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Air Malta aircraft Fleet

The following table is a complete list of all aircraft purchased by Air Malta since its inception.

The column DOR/DOC refer to Date of Registration and Date of Cancellation.

In 2006 - perhaps in anticipation of the country joining the EU - Air Malta started the process of changing its fleet, moving away from Boeing to an all-Airbus fleet of A.319s and A.320s.

This process had actually started in the 90s, when the company took delivery of two A.320S (9H-ABP and 9H-ABQ) even as the company was ordering additional B.737s.

As with other pages in this web site, I make no claim it is complete, and anyone who can add to this list is welcome to contact me.

9H-AAK B.720-047B 18063 Western Airlines 25.03.78/11.04.88 14.04.78/10.04.88  
9H-AAL B.720-047B 18167 International Lease Finance 08.03.79/09.11.87 08.03.79/08.11.87  
9H-AAM B.720-040B 18378 Pakistan International Airlines 31.03.79/30.06.82 31.03.79 Wfu 81. Used for German TV film in Dec 86. To fire dump, totally destroyed by 2000.
9H-AAN B.720-040B 18380 Pakistan International Airlines 31.03.79/20.09.84 31.03.79/19.09.84  
9H-AAO B.720-047B 18829 International Lease Finance 31.03.79/29.12.89 28.03.79  
9H-ABA B.737-2Y5 23038 Boeing 11.03.83/02.10.94 12.03.83/29.09.94  
9H-ABB B.737-2Y5 23039 Boeing 31.03.83/02.10.94 01.04.83/06.11.94 Leased to Sobelair June/July 93.
9H-ABC B.737-2Y5 23040 Boeing 30.03.83/19.12.94 31.03.83/16.12.94  
9H-ABE B.737-2Y5 23847 Boeing 21.07.87/ 22.07.87/05.01.04 Sold to Celcius Amtec Corporation 17.02.99, and leased back.
9H-ABF B.737-2Y5 23842 Boeing 27.07.87/ 28.07.87/30.01.04 Sold to Celcius Amtec Corporation 17.02.99, and leased back.
9H-ABG B.737-2Y5 24031 Boeing 17.03.88/29.03.95 18.03.88/31.03.95 Test flight on 28.03. A/c all white with large reg. Dep on 31.03 as N810AL, Aloha A/ls.
9H-ABP A.320 112 Airbus 30.08.90/04.11.03 31.08.90/30.09.03 Sold to ILFC on 09.04.02 and leased back. Departed Malta on 30.09.03 for Southend, and since delivered to Air Arabia.
9H-ABQ A.320-211 293 Airbus 26.03.92/ 26.03.92/ Sold to ILFC on 09.04.02 and leased back.
9H-ABR B.737-3Y5 25613 Boeing 26.03.93   Sold to ILFC on 11.04.02 and leased back. Final departure date unknown.
9H-ABS B.737-3Y5 25614 Boeing 30.04.93/ 01.05.93/ Sold to ILFC on 10.04.02 and leased back. Final departure date unknown.
9H-ABT B.737-3Y5 25615 Boeing 25.05.93   Sold to ILFC on 09.04.02 and leased back. Final departure date unknown.
9H-ACM Avro RJ70 E1254 Avro International 20.09.94/17.10.97 21.09.94/19.10.97 Departed as EI-COQ, sold to Bae Asset Management? Leased to AzzurraAir.
9H-ACN Avro RJ70 E1258 Avro International 20.10.94/27.03.98 21.10.94 Leased to AzzurraAir.
9H-ACO Avro RJ70 E1260 Avro International 19.12.94/27/03/97 20.03.95 Leased to AzzurraAir.
9H-ACP Avro RJ70 E1267 Avro International 17.03.95/31.03.98 20.03.95 Leased to AzzurraAir.

Leased Aircraft

The list of leased aircraft by order of registration has been discontinued.

A.319-112 ILFC 9H-AEG 2113 04.02.04-15.12.05 Sub-leased to Skyservice Airlines as C-GEAG. Aircraft departed Malta at 01.12hrs local.
A.319-112 ILFC 9H-AEH 2122 03.03.04 Leased, with an option to buy.
A.319-112 ILFC 9H-AEJ 2186 06.04.04- 2013 Arr as AMC3193 at 22.50 local. Leased, with an option to buy. Sold to Macquarie Air Finance and re-registered as OY-RCH with Atlantic Airways. Cut up on 24.07.20. Last flight on 13.10.19. Without titles on the 15th, 18.10.19
A.319-214 ILFC 9H-AEK 2219 20.10.04 Leased, with an option to buy. Prior to its end of lease, the aircraft was towed to ACM for re-spraying to all-white livery on 22.10.20, finished by 04.11.20. Exact departure date unknown.
A.319-112 ILFC 9H-AEL 2332 11.11.04___.__.__ Leased, with an option to buy.
A.319-112 ILFC 9H-AEM 2382 04.02.05-__.__.__ Leased, with an option to buy.
A.319-112 Nice Air 9H-XFW 3689 27-28.05.22, 16.04.23 - Arrived from London performing a flight to Lyons the same day. Departed for Naples the following day.
A.319-114 Lufthansa D-AILF 636 May - Sept 01 Exact dates to be confirmed.
A.319-112 F-HDSJ Amelia Int. 3727 06-08.05.22 Arrived from, and departed for, Paris.
A.319-112 GetJet A/Ls LY-KIT 4663 16.06.19-21.06.19, 22-24.06.19, 26.06.19-06.07.19, 21-22.07.19  
A.319-133 Ellinair SX-EMB 3705 29-30.09.19  
A.320-214 4R-ABP Sri Lankan A/Ls 5086 c/s ALK1502. Night arrival on 19.04.18 in full Air Malta colours. Re-registered 9H-AHS. (See under 9H-AHS.)
A.320-214 Trade Air 9A-BTH 1454 04-05.05.23, 08-09, 09-10.05.23 Arrived from Ljubljana, performed a return flight to Prague, departing for Rijeka, within less than 24-hours.

Leased by Air Malta on 8th May so that aircraft could pick up stranded passengers of flight KM376, that was being performed by A.320 OY-RUZ and that had diverted to Rimini, and continue the flight to Berlin, returning to Malta as KM377. Departed for Tarbes as KM9112 on the 9th. (See also OY-RUZ.)

Returned again for a third lease in the evening of the 9th.
A.320-211 GATX Capital Corporation 9H-ABX 289 Apr - Dec 92  
A.320-214 GATX 9H-ADY 1769 24.05.02-26.11.04  
A.320-211 GATX 9H-ADZ 331 18.03.2-05.11.04 Re-registered 4K-AZ54 with AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines.
A.320-212   9H-AED 288 04.07.03-30.03.04 Arrived at 21.05hrs, all white with red Air Malta titles. Re-registered TC-FBF.
A.320-214 ILFC 9H-AEF 2142 07.01.04-22.04.14 Named “Valetta”, Leased, with an option to buy. Sub-leased to Sky Airlines between 06.01-06.05.07, 08.01-03.03.09, 02.01-06.03.12 & 31.07-25.11.12, re-registered as SP-IAD. Remained in basic Sky colours, but with Maltese reg. Departed as MON142P, re-registered as G-ZBAR.
A.320-214 ILFC 9H-AEI 2189 26.04.04-25.11.10, 06.04.14- 15.05.20 Named “Rabat – Citta Vittoria”. Leased, with an option to buy. Sub-leased to Interjet and re-registered as XA-SOB, departing on 25.11.10. Returned on 06.04.14, departing at end of lease on 15.05.20.
A.320-214 ILFC 9H-AEN 2665 01.02.06-12.08.06, 23.11.06-03.01.11, 08.03.11-25.06.21 Sub-leased to Excel Airways between 12.08.06-23.11.06, to Sky A/Ls 03.01.11-08.03.11. Departed as 5B-DLL.
A.320-214 ILFC 9H-AEO 2768 13.05.0630.08.20 Sub leased to Libyan Arab Airlines 11.11.06-13.04.07. Noted with new titles, and transferred to, Malta Medair, on 30.07.20.
A.320-214 ILFC 9H-AEP 3056   Aircraft was placed on the Maltese register on 05.03.07, so arrival in Malta would have been within a couple of days. Sub-leased to Etihad Airways between 28 Oct – 28 Dec 2007
A.320-214 ILFC 9H-AEQ 3068   Registered on 21.03.07, sub-leased to Etihad Airways between 10.10.07-31.03.08.
A.320-214 GATX 9H-AER 2178 06.04.04-31.05.06 Based in the UK. Sub-leased to Vueling Airlines between 05.12.04-16.03.05. Re-registered CS-TNP.
A.320-232 AerCap 9H-AHR 1979 12.04.17-05.11.18 All-white fuselage with red titles, engine nacelles and sharklets.
A.320-214 Air Malta 9H-AHS 5086 19.04.18-__.__.__ c/s ALK1502. Night arrival on 19.04.18 as 4R-ABP in full Air Malta colours. Re-registered, performing its first revenue flight on the 22nd as KM514 to Vienna. Still in Malta as of early November 2022.
A.320-232 Avion Express 9H-AMJ   Leased between 02-03.01.23, probably as a result of 9H-AEP suffering a bird strike departing Berlin airport. Arrived from/departed back to, Stuttgart. c/n 3531.
A.320-233 GetJet Airlines 9H-EMU 2118 08.08.22-13.10.22 Arrived from Antalya as GJM9903, departed for Rekjavik as PY3001.
A.320-214 SmartLynx 9H-SLD 3396 Arrived on 24.01.23 from Tallinn.  
A.320-214 SmartLynx 9H-SLH 3425 21.01.23– 07.04.23.  
A.320-214 Sundair D-ASEF 4974 03.06.18-04.06.18  
A.320-232 SmartLynx ES-SAF 5348 05.04.23–05.05.23 Arrived from Hurghada.
A.320-214 SmartLynx ES-SAK 888 22.12.18-03.01.19 Another four-day lease between 14-18.02.19.
A.320-214 SmartLynx A/Ls ES-SAO 936 04-05.06.18 Other leases between 02-03.02.19 and 04-06.03.19.
A.320-214 Smartlynx ES-SAQ 984 30-31.03.17. Another lease between 18-23.12.17.
A.320-214 SmartLynx ES-SAV 2123 01.04.19-__.__.19, 05-07.11.19  
A.320-232 GetJet A/Ls LY-COB 928 17.07.22-07.08.22 Arrived from Antalya as CAI731P.
A.320-214 GetJet A/Ls LY-FOX 1087 21.03.18-30.05.18 Arrived/departed as KM993.
A.320-232 BH Air LZ-BHH 2863 06-07.06.18, 11-12.06.18  
A.320-232 Fly2Sky LZ-MDK 1422 06.04.23 – 15.04.23 Arrived from Sofia.
A.320-214 Via Airways LZ-MDO   25-27.03.18 All-white, arrived/departed as AMC997/8.
A.320-214 Fly2Sky LZ-MDO   18-19.11.22 c/n 879. Arrived on as KM9306, performing a flight to Munich later in the day. Departed back to Sofia on the 19th. Leased as replacement for A.320 9H-AHS, which had gone u/s.
A.320-214 Atlantic A/Ws OY-RCJ 7465 __.__.__-16.02.17  
A.320-233 DAT OY-RUZ 839 06-07.05.23 Arrived on as KM9911 but was forced to divert to Rimini airport on flight KM376 to Berlin on the 7th. (See also 9A-BTH.)
A.320-231 Adria Airways S5-AAB 113 Apr - Oct 96  
A.320-232 Orange2fly SX-KAT 1979 02-03.09.19*, 09-12.09.19 28.10.19** * One flight to Heathrow the following day.**Possibly a one day lease.
A.320-232 Orange2fly SX-ODS 2724 15-20.11.18  
A.320-232 Orange2fly SX-ORG 1407 27-29.03.18, 04-05.04.18, 04-05.06.18  
A.320-214 Smartlynx YL-LCL 533 27.03.19-02.04.19  
A.320-232 SmartLynx YL-LCP 1823 27.02.17, 28.03.19 One-day leases on both occasions.
A.320-214 SmartLynx YL-LCO 1873 26.03.17-__.__.__ Duration of lease unknown.
A.320-214 SmartLynx YL-LCU 1762 26-27.03.19  
A.321-231 British Midland G-MIDH 968 27.03.99-11.04.99 Remained in BM livery.
A.321-231 Privilege Style EC-NLJ 3636 08.05.23 One day lease, arriving from Madrid in the morning, a return flight to Amsterdam, departing for Madrid in the late evening.
A.321-231 VLM A/Ls OO-SBA 2730 07-08.11.18  
A.321-231 Danish Air Transport OY-RUU 878 22.12.18 One-day lease. Departed Billund for Frankfurt as KM925, arriving from Frankfurt the same day as AMC325. Same day departure for Frankfurt as KM324.
A.310-203 Lufthansa D-AICM 356 Apr - Oct 94  
A.310-203F Lufthansa D-AICF 237 Aug 01 Exact dates to be confirmed.
A.310-222F Sabena OO-SCI 331 __.12.94 - __.__.95  
A.330-343 Wamos EC-NOG 786 Operated flight KM395 on 23.10.22, departing Malta on the 24th. Pi’s B-HWK, 9M-XXN, HS-XTB, OE-IFR.
A.330-243 XL F-HXXL 597 09-10.06.18 Arrived as KM479, departed as AMC998.
A.340-312 Hi Fly 9H-SUN 367 11.05.23 Arrived from Beja, Spain as KM993.
Avro RJ70 BAe Operations G-OLXX E1228 __.12.94 - __.__.95  
Avro RJ85 AZZURRAair EI-CNK E2306 06–24.10.97 Retained AZZURRAair livery. Used as replacement for 9H-ACM, which had just been sold.
B.707-123B Transasian 9G-ACN 17640 Apr - Jul 78  
B.707-123B Transasian 9G-ACO 17651 Feb - Jul 79 Also leased as ST-AHG in December 1978, G-TJAC between July-Sept 1979, and as G-BHOY between April-July 1980.
B.707-3F5C Air Portugal CS-TBU 20515 Apr 86 - Nov 86, & between Apr 87 - Nov 87. Full Air Malta livery.
B.707-3F5C TAP-Air Portugal CS-TBT 20514   Replaced CS-TBU in mid-September for a few days.
B.707-348C Aer Lingus EI-ANO 18880 Believed to be a one-day lease on 07.04.78.  
B.707-323B Air Gambia EL-AKC 20177/818 11-12 August 1991  
B.707-321 Dan-Air G-AZTG 17600 Mar 77 - May 78  
B.707-123B Monarch Airlines G-BHOY 17651 Apr - Jul 80  
B.707-123B Monarch Airlines G-BHOX 17640 Apr - Dec 80  
B.707-123B Transasian G-TJAC 17651 Jul - Sept 79  
B.707-123B Transasian G-TJAB 17640 Aug 79 - Jan 80  
B.707-123B Transasian N7513A 17640 __.04.78-__.__.__  
B.707-347C MEA OD-AGV 19967 24.04.87-__.__.87 Arrived as KM9999, for a 2-3 day lease.
B.707-123B Transasian ST-AHG 17651 __.12.78 - __.02.79  
B.720-040B Pakistan International Airlines AP-AMG 18378/257 Mar 74 - Mar 79 rr 9H-AAM
B.720-040B Pakistan International Airlines AP-AMJ 18380/321 Mar 74 - Mar 79 rr 9H-AAN
B.720-040B Pakistan International Airlines AP-ATQ 18745 February 77 Leased for a few days.
B.720-047B Eagle Air TF-VLB 18827 Apr 78 This lease does not appear to have been taken up.
B.720-047B Eagle Air TF-VLC 18820 Jul - Oct 78  
B.727-277 Dan-Air G-BPNS 20550 Apr - Oct 90  
B.727-51 American Trans Air N287AT 18805 28.04.87- 31.08.87 Wet lease, arrived on the 28th in American Trans Air basic livery but w/o titles. Air Malta titles added on the 29th. The lease was extended until August.
B.727-247 Gulf Air Transport N502AV 20580 Jun - Nov 88, Apr - Nov 89  
B.727-281 Gulf Air Transport N504AV 20726 May - Jun 88  
B.727-173C World Airways N692WA 19506 Apr - Nov 76  
B.727-247 Gulf Air Transport N2818W 20874 May - Nov 88, May - Nov 89  
B.727-247 Faucett-Peru OB-1303 20266 __.0590 - __.10.90  
B.727-2H9 JAT-Yugoslav Airlines YU-AKL 22666 Jun - Oct 91  
B.737-33A Ansett Worldwide 9H-ACS 23827 12.04.95-15.11.95  
B.737-33A Ansett Worldwide 9H-ACT 23830 27.03.95 - __.11.95  
B.737-33A Ansett 9H-ADH 27459 12.03.98 Full Air Malta livery. Noted w/AIR AZZURA titles on 10.03.00
B.737-33A Ansett 9H-ADI 27460 22.04.98 Full Air Malta livery.
B.737-4H6   9H-ADJ 27353 Mar – Nov 98 Full Air Malta livery.
B.737-4H6 Malaysian Airlines 9H-ADK 27673 26.03.99 - __.11.99 Full Air Malta livery.
B.737-4H6 Malaysian Airlines 9H-ADL 27674 23.03.99-03.11.99 Full Air Malta livery.
B.737-382 ILFC 9H-ADM 24365 01.06.99-__.__.__ Full Air Malta livery.
B.737-382 ILFC 9H-ADN 25161 04.05.99 - __.__.__ Full Air Malta livery. Arrival and registration dates both 4 May. Livery changed to all-white, with Air Malta titles in red, first noted on 30 Dec 03.
B.737-430   9H-ADO 27003 09.04.99 – __.03.00 White fuselage with blue fin.
B.737-3L9   9H-ADP 23718 01.05.99 – __.__.__  
B.737-33A(QC) Maleth-Aero 9H-PAM 25744 09.04.17 Arrival date from Charles de Gaulle. This could have been a one-day lease.
B.737-4K5 Albastar EC-LNC 24130 31.03.18 Wet lease, length of lease unknown.
B.737-8K5 AlbaStar EC-MTV 27992 10.03.22 This appears to have been a one day lease for flights to Rome and Trapani.
B.737-86J AlbaStar EC-MUB 32920 04.04.18-__.__.__  
B.737-81Q AlbaStar EC-NAB 29051 23.04.23 – 28.04.23, 01–03.05.23 Arrived from Milan as KM9991, its first flight on the 24th to Madrid.
B.737-809 AlbaStar EC-NGC 28236 29.08.22-01.09.22 Arrived as KM9001. Flights between 30-31.08.22.
B.737-81M AlbaStar EC-NLK 33104 Leased on 23.10.22, departing for Brussels airport on the 24th. Leased again in December 2022, arriving on the 28th, departing on the 29th.  
B.737-3Y0 Mistral Air EI-CFQ 24255 28.09.16 One day lease. Another one-day lease on 11.10.16.
B.737-428 Mistral Air EI-ELZ 26308 31.03.17, 03, 05.04.17  
B.737-3Q8 Mistral Air EI-FGX 28054 11.12.16 One day lease? Also seen on 23.12.16 as KM613 and 09.04.17 as KM477.
B.737-8ME NEOS EI-HIL 60180 05.04.23 Arrived from Milan as KM9991. Performed KM490/1 to Zurich and return, then departed as KM9990.
B.737-8ME NEOS EI-HIM 60181 12.04.23 Arrived from Milan as KM9953, performed a flight to Zurich, departing afterwards for Verona.
B.737 MAX-8 Neos EI-RZB 43920 02-03.05.23 Arrived as KM9997 from Milan. Performed a Malta-Geneva-Malta flight, departing for Milan as KM9996 the following day.
B.737-31S ASL Airlines Ireland EI-STA 29057 02.04.19-06.04.19 Arrived from Dublin as KM987.
B.737-33V(QC) ASL Airlines F-GZTB 29336 14.04.23 Departed Paris for Vienna as KM9732, flying to Malta as KM514.
B.734-4Y0 GetJet A/Ls LY-CGC 23870 08-16.01.18 Another lease, duration unknown, on 11.03.18.
B.737FE GetJet A/Ls LY-DUE 33996 05-17.07.22  
B.737-46M GetJet A/Ls LY-EEL 28550 20.10.19-21.10.19
B.737-36N GetJet A/Ls LY-ELF 28670 28-30.09.19
B.737-3Q8 Elinair LY-GGC 24492 11.04.17 Arrived as KM997. Duration of lease unknown.
B.737-382 Grand Cru A/Ls LY-LGC 24365 12-13.10.17 Arrived from Heraklion as KM999 in Ellinair titles. Departed as KM9999. Previously 9H-ADM with Air Malta. Possibly as a replacement for 9H-AEJ, which had gone u/s.
B.737-4S3 GetJet A/Ls LY-GTW 24166 02-06.10.17, 17.03.18-__.__.__ Arrived as GJT401/GJT402 from/to Vilnius. Grounded at Palermo due to unknown accident on 09.04.18. Duration of lease unknown.
B.737-522 KlasJet LY-KDT 26691 18.07.19-24.07.19
B.737-4Y0 GetJet A/Ls LY-MGC 24904 21.05.17-__.__.17, 15-16.01.18 Arrived as AMC997 from Vilinius, Lithuania at 20:00, duration of lease unknown. Another lease the following January.
B.737-4S3 GetJet A/Ls LY-PGC 25596 15-16.01.18 All white, arrived/departed as KM993/4.
B.737-8FE GetJet A/Ls LY-UNO 33801 01-07.07.22 Performed Air Malta flights between 1st-6th.
B.737-8Q8 Travel OK-TSD 41795 12-15.05.22 Flights at least between 13-14th.
B.737-81D Travel OK-TSE 39437 08-12.05.22  
B.737-8GJ Smartwings OK-TSF 37360 14-15.04.23 Arrived from Prague as KM9991.
B.737-9GJ(ER) Smartwings OK-TSM 34952 07-08.05.23 Leased again three days later for a day arriving & departing on the 11th.
B.737-86N Smartwings OK-TVV 38027 17-18.04.23 Arrived from Prague as KM9911.
B. 737-436 Air Explore OM-CEX 25839 17-19.09.13. Wet leased by Air Malta. Aircraft was in Blue Express colours. Previously G-DOCI, OK-WGY, r.r. C-FFNM.
B.737-8AS Air Explore OM-GEX 29919 25-27.03.18 All-white livery.
B.737-7L9 Maersk OY-MRA 28004 __.05.01-__.09.01  
B.737-7L9 Maersk OY-MRB 28005 19.03.00 - __.__.00  
B.737-3K2 Transavia PH-HVG 23412 08-15.05.91 Duration of lease unknown, dates given when aircraft was known to be based in Malta.
B.737-3K2 Transavia PH-HVK 23786 25.05.91-__.__.91 Duration of lease unknown.
B.737-3YO Air Holland PH-OZB 23921 02.05.99 - Apr 99 First revenue flt on 03.05, Air Holland livery, but with Air Malta titles. Retained Air Holland titles on nose.
B.737-2K2C Transavia PH-TVC 20836 __.04.81 - __.04.83  
B.737-2K2C Transavia PH-TVE 20944 __.11.81 - __.04.83  
B.737-2K2C Transavia PH-TVD 20943 __-__.11.82 All-white, with Air Malta titles. This lease was for a few days.
B.737-2K2C Transavia PH-TVP 21397 __.03.81 - __.04.83  
B.737-2K2C Transavia PH-TVR 22025 __.04.82 Exact days of lease unknown, nut known to have been used by Air Malta between the 18th and the 24th in full Transavia livery.
B.737-8CX Enter Air SP-ENM 32367 06-08.04.19  
B.737-8AS Enter Air SP-ENP 29923 20.07.19-21.07.19
B.737-8Q8 Enter Air SP-ESB 30692 22-23.05.18  
B.737-33A Cronus SX-BBU 25743 02.05.99 One day lease.
B.733-330 Lumiwings SX-LWA 25216 30.09.19-01.10.19
B.737-48E Saga Airlines TC-SGD 25773 08.05.07-__.__.__ All white livery. Previously N773SR, VT-JAM, re-registered N773SJ, VQ-BIK, N480VX.
B.737-3H9 JAT-Yugoslav Airlines YU-ANI 23416 Apr - Oct 97  
B.737-2Y5 Air New Zealand ZK-NAH 23039 Apr – Oct 96 pi 9H-ABB
B.737-2Y5 Air New Zealand ZK-NAH 23039 __.04.__ – 26.10.97  
B.767-34P(ER) EuroAtlantic A/Ws CS-TST 33047 15-16.04.23 Arrived from Lisbon for a one day lease.
BAe ATP SATA Air Acores CS-TGL 2019 Oct 92 - May 94 Full Air Malta livery.
BAC 111 British Caledonian G-AWWZ   May 75 Temporary substitute for G-AYOP, which suffered tyre damage during take-off from Paris on 03.05.75.
BAC 111-530FX British Caledonian G-AYOP BAC.233 Apr 75 - Oct 75  
Bo. CRJ-701ER Nordic Aviation Group ES-ACE 10083 02.05.19-03.05.19  
DC-9-32 Austrian Airlines OE-LDC 47520 __.11.79 - __.04.80  
L. Tristar Caledonian A/Ws G-BBAE 1083 13.10.91 This may have been a one-day lease.
MD-82 European Air Charter LZ-LDN 53216 02.06.19-03.06.19, 13.07.19-15.07.19  
MD-82 Bulgarian Air Charter LZ-LDU 53204 10-18.06.18, 06-08.07.19  
MD-83 Danish Air Transport OY-RUE 49936 01.08.17, 08.07.19 These appear to have both been a one-day lease.
MD-90-30 Fly Hello HB-JIB 53553 Aircraft had been Malta based since March 2005. It first flew for British Jet, a Malta-based operator who wanted to operate low cost flights from Malta. It was later leased or sub-leased to Air Malta. Last service for Air Malta on 30.04.08 to Amsterdam, departing to Zurich Kloten later the same day. Previously N6203U, TC-KTB, N535MD, TC-JHB, N935MD, SU-BMS and N744BC. Since re-registered N919DN, N648NW, N918DH, WFU.
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