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Second Corsica Air Rally, May 1985

Somewhat sketchy details about this ten-aircraft rally organised by VAP.

Details are limited to reg, type, arrival, and – where known – departure date.

Aircraft have been listed in order of registration.

F-BOJH P. PA-23-250 Aztec C   24/26  
F-GBMO P. PA-28-181 Archer II   24/26  
F-GCSQ Ce. 340A   24/26  
D-EDHL P. Saratoga SP   24/ ? Probably the first visit by the type at the time.
D-EEGV P. Cherokee   24/ ?  
D-EMIR P. PA-28-180F Cherokee   24/ ?  
D-EMNU Be. A23-24 Musketeer Super III   24/ ?  
HB-CVV Ce. 182L Skylane   24/ ?  
HB-OVR P. PA-24-250 Comanche   24/26  
HB-PCF P. PA-28R-201T Turbo Arrow III   24/26  
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