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Not all deliveries were multiple examples of sophisticated or exotic jet fighters. Prior to the introduction of the jet fighter, many deliveries consisted of what one may consider “mundane” Consuls and Bristol 170s, although Pakistani Sea Furies and Egyptian Spitfires were a different class altogether.

Details of such deliveries were initially very sketchy, to say the least, although this could be attributed to the fact that in those days, aircraft spotting was not the common hobby it is today, probably coupled with much tighter airport security. However, with the availability of the Customs Records at the National Archives at Rabat, Malta, this situation is being slowly redressed.

As usual, anyone who may have additional information is welcome to contact me.

Aircraft have been listed in alphabetical order according to manufacturer.

Delivery flights - sort of

Not all of the ferrying of aircraft from one place to another fall under the heading of “delivery flight”, i.e. transferring the aircraft from one owner to another. Some don’t even get airborne at all. The following are an example of each situation just mentioned.

HP Victor K.1A XH667 UK 23.09.75   This 214 squadron aircraft was flown into Malta, then to Hal-Far, were it ended its life on the station’s fire dump. I had received the following e-mail, but sadly do not recall from whom. ”XH667 was the last Mk 1 built and was later converted to an Mk 1A. In early 1965 she was converted with 5 others to the two-point tanker configuration. After service with 55 Squadron three aircraft XH615, XH646 and XH647 were used as conversion trainers with TTF and later 232 OCU. XH667 went to 214 Squadron, XH648 stayed with 55 Squadron and 620 went to 57 Squadron. Where they were used for daytime tanking only and crew currency duties as well as Ranger flights to various locations. I flew in XH667 in June 1974 to RAF Akrotiri with Flt/Lt B—- T------ for a Ranger flight as part of his Captaincy Course Completion. XH667 was flown to RAF Luqa on the 22/9/75 and to Hal Far on the 23/9/75 for fire fighting duties. Struck off Charge on 23/9/75.”
V. Valetta C.1 VX574 UK 14.07.78   Work on turning Hal-Far airfield into an industrial site after the airfield’s hand-over to the Maltese Government had already been initiated, and the dump needed to be cleared. Despite having being retired from service with the RAF Malta Station flight in 1968, the fuselage had remained in reasonably good condition, with “Royal Air Force Malta” and serial number VX574 still visible. Its duties had been communications and VIP flights, along with sister ship VW856. The latter had also been scrapped and sent to the Hal-Far fire dump.
Assorted Beaufighter Bonanza C-47 Canberra Casa Hawk Hunter LET 410 Meteor Mosquito Oxford/Consul Queen Air Sea Harrier Skymaster (Cessna O-2) Strikemaster Tornado Typhoon Vampire Demonstrators
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