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German Rally ‘74

The following seems to have been a special event, all aircraft landing at Hal-Far on 02.06.74, departing on the 8th. They were NOT part of the International Air Rally of Malta, which took place towards the end of the month.

They arrived from Cagliari, departing for Palermo. Aircraft have been listed in order of registration, the column STA/STD give the arrival & departure times, and the Notes column gives the c/n, date of registration and p.i.’s where known.
D-EAAD Bolkow 209 Meier Ottman 17:00-09:15  
D-ECOD Beech F.33 Bonanza Pockes Eugen 17:35-09:16 CE-641
D-EDPB P. PA-28 Grollert Rudolf 17:10-09:17  
D-EEFC Jodel D250 Blechuel Gottfied 16:55-09:12  
D-EEMG Ce. 210 Muller Herbert 16:50-09:18  
D-EEXO R/Ce. FR172H Pfeffer Josef 17:40-09:16 0316, 05.72
D-EFFD Robin DR.400/125 Petit Ptince Neumair Simon 17:05-09:15 716, 06.73
D-EHFW P. PA-28R Cherokee Arrow 180 Herbert Voltl 16:45-09:13 28R-30405, 04.68, N4544J
D-EMBS R/Ce. FR172H Schatz Julius 17:33-09:17 0275, 02.72
D-ENQZ P. PA-28R Robert Rieger 17:05-09:10  
D-GHWC PA-34 Brander Herbert 16:48-09:15  
Sport Flug Marl 1973 German Rally '74 Second Corsica Air Rally Bush-Gorbachov Summit 1..2..3..Pull!
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