 __.11.81 - __.04.83  
B.737-2K2C Transavia PH-TVD 20943 __-__.11.82 All-white, with Air Malta titles. This lease was for a few days.
B.737-2K2C Transavia PH-TVP 21397 __.03.81 - __.04.83  
B.737-2K2C Transavia PH-TVR 22025 __.04.82 Exact days of lease unknown, nut known to have been used by Air Malta between the 18th and the 24th in full Transavia livery.
B.737-8CX Enter Air SP-ENM 32367 06-08.04.19  
B.737-8AS Enter Air SP-ENP 29923 20.07.19-21.07.19
B.737-8Q8 Enter Air SP-ESB 30692 22-23.05.18  
B.737-33A Cronus SX-BBU 25743 02.05.99 One day lease.
B.733-330 Lumiwings SX-LWA 25216 30.09.19-01.10.19
B.737-48E Saga Airlines TC-SGD 25773 08.05.07-__.__.__ All white livery. Previously N773SR, VT-JAM, re-registered N773SJ, VQ-BIK, N480VX.
B.737-3H9 JAT-Yugoslav Airlines YU-ANI 23416 Apr - Oct 97  
B.737-2Y5 Air New Zealand ZK-NAH 23039 Apr – Oct 96 pi 9H-ABB
B.737-2Y5 Air New Zealand ZK-NAH 23039 __.04.__ – 26.10.97  
B.767-34P(ER) EuroAtlantic A/Ws CS-TST 33047 15-16.04.23 Arrived from Lisbon for a one day lease.
BAe ATP SATA Air Acores CS-TGL 2019 Oct 92 - May 94 Full Air Malta livery.
BAC 111 British Caledonian G-AWWZ   May 75 Temporary substitute for G-AYOP, which suffered tyre damage during take-off from Paris on 03.05.75.
BAC 111-530FX British Caledonian G-AYOP BAC.233 Apr 75 - Oct 75  
Bo. CRJ-701ER Nordic Aviation Group ES-ACE 10083 02.05.19-03.05.19  
DC-9-32 Austrian Airlines OE-LDC 47520 __.11.79 - __.04.80  
L. TriStar 1 Thorne Brown Group EI-TBG 1030   This aircraft was used for a brief period by Air Malta for some of its Germany charters but exact dates unknown. Aircraft noted at Park 9 on 12.04.97. (Information courtesy of John Visanich, from his Malta Airport Movements Facebook page.)
L. Tristar Caledonian A/Ws G-BBAE 1083 13.10.91 This may have been a one-day lease.
MD-82 European Air Charter LZ-LDN 53216 02.06.19-03.06.19, 13.07.19-15.07.19  
MD-82 Bulgarian Air Charter LZ-LDU 53204 10-18.06.18, 06-08.07.19  
MD-83 Danish Air Transport OY-RUE 49936 01.08.17, 08.07.19 These appear to have both been a one-day lease.
MD-90-30 Fly Hello HB-JIB 53553 Aircraft had been Malta based since March 2005. It first flew for British Jet, a Malta-based operator who wanted to operate low cost flights from Malta. It was later leased or sub-leased to Air Malta. Last service for Air Malta on 30.04.08 to Amsterdam, departing to Zurich Kloten later the same day. Previously N6203U, TC-KTB, N535MD, TC-JHB, N935MD, SU-BMS and N744BC. Since re-registered N919DN, N648NW, N918DH, WFU.
Hal-Far Airfield Luqa Airport Marsa Field Air Malta
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