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BAC 1-11 A12-125 Australia     Noted at Luqa on 12.01.68.
BAC Jaguar 203 Oman 27.06.77 28.06.77 Both aircraft were accompanied by a BAC 111, serial 553.
BAC Jaguar 204 Oman 27.06.77 28.06.77  
BAC Jaguar 205 Oman 26.09.77 27.09.77  
BAC Jaguar 206 Oman 26.09.77 27.09.77  
BAC Jaguar 207 Oman 07.11.77   In all probability, this was a night stop.
BAC Jaguar 208 Oman 07.11.77    
BAe U-125 N305XP/006 Japan     Noted on 06.05.97 in overall light blue w/light grey undersides and roundel.
Douglas A-4N Skyhawk N262WL U.S.A. 21.09.01 26.09.01 c/n 14465, Bu 159545, Ex-Israeli AF 744. Surprise visitors during the 2001 Malta Airshow arrivals day (although late in the evening) were the following ex-Israeli A-4 Skyhawks. One of the aircraft went unserviceable after landing, and ended up on static display line of the airshow. All three aircraft were on delivery to the Advanced Training Systems Inc., US.
Douglas A-4N Skyhawk N263WL U.S.A. 21.09.01 26.09.01 c/n 14443, Bu 159523, Israeli AF 344. Destroyed on 10.05.03 after impact with the Great Salt Lake near Salt Lake City following a loss of engine power.
Douglas A-4N Skyhawk N251WL U.S.A. 21.09.01 26.09.01 c/n 13566, Bu 153500, Israeli AF 748.
S. Attacker R4003 Pakistan c. 1951    
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