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Exercise Deep Stream 14-25.04.71


This exercise, with aircraft operating out of Hal-Far, was conducted in two phases.

First phase consisted of consolidated practice in station keeping, paratroop dropping and re-supply by air dropping of 1-ton containers, both by day & night, over Sicily. Various routes from Malta were flown, but unpredictable local winds over the Drop Zone area reduced the overall accuracy of the drops.

Phase Two. This consisted of stream assaults, again during both daylight and night-time, with the final phase being a stream assault over Pisa airfield.

The table below gives some details of the participating aircraft, but obviously missing certain details like serials and squadron.



AW Argosy     Arrived from RAF Benson.
HS Andovers     Arrived from RAF Thorney Island.
L. C-130     Hercules from UK-based squadrons.
L. C-130 70   Arrived from RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus.
201 Sqd. 1937 Mediterranean Cruise Air Defence, 1966 (Testing of) Dawn Patrol Deep Stream DMX 51/Beehive Easy Gambler Eden Apple Forthright IV Lime Jug 70 MEDASWX 26 Naval exercises Sundial Sunspot Vulcan
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