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Aircraft Handling Unit

Some of the aircraft known to have been stored with the AHU at the former airfield of Hal-Far.

Anyone who can supply me with additional information about the AHU or other aircraft stored there, is welcome to contact me.



DH Mosquito TA614   This aircraft alternated between service with 728 squadron at Hal-Far on 22.09.49, going to the AHU on 31.08.50. Two months later, on 20.10.50 the aircraft was again in service with 728. On 28.02.52 the aircraft was again sent to the AHU, finally being shipped back to the UK on 29.02.52.
DH Sea Venom FAW.22 XG737 24.10.58 c/n 121138. To RNAY Belfast 31.10.58
F. Firefly FR.5 VT482   To 810 Squadron on 16.10.52. Aircraft was placed into short term storage on unknown date until transferred to Hal Far, on 31.01.53. Next issued for service on 09.02.53 to 810 FAA Squadron on board HMS Ocean coded "230/O".
Gl. Meteor T.7 WA600/573/HF 13.02.55 According to Air-Britain’s Aeromilitaria, the aircraft was delivered to the Aircraft Handling Unit, before being passed on to 728 squadron on 06.03.55.
H. Sea Fury FB.11 WG566 28.08.51 Arrived from RNAS Abbotsinch AHU. Shipped to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia for storage as "special reserve" from 28.11.51.
S. Seafire XVII SP347 11.10.51 Appears to have been used by/loaned to 728 Squadron. Returned to Lee on Solent, UK on 12.03.52
S. Seafire FR.17 VP441/139/O __.11.48 Transferred to Hal-Far for repairs after an accident on board HMS Ocean, possibly as a result of the propeller hitting the deck on landing.
W. Whirlwind HAS.7 C flight, HMS Albion   c/n WA163. Offloaded at Hal-Far AHU towards end of July 1958.
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